Thursday, 27 December 2007

Belated Christmas wishes

Hi, hope you all had a good Christmas, we were lucky we did and were healthy too, a lot of
friends and relatives were not so lucky.

We had our usual Christmas, of sharing my parents with my sister, it was our turn to have them for lunch, (hers for tea), it was nice but have decided that next year when it's just 3 or 4 of us (if Sam is still around) going to go without Christmas lunch till Boxing Day, and have croissants, danish pastry's for mid morning then buffet tea, Why I hear you ask, well.....

....our Christmas usually goes round Steven, because when he is up, it means that so are we, and from then till he goes to bed one of us has to stay with him, which means that while Clive is cooking lunch (he always has done the roast dinners since we've been married) I look after Steven, then after lunch while I clear away, Clive is with Steven. It's like it every Sunday, always the same, even with my parents here, my mum always falls asleep and my dad moans he cannot use teletext as Steven is watching his Something Special DVDs.

Also Steven has to have breakfast, (the rest of us goes without, as we cannot eat both breakfast and lunch, but as Steven does it means feeding him early) so it's fitting that in, with the present opening and starting getting lunch ready. So I thought wouldn't it be nice to chill out opening presents, then mid morning have a croissants breakfast all together, then a early buffet tea, sounds great to us, also am getting fed up with the same routine.

OR both Clive and I quite fancy the idea of going away for Christmas, with Steven of course.....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

A very proud wife

I'm very proud of my hubby, as he has lost 14lbs in weight in 5 1/2 weeks, I've always have been worried about his weight, as over the years he has been putting it on quite bad and was worried about his health, he already suffers with his back, (his weight probably does not help with that problem), but his job is driving to a office, sitting at a desk and for 11 years living in hotels Mon-Fri.

Last month I made him go to the Doctors as it looked like he had an infection in his leg, which we think was through a bite from when we were in the Everglades, while he was there the Doctor asked him when was the last time he was weighed, he could not remember so out came the scales and was told that he ought to do something about it. The good thing was he came home and told me, so I said I would try and think of ways to cut his food down, anyway that was it.

Then a few weeks later, I made another appointment for him, for some lumps under his arms, (I did ask him why he did not mention it to the the Doctor when he was last there, but said the appointment was not made for that). I thought it would have saved time if he had mentioned it then, than take up another appointment, BUT then my daughter pipes up that dad did right thing, as it really annoys them at the dentist where she works, when a patient reels off a long list of moans in their 10 minute appointment, so I shut up, and for the people that know me, would know how hard that was for me.

So 2nd appointment was made, when he came home said the lumps were OK. (think I'm just being paranoid due to us still sorting out our wills, and life is going along quite nicely at the moment, and I'm frightened something is going to go wrong).
He also said it was a different Doctor and again was asked when was the last time he was weighed. LOL he said a few weeks earlier and was asked what had he done about it, well he had starting walking up 3 flights of stairs to the office, (with his laptop, which he has to take in every day) instead of using the lift, must admit was shocked over this, I would never have thought about using the lift in the first place, that is where Clive and I are totally opposite.

Well Clive then said to me that was the 2nd opinion, so we ought to do something about it, so the next day got in some weight watchers recipe books, and worked out his points, and went for it, and this is only the start.

Not only I'm proud of him for sticking to it, as there has been cream cakes in the office for 2 Birthdays and 1 leaving do, and he did not have a bite, but when I phoned him yesterday, he was doing laps of the car park, the only exercise he has done these last few years is to walk to the home Pompey game which it not that often.

I had to go out today and buy him a size smaller in jeans, and guess what, they are a bit big for him too, but kept them as with Christmas coming up, might put a little back on..

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Emotional Day

Oh the 29th of October, I went through another of those days with my son, I let him go to school on transport, I know some of you might think, 'so whats the big deal', but to me it was.

Here is a boy that I have been taking to/from school, every day since he started at the age of 4, and now 12 1/2 years later, I stopped, why you might ask, well for a few reasons...

Firstly is, I felt as he is getting older, think it will do him some good to have more Independence, as he only has 2 1/2 years left at school, before venturing into that BIG wide world.

Secondly.. felt he ought to be doing things more with his friends, one of his close friend also goes on the same mini bus.

Thirdly... I need to start letting go, as I am not going to be round forever, and feel maybe I 'mummy cuddle' him a bit too much, then again with the way the world is, I can understand myself for doing it.

Fourthly... the school has change, think I might have said in another post, that 2 special schools merged into 1 last year, well we moved into the new building in Feb this year, and I can say it is not a homely atmosphere like the other 2 schools were.
I knew things would change, but it seems when you talked to a member of staff you had one of the assistant heads hovering, the staff were looking over their shoulders in case someone was there. Not sure why, maybe the 'top brass' have secrets that us mere parents are not allowed to know, LOL.
It hurt as I've know most of these people for 12 years or more, and we have come close together as a family, also some even went to school with my daughter, so we had other things to talk about like, how are they, how's their partners, how did the flat move go etc.

