Thursday, 20 November 2008

Round mini scrapbook

Not sure where I got the book from, think it was a freebie in a craft mag, I've never actually completed a mini scrapbook before, so this is the very first, just hope she likes it.

It is for the little girl of the people we stayed with we went over to Paris last month. We went on a Monday coming back on the Thursday, while Steven was away at Butlins with the school....

The pictures were taken in their back garden where they have a 'G' scale garden railway, OK one of the reasons why we went to France, was that hubby wanted to see the train layout in real life rather than via their blogs, also I wanted to go through the channel tunnel.

We were lucky with the weather, it was a gorgeous day (not like the day before when we spent the day in Paris, it rained nearly all day, lol photos to follow).

Hubby had made Carl some figures for his garden railway, and also took over the ones he has made for our layout to show him, so they had fun placing them down and taking photos of them, well it kept them out of trouble, lol....
also meant I could sit and do some decoupage, and take photos of them taking photos of the figures and trains...

Said I would send the photos over to Josephine, but thought it might be nice in a book form rather than just emailed.

The cover,

1st photo...Even though she had, had a half day from school, she still had homework to do after lunch.

2nd photo...Here they are placing the figures in their positions for the photo call, lol

3rd photo...Well here are the good looking bunch

4th photo...Josephine and her dad taking photos

5th photo...Oops, not sure what her dad will say when he sees this photo, lol

6th photo...Josephine loves pony's and is always using her scooter as one, lol.

It was lovely break, the first one ever away from home without either of the children....the first one of many, I hope....


sue-bubbles said...

What a beautiful mini-book Maria and a lovely gift for the little girl...Im sure she will treasure it, and it will whet her appetite for more crafting herself!
Welldone Maria!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

its beautiful maria, the little girl will love it. and seeing it done beautifully like this, it might encourage her mum to do more with her family photos. gina xxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue and Gina, I did enjoying doing it, but hate giving them as presents as always wonder if it will be wanted, lol.

Maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

You dont have anything to worry about on that score Maria! I now recognise this little book - you are right, it was a freebie on a mag - so I must have one somewhere!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue :-)

...thought it was freebie, and should have guessed you would have one somewhere, lol

Susan said...

That's really sweet I bet she loves it (and yes I have the freebie somewhere too LOL)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Susan, and thought you would have one too, lol