Shame but I felt I had to move on, for both mine and Stevens sakes, it was hard, it felt that Steven was starting school for the very first time, when I waved him off on the bus. Felt very tearful, then to top it all, at lunch time had a text from my nephew to say they just had a baby boy, so I was a great aunt again, (got 2 great niece's in Bristol). His name is Alfie Zac and weighted in at 8lbs and ozs, and he is sooo cute :-)

When it came to picking Steven up off of the bus, (we have a bus stop at the end of the road both sides which is our pick up/drop off points) Steven was so happy, saying goodbye to the driver and escort, who we had known for years as she was an escort at our old school and we use to chat while waiting for the children.

Anyway, back to the story, we walked up the road a bit to cross at the crossing, and when we got across, had some secondary boys the other side of the road, mimicking Steven. I stopped they just laughed and turned away, so we started to walk again, the boys started again, so I asked them what their problem was, (OK rather loudly, as they were the other side of the road, noticed they waited until we crossed before starting), they just laughed at me, so I made to go back across the road to them, they went to jump on their bikes, so I called them cowards and starting walking home again.
They got off their bikes and carried on at Steven, so I took out my phone and took a picture of them, they were still laughing saying that I had not taken their best side, but I said that the police and their school, will not care if it was their best side or not, they quickly took to their bikes, (not laughing now) and rode away.

But as I walked back down my road with tears coming down my face, thinking now I know why I take Steven everywhere, felt like phoning Stevens school and saying that I would be taking and picking him up again from now on, but like Clive said, Steven did not realise they were taking the mickey out of him, it did hurt though, big style, but touch wood have not seen them since.

OH yes, note to myself, I really must learn HOW to take a photo with my phone, just in case I need to, LOL

Friday, 26 October 2007

I loved this....

Thursday, 25 October 2007

lovely day

Well, it's a bit cold and damp here, but in all a lovely day, first of all Steven slept most of the night, which meant I did too, then my 'Once Upon a Time' kit came form QVC,

not sure how I will use it, but it looked beautiful and just had to have it.

I decided to take Steven for a walk along the sea front today, so drove down parked the car and had a lovely walk, went along the front to Old Portsmouth, which bought back happy memories for me of the walks I used to do with my grandad. We got a portion of chips and sat watching the hovercraft going to the Isle of Wight, had a candy floss before heading home, it all a lovey time.

Have just taken littlen to Beechside (his respite) till tomorrow 4pm, came home to hubby making us a chilli. Sam's out on a driving lesson and then out with work mates.

So going to go down stairs open a bottle of wine, and while waiting for tea to be dished up, going to open and have a good look at my papers from QVC. Sad I know, but if it makes me happy, I don't care.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

DRUM ROLL......................

Well on the Thursday the 6th of September, are you ready for this..................

...........MFI came and fitted our new doors, yes I have a house empty of 40+ boxes and a kitchen that is fit enough to be one, I did end up £120 out of pocket, to help pay for the fitting, but MFI were nearly £1,000 so cannot complain really, well I could as it's been going on since the 10th Feb and how many visits and phone calls later, but I persevered and it was sorted. Shame about the timing though.

I had been trying to sort this like I said, since Feb, then I get the phone call (five days before going on holiday/wedding) to say they would be here Thursday morning around 11. Well I had a review to go to a couple of miles away at 12 and I was due to give blood at 1.30 about 4 miles in the other direction, luckily my mum and dad were able to cover me for the review which was most important one, because it was about Steven, and as the fitters came early I managed to get to give blood too, which I was pleased about, as I had already missed one this year. That was because last November as part of our cruise, we had spent 24 hours in Jamaica, so could not give blood for 6 months and then had to have a blood test first to check about Malaria, I was disappointed about not being able to give it, but at least I know if we ever need blood it will have been well checked of things.

Did say to hubby that as it looks like a new kitchen, will need new dinners service etc. and would you believe it, he said I could get one if I really wanted...

...think he knew I was well and truly happy with the one we have, bought after the kitchen was fitted and love it.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Where did.......

I did start a blog a few weeks ago, saying, where did September go, but the way things have gone since, it should now read ''where did September/October go''

Right, am going to start with 'where has October gone', and hopefully will catch up with September another day. Well we we did not get back from our hols till 29h Sept, so on Monday the 1st, Steven went back to school, Clive back to work, (Sam was still away till the following Saturday), and me, well was not only trying to catch up with the holiday washing, paper work and business paper work, but also had to sort out the old shed as the new one was being delivered on the Friday, which meant the old one had to be emptied, taken down and got rid of and the ground levelled before Friday 9am.
So in all it was a tiring week, what with trying to catch up with things, do the shed, also had 4 appointments for Steven, but I did it, and after they finished putting up the shed, started to stain it green, and over the weekend managed to do 3 coats with Clive's help, well had to make the most of the dry weather. Also on the Saturday had to pick Sam up from the airport, she was due to land around 8.50 a.m, but was half an hour late, not too bad, but then had her washing to look forward to, great fun, don't you just love going away.

On the Monday Steven went off to school, so thought I would nip to the gym as not been there for about 6/7 weeks, thought I would be sensible and just do 1/2 hour on the treadmill, which I'm glad I did as, as soon as I got home got a phone call from Stevens school, he had a bug and could I collect him, so then it was the, not eating in front of him for the next 24 hours, and lived on cup of soups until he was in bed. He was back to school on the weds, so managed to catch up on the shopping and little house work and yes his extra washing, even managed to get to the gym for 50 min's that day, must make a note to myself 'not to over do things' though.

On the Thursday started doing the housework to get another phone call Steven was bad again, so that put paid to the rest of the week. The worst thing about Steven being bad is he does not realize he is bad, so the poor devil was giving me symbols for apple, crisps etc and all he got was a cup of water, poor little might.
On the Friday I took him bowing, as he was getting a little fed up with being stuck in, but it was where to take him that he does not expect food, like when we go to the bottle bank, we always come back via the cake shop for a marshmallow cornet, or pop into the newsagents for a paper, come out with a 20p mix. So settled on bowling, which he loved and being a school day very empty.

The weekend went well, had some visitors from Derby that were on holiday down here, we have never met them before, but hubby talks to them on the 'G' scale forum, so they came along to look at our trains.
Sunday Steven went out with my mum and dad for a few hours, and there was me thinking ''cool'', a few hours to myself, but no, forgot it had been Sam's friends Birthday on the 9th but she did not see her because her taxi driver (me) did no want to risk passing the bug onto them. So we popped up there, but I did manage to get 1/2 hour sit down before Steven got back. Did think though, at least all this, was this week, and not last, when I had the shed etc. to do, can you imagine it, I would have been pulling my hair out.

Monday Steven was back to school, but had Sam off with bug, then had Clive to the Doctors on the Tuesday for a leg infection, and it being half term next week puts paid to the rest of the month.

Fingers crossed November will see us a little more healthier in this house and me not so busy, LOL.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

So excited...

I have just started my Christmas shopping, every now and again, I nip on the BBC and Makaton web sites to see if they have anything new for Steven, then a couple of weeks ago noticed the have bought out 2 new Something Special DVDs, (he had the other 4 last Christmas) and Stevens loves them, but they have always been out of stock, but a minute ago managed to get one of them, (will still have to keep checking for the other one).
This is his favourite DVD, which he got last Christmas.,3,,somethingspecial

I am really excited that he will have something to open at Christmas that I know he will really love.

"so mums the word, no telling Steven", LOL.

Oh yes, on a 'fed up' note, still no news from MFI, have made 8 phone calls and 2 visits since the 40 boxes were delivered last Saturday.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

MFI update

Well, had not heard anything after getting my £75 back to having the oven checked (if you remember MFI told me to get the oven checked as they said that was the reason the doors were melting, but the oven was fine, so as nothing was wrong with it I was left a £75 bill so I asked MFI to foot the bill as it was them who asked me to have it checked) anyway I got my money back. The manager told me to leave it with him, as my claim was with the arbitration board.

Well that was on the 31st May still had not heard anything by the 31st July so another trip round to MFI to be told the manager had left a few weeks earlier and the new one knew nothing about me or my kitchen and the gentleman who sold me the kitchen was not working that day.
The new manager said he would have a word and get someone to phone me the next day, well he did and said he did not know how things were and would get back to me the next day. Surprisingly he did that too, to say the insurance company was not budging with compensation of £97 this being on a £4,500. kitchen, said I still was not happy he said he would look into it and get back to me.

Well a few days later the store has agreed to replace ALL the doors/drawers of a similar style (same colour) if we wanted, so Clive and I popped round to see it, very much like the one we got, so agreed to it, delivery for the 25th August.
Well I kept looking at the list and felt something was not quite right, good job I did, they had missed out 3 doors completely. So back round there again and luckily can still all be delivered on the 25th, being a Saturday meant Clive would be home so one of us could watch Steven, we had to checked the doors/drawers over, then phone them for a fitting date, also we would end up with all the base and wall units that we did not want, but the would collect them from us, fine.

Well yesterday came and YES they arrived and YES they were all OK, well apart from the fan door is smaller than the one we've got but that can be sorted, so I phoned MFI up and spoke to the manager, told him I had checked them and when could they be fitted, well he said he had NOT authorized fitting or collection of the bases etc. that I did not order. Said he would look into it and get back to us.

Well today no phone call so I ended up phoning them, and managed to speak to the man you said they would fit them, and he said he would speak to a fitter Tuesday as it's BH Monday tomorrow and get back to me with a time and date.

I would say watch this space.... but I have no space, as I have 40 boxes round the house, LOL.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Productive day

Good news is, that Steven is fine, yesterday we had hospital at nine, got there at 8.50 and as we walked into reception, saw Laura (the lady we were going to see) she said she already had Stevens notes, and he had been booked in, as they heard him coming from the car park, yep he is his normal happy self again, in fact I think even louder, LOL.

Had a good visit, it was his boots/trainer 3 monthly check up, I asked if his feet has stopped growing as I was hoping to buy him an extra pair of boots and trainers, as when his ones have to be re-healed, which seems to be every couple of months, it leaves him with only one pair and if they get wet, we've had it.

Was told as he is only 16, probably not, (even though he is in a size 12 already, Clive is only a 10). But she did say as he had not had any new ones lately she would order him another pair, so I chose the boots, as they have to be specially made for him. Also left his old boots as they needed re-healing, lets hope we don't have any rain for the next couple of weeks as he only has his trainers now.

Today Steven went to respite for the day, which you would have thought I would have done the housework and shopping that I did not do last week, oh no, I made the most of the dry weather and using a heat gun scraped the paint off the garage door frame, then managed to white spirit, prime and undercoat it before picking Steven up, in fact not only that, in between the paint drying, did 2 coats of green stain on our picnic bench, well the top and all the bits I could get to, will do the rest tomorrow in between finishing the garage door frame. Am shattered, got aching arms, but in all a very productive day, really feel good, it was nice to get some fresh air, sort something out that needed doing and to do it in peace.

Most people sit and relax when the have a break from their children, but not me, no, I just cannot sit down, always thinking of what needs doing that I cannot do when littlen is around, saying that, it usually makes me feel better.

Maybe one day when the house is up to scratch, then I will sit down and do all the crafty bits I also want to do, but cannot leave lying around when Steven is here..... ah maybe one day

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

up's and down's

Hiya, have had a up and down few weeks, one of the downs is that Steven hurt himself getting off the play scheme mini bus last Wednesday, they forgot to pull out the step and with Stevens muscles he cannot step down very far, normal stairs are about it. So had him doubled up all night Wednesday which worried me to bits, not much better Thursday so had him down the Doctors first thing, he could not find any groin injury thank goodness but on the other hand because Steven cannot tell us where it hurt, did not know what damage he had done.

Put him on tablets and I took him out and about in his wheelchair, felt funny as we don't use it very often now. It hurt me to see him like that for no fought of his own, he started picking up on Sunday and when we went out let him do a little bit of walking to get him back use to it, also have been cutting down on the medication and today hopefully take the last tablet, but will keep the wheelchair in the car for the next week or so, in case it's needed, will see how he gets on, last night was the first night since it happened he slept all night, so hopefully we are there

Because of this happening did not get my housework done, or the big shop I had planned to do on Thursday and Friday of last week, while he was at the last 2 days of play scheme, but that's life, the main thing he looks as if he is getting better, still feel a bit bad he missed his last 2 days with his friends, will have to make it up to him next week.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Had a busy week or so, last Monday (13th) saw my daughter turn 20, she was not impressed as she is no longer a teenager and not yet an adult, (21) all day she was saying I'm now in my twenty's, I'm getting old....

She had the day off work, and I got Steven into the play scheme, Clive was working so we had a girly day, we don't get chance to have them now she is working full time and at weekends, got Clive and Steven around and to be honest I don't like shopping at the weekends, it's as bad as the school holidays.

She got up and opened her cards and pressies, then we took Steven to play scheme, then had to pop into college as she had to pick some of her course work up. After that we headed to Whiteley where she did a little shopping, got a few bargains, a lovey pink dress from £50 down to £15, she looked lovely in it, after that went into Fareham again for more shopping, this time I also came away with a few clothes bargains too, we also stopped for a coffee and baguette.

Then it was home to pick up our tortoises, all 4 of them, to take them to the vets to be micro chipped, then home again in time for Steven. But a wicked mum I am, was late as we got caught up in the road works back from the vets, and was not in when he came home. My neighbour came out to tell me I had missed him, (so now the neighbours know what a wicked mum I am too), I left Sam here with the tortoises while I drove around a few roads looking for them, (as I know there is a few more children being dropped off locally) well could not find them, so came back to wait. I knew they would drop of all the others before coming back with him, which they did, I felt so guilty though. Did not want to make a big thing of it in front of Sam, as did not want her to feel guilty too, as it was her day and nobodies fought really, but I did feel bad, he was fine, think he loved being on the mini bus for that bit longer.

In the evening we went out for a meal with Sam and present boyfriend, (who I'm not a lover of, but that's another story) my mum, dad and of course Steven and Clive. We tried a new place to us 'The taste of China' in Cosham, very nice, we got lots of different dishes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then back home for her Birthday cake, which was a pink, glittery cake with 'my little pony' on it, well you're only 20 once. Saying that's it's more that my life's worth if she does not have a Birthday, banners and balloons, LOL.

and now Sam has said, she is twenteen, so she can still be a teenager.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Made the most of it...

Hiya all, have been making the most of the weather and no Steven at the weekend, and really went to town with the garden shed's, yes I said shed'S as we have 3, all different shapes and sizes. As we are an end house we have garden going round one side and the back, so at the front had privet trees planted and put a 5 x 7 shed up, stained it green to blend in with the trees, but then the kids got more toys so in went a plastic one next to it and finally a tall 3ft one behind.

Well I'm getting a little fed up with lifting the lawn mower over the large and plastic ones and it looks so messy that I decided to see about getting one big shed but our garden curves, so looked into buying the biggest one that would fit, but still felt it was too small, so decided to see if we could have one made to fit the area.

We had a couple of people round to size and price up, not much in it, so went for the more local one, as it's being made cannot have it till middle of September but in fact have asked them to keep it till beginning of October as Steven is on another weekend break and it means both Clive and I can sort out where we want to put things back. (Also means it will keep my mind busy with not worrying too much about littlen, LOL)

The size is 9ft wide with 8.5 ft depth one end and 12 ft the other, with the back joining both ends, also have double doors and a pitched roof, thank goodness they are putting it together as god knows what and when it would have been done if Clive and I had to do it.

Now the problem is the waiting, I actually am wishing my life away, as I want it NOW.

Managed to get rid of 15 carrier bags to play scheme, Beechside (Steven respite place), his large trike, 2 x pogo sticks to a couple of friends, 3 black sacs to the tip, one to a charity shop, and a very large box of toys to the local Toy Library, so quite pleased with my self, not bad for a couple of weeks work, I think not.

PS still have a swing seat, hammock seat, trapeze and rings????? and a double swing with a life time guarantee for them to go on.....

Thursday, 2 August 2007

We've gone and done it

Had our appointment at the solicitors today to do our wills etc. my mum and dad looked after Steven so we could go, was not too bad, but my mum had to put her full penny worth in when we got home, asking about Steven future, but it was like talking to a brick wall, she wants to be Steven guardian, but when he is 18, special needs or not he does not need one and Clive and I don't plan on dying before then, then she goes on about Sam being it, but again I don't think she is old enough to make that decision, as she has her whole life ahead of her.

Cruel as it sounds, we know he will have to go into home, but I hope Sam will be there to keep an eye on him, it makes me really feel sick the thought of Stevens future when we are not here, but I have to be realistic and think of Sam as well. I did not have Steven for her to look after, I feel funny at the moment, had a couple of glasses of wine to try and block it out, so this post may get deleted when I feel more with it, just needed to moan somewhere....

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Where is the time going to...

Cannot believe it's the 1st of August already, where is the year going to, Steven is at a special needs play scheme today, normally you are only allowed 8 days over the 4 weeks that it's run, but they've had some cancellations so managed to get him in an extra few days. He loves it as most of his school friends are there, and it gives me time to get the boring stuff done and the things I have trouble doing with him around like the housework, and yesterday even managed to do a big shop.

Only normally do small ones through the holiday, as I hate it when the kids are off, too busy, I like to leave the trolley at the end of an aisle rather than fight my way through it, but if I've got Steven with me cannot do that, our trolley has to stay with us. I did once say to him, lets leave the trolley here and walk down to get some bits, but he ended up grabbing it at the last minute causing a total traffic jam and nearly hitting a lady with it, hence only small shops with him, LOL. He does love going though, he has really gone into 'help' mode when we are out.

Today cos of the extra freedom, and the lovely dry weather I have emptied the garden shed out and having a good clear out, anyone want a pogo stick or 2 wheeled scooter? can see a trip to the charity shop coming on in the next day or so, LOL.

Well better get back to it, also want to pop up to the respite place that Steven goes to, as he has out grown his special trike (all £600 of it) so rather than it sit and go rusty in the shed, going to see if they can get some use out of it, but have to go before collecting littlen from play scheme as it will confuse him and think he is staying there.
Saying that, he has a 2 night stay this weekend, I'm sort of looking froward to it, as he is going through a 'getting out of bed' stage, 3-4 times a night at the moment, so am looking forward to whole night of staying in bed, still going to miss him though, especially as he had only done a few 2 nights stay, normally it's a one night at a time.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Peace and quiet

Steven is still lounging in bed, watching a teletubbies DVD, saying that he was up 3 times last night, the last being at 4a.m, so wish it was me still in bed.

I've made the most of the peace and quiet, after sorting out Clive's and Sam's breakfasts and lunches and sending them on their way.
Thought I would quickly catch up on the bills etc. to notice I took the spending money for the holiday from the wrong account, (got 3 accounts in the same bank, joint, mine and a joint one with Steven) so will have to sort that out later, sounds as the DVD's finished, did notice though that I have NOW have my refund for the P&P from QVC, which was ready to be sent back on the 5th June, good to see they are on the ball with quickness, LOL No really just pleased I got it back.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Finished it... 1.10 a.m this morning. The Harry Potter book that is, basically after taking Steven to gym, he chilled at home watching a DVD, then Clive got him ready for bed and read him a story and I started back on the book and refused to move until I had finished it.

I enjoyed it, can see what Sam meant though about the last chapter, bit slushy, but then again I'm a mum and like happy endings, LOL.
Did shed a few tears through the book when some of the main characters died :-(
someone was dead in the first chapter, won't say who dies, in case people are still reading it.

Monday, 23 July 2007

School Hols

Well it's time of year again, the start of the school holidays, this is when the weather usually changes for the worse, which I sincerely hope it does not for all those poor people who are flooded.
We are lucky here, they only thing I have to look forward to, is the global warming and the rise of the sea, as it is predicted we will be under water within the next 100 years, OK don't think I will be around by then, LOL, but some somebody related to me might.

Have not blogged much later, hopefully will catch up, also still trying to read the New Harry Potter book, (Sam's already finished it, she told her boyfriend she was not seeing him all weekend, or until she has finished the book, she said she was a little disappointed with it, bit of an anti-climax) but in my case, did think of saying to Clive and the kids, I would not do anything in the house until it was finished, then again, thought Clive would probably look up and say 'whats new'.
I only usually get the evenings to read after Steven is in bed, but for once in a blue moon, was out Saturday for a girly night, ironing Sunday (OK, that is not once in a blue moon, I do the ironing every Sunday evening :-( ) and tonight Steven is at Pitt Street (a gym, with a walk on trampoline and foam pits, it's used for gymnastic training, don't think you'll ever see Steven in any future Olympics though, as he has trouble standing up on the trampoline, LOL).
So not getting very far with it, saying that when Steven has been watching a DVD which he usually likes me to sit down with him, to do 'this little Piggy' on his toes, or 'round around the garden' have been picking up the book, so been having a little read, in between the piggies and gardens of course, LOL.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Just a quickie to say....

... Steven came home with a medal and certificate from school today as the yellow team in sports day won overall. Had to take the medal off him as the ribbon was going in the same direction as one of the yellow ribbons, LOL.

Ya, more things to scrap, just need the time to do it now, have started writing things down as they happen now, so when I DO get the time, will still have the memories, (as my brain is like sieve).

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sports Day

Today my son's school, had their first ever sports day, and what a lovely day it was too, the sun was shinning, no wind, a beautiful day. It was in the grounds at St James Hospital (which is within walking distance of the school) never been in the grounds before, they were lovely, been to the Hospital a few times though, the last time was the Roz Blackburn talk last month.

Well how did he do, well Steven came third in 2 games, rolling a tennis ball down a pipe and knocking over skittles and rolling a big gym ball at some skittles. Not sure how his 'yellow' team did overall as I left before they added up the points, as I was meeting Sam for lunch. But, when I left him, he was wearing two yellow 3rd place ribbons, and when I picked him up an hour later, he had one 3rd place ribbon and one chewed which I think was a 3rd place ribbon. Not sure as it was chewed so much, it had no writing left on it, in fact it was a good job I knew what it had been as Clive and Sam and no idea when I showed it too them, I gather the packed lunch was not enough for him, LOL.

Also when I left, one of his Autistic friends had 4 x 1st place red ribbons all in a neat row on his t-shirt and his mum was not sure what he would do, if he came 2nd or 3rd (green or yellow), and another of his friends, well I know he won 2 ribbons, as he had the holes in his t-shirt to prove it, where he had pulled them off. Kids don't you just love them, LOL

On a sad note, just found out one of the mums I know (she has 2 special children, 1 still as Stevens school) died today, after a short illness (she was only in her late 40's and it was the dreaded 'C' word) not sure how much the boys know yet, my heart goes out to all of them.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The day dawned..

..of the wedding, my nephew got married last Saturday, and we were very lucky with the weather it was lovely, it was at St Mary's, a local church and as I said previously Sam was one of the 4 bridesmaids, the shoes worked out well, no mishaps in the church, but during the photos she came over to me and showed me her shoes and where her feet where the glue was starting to go soft, but no real problem with them and both she and the shoes survived the day.

It was tearful seeing the groom getting married, as I remember him 22 years next month as my little page boy, where does the time go, the bride was stunning, the dress she wore was beautiful, she just glowed with happiness.

Steven was excellent both in the church and with the speeches at the reception afterwards. Both Clive and I held our breaths when the vicar come to the bit 'anyone know why these two persons should not be married' was ready to gag him but no he was great, very proud of him. After the main meal they asked everyone to vacate the room while they cleared it for the evening do, where everyone else descended to the bar or outside for a ciggy, we ended up going home, as to Steven when we were asked to leave the room that was it, finished, time out, time to go home. I as a little bit disappointed as I missed their first dance as a married couple, but hey Steven was fantastic all day and what more could I have asked for, and that's the fun of having a 'special' child, they to a certain extent, rule your life.

Sam stayed behind as her boyfriend was coming to the evening do, was a little pleased as he arrived as we were going, as Sam has consumed a bottle and half of wine (I had the other half, we had 3 bottles on our table and it was only Sam and I that drank, Clive would normally but he was driving, I was lucky to stop her there). Was a little worried as Sam does not drink much, she prefers water with her meal when she goes out with friends and does not like clubbing or pubbing, so I am very lucky with her, but she was fine started on the water when we left.

Me I'm not use to drinking much either, I can remember getting home, getting changed and having a quick wash so Clive could change, then the next thing I knows, it's 10.20, Steven is in bed and hubby on the computer, that's why I don't drink much it puts me to sleep, LOL.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Don't go there...

my daughter has been asked to be a bridesmaid, not once but twice this year, the first time will be a week Saturday (7th July), when my nephew gets married local, and the other is in September, for my niece who is getting married in Orlando, Florida.

While, when she was first asked, she was over the moon, (as never been a bridesmaid before) but now she is having second thoughts and seriously wondering if it's all worth it, to be honest so am I.

To help out both my nephew and niece, I offered to pay for Sam's dresses, they are both being handmade, the one in September has not been started yet, (which is fine, still got plenty of time) and the one for the 7th is still not finished, also I feel that one has not been made that well either, it does not hang right and my daughter is sulking as it does not show off her lovely thin waist.

You thought that would be it, but no, there was worse to come, the shoes, both brides want silver, fine, but they wanted Sam to wear a 3" thin heel, here is a child who at 13 was 5ft 7" so has never worn heels in her life, as she has never needed to, (she is now nearly 5ft 8") not only is she going to tower over everyone (my niece is only 5ft 3"), but that's if she does not break her neck walking in them.

This has caused major headache's in my case, as I can see where Sam is coming from (she is frightened she will trip and ruin their weddings), but also the brides, as it's their day.
Oh what a nightmare, it bought a big migraine last week and have not had one of those in years, it's taken me till now to feel better, it really did knock me for six.

Then the other day I found out that the wedding on the 7th July, the other 3 bridesmaids have got different shoes, so I asked if Sam could wear her silver ballerina pumps, NO has to be heels of at least 1", fine can I get some, nope, no 1" sandals to be had anywhere.

Now me being crafty minded and thinking of my daughter and their wedding (her not breaking her neck in church) came up with the idea I would change a pair of my old gold strappy sandals (got 1" little chunky heels).
So popped down to the material shop and managed to get a pot of dylon silver dye, done 3 coats, but I felt still not quite right, so used my craft planet silver glitter glue over the top of the silver dye, (the ones Becky wants her to wear in September, are all glitter, so they are into the glitter).

WOW what can I say, FANTASTIC, (if I say so myself,) finished them this morning Sam tried them on this evening and yes she can walk in them (just) the bride has no seen them yet, they have a dress fitting Saturday, so fingers crossed, hopefully come Saturday afternoon, I will just have Sam moaning about her (horrible) fitted dress, LOL.

Oh what joys, saying that the September wedding are short dresses, so she wants the two bridesmaids in the same 3" heeled glitter sandals, so Sam is going to have to start learning to walk in them, as cannot change that (as I've not got another pair of old gold strappy sandals), unless..............

.................... the 3" heels ones, might just get lost at the airport, going out to America, LOL.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Must have read my blog

The lady who does the QVC collections arrived this morning, just as I got back from taking Steven to school, so do you think she read my blog?

...then again maybe not, as she would have wanted the 'Molton Brown' bits too, LOL.

QVC collections

Still waiting for them to collect the storage crate, the annoying thing is they will not refund anything until they get it back. I phoned them again last week and was told the courier had until 6pm Tuesday to collect but if not, to phone back, so waited and nobody came, so I phoned back and was told they would submit another collection form and yes it will be collected in the next 7 working days.

In fact, this has bought back few memories, as a few years ago when I first starting card making I bought one of their craft TSV (Today Special Value, an item at a reduced price for 24 hours only), was all excited when it arrived, (sad I know), but when I opened it, it was a' Molton Brown' bath set. How this happened I don't know, as it is a different number completely, cannot understand how the person posting it out, made that mistake, anyway by this time the one I wanted was out of stock, so had to go without

Was told then, that someone would be round to collect the 'Molton Brown' stuff, but this time they gave me a refund up front before them getting it back, as I said it was a Birthday present and needed my cash back to get the person another present, and it was their mistake, (it was the truth, as half of it was a present, as I was giving half to my niece for her Birthday, OK that was months away, but hey they didn't need to know that).

To this day, it's still has not been collected, phoned them on and off for a couple of months, (only because it is a free phone number), but nobody ever came, so the Molton Brown gift set went to my son's school raffle last year. I look at at it as a donation for all the hassle I went through with no craft TSV, the phone calls and the waiting in.

So thinking about it, I'm no going to hold my breath, but saying that they have not given me my money back yet, so looks like I will be badgering them till they do.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

It's arrived

Yep, Clive's parcel has arrived, was not too bad, now to get the housework finished so I can make Jen's card, oh yes and a Birthday acceptance, Steven has been invited to a 16th Birthday party this Saturday, cool, means I get to go out too, as I have to stay with him, LOL

Fed up waiting...

... am suppose to be doing the house work, but hubby is due to have a parcel delivered today, so as our bell does not work, which is normally good, as it means we don't get everyone ringing it and when I know somebody is due, I put note on the front door telling them to knock the inner door, sorry back to the moan...

... well, I have to keep stopping and checking no body's there, feel as if I' m not getting nowhere fast, I hate doing the housework at the best of time anyway, without it taking longer cos of all the stopping.

Also waiting for someone to collect a parcel for QVC, I phoned them beginning of last week and still no joy, had to ring them up again last night to remind them. While watching a crafty programme, yes surprise, surprise, saw this storage crate on it,,html
and thought it would be great to store all my 12 x 12 finished scrapbooks in, (OK only done a few pages of one, but might have given me incentive to carry on) anyway arrived quite quickly (for QVC) to find out a standard 12 x 12 does not fit in it. Was disappointed, as the measurements (14 x 20) AND the presenter said they would, when I phoned to query it, they said they would refund me the item, but not the P&P until they measure it to see if I am right, have taken a copy of the item off QVC (in case they remove or change it) as it shows the measurements as wrong, am learning, as still fighting MFI for my kitchen to be sorted.

The weather has changed here again, has been lovely, but today is cooler and we a few spots of rain yesterday evening, at least it saved us watering the garden. I knew it was going to change not because I listen to the weather forecast as I don't, I just take one day at a time, but because I handed Stevens boots in to be re-soled yesterday after school, so yes we are back down to one pair so yep, bring on the rain, LOL. it happens every time.
I have asked them to put 'urgent' on the bag as these are his trainer boots and we have sports day coming up, so it would be nice for him to be in his trainers and not his boots, could not leave getting them done, as he was already through part of the sole and starting to wear the boots down, oh well we'll have to wait and see.

Better get back to the hoovering, otherwise it will be time for another 'fed up' tea break, LOL. also still have a birthday card to do, as it's a friends Birthday tomorrow and I have to pop it round to her some time today.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

So what have I been up to, well....

......we had half term, did not start off too well weather wise, normally the rain does not worry us, we just go out and change into dry clothes when we get back, but this Half term Steven had only one pair of boots, as on the Thursday before half term, the others were left at the Hospital to be sent away to be re-soled. So the weather was a big factor, cos he could not get his one pair of boots too wet, we went out for drives and had my parents up for Sunday lunch.

On the BH Monday stayed in again due to the weather, but Tuesday was great, so with Clive and Sam back to work thought Steven and I would make the most of the dry weather, and decided to go across the the Isles of Wight for a few hours, thought an extra treat we would get a bus down to the fastcat, phoned my parents up to see if they wanted to come which they did, met them down at the Fastcat.

Had a lovely day, just plodded around Ryde, stopped for a sandwich then caught the fastcat home again. It was lovely but feel it was a little too expensive for just a few hours out, the bus was £2.90 each, and the fastcat £13 each, was lucky to print a voucher off the Internet so that was half price with BOGOF, if not with mum and dad it would have worked out cheaper to take the car than be foot passengers, shame, that's why we don't go over there much. I think it's the most expensive piece of water to cross in Europe.

The rest of the week was not too bad weather wise, so it was trips to the bottle bank, which really helps with frustration, listening to the breaking of the glass, which Steven loves, 2 hospital visits, bowling trip with some school friends, and walks round local places like Portsdown Hill and Baffins pond, all in all a good week.

It was back to school on the Monday, well for 3 days, as his school had the Thursday and Friday off as inset days. We were lucky with the weather and thought we would make the most of it NOT being school holidays, went for a trip up the Spinnaker Tower on the Thursday and visit to the sea life centre on the Friday. (lovely no school children, hence no queues).

This week was lucky to get a phone call to say his boots were ready for collection, (can take up to 6 weeks normally), which is good as his others now need to be re-soled, (they just don't make them strong enough for him).

Cannot believe another week is all most over, where does the time go to? there showing my age now, as I can remember both my nan and mum saying that and thinking ''what are they on about'', LOL.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Am still here, honest...

Sorry, been really busy trying to catch up with the chores of the house and the business, as it was half term here last week, but to top it all, have Steven home again today.

Even though he went back to school on Monday, they have today and tomorrow off as inset days, very confusing for him, and hard work for me, as tried to do 2 weeks chores etc. in 3 days, and yes didn't quite happen, LOL, so more to catch up on next week, oh well that's life.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Too hot

it's well an truly too hot here, been out trying to do a little more to the garden, re-oiling the bench, also putting a few plants in, in fact was out there after Steven went to bed last night as it was too hot through the day.

Popped into B&Q and Homebase,this morning after dropping Steven off at school (he had appointment first thing) as I wanted to get some Thyme, mint and parsley, as I thought I would have a go at keeping them, save me having to keep popping to Asda when I need it, not sure how it will go, if my plants are anything to go by, they will be dead within a week, LOL, here hoping. Also had a nose at their BBQ's as our has had it, trying to find something similar but no luck yet, mind you we have had our a long time.

Managed to get all the dug up earth up the tip, but was much too hot for that though, have gone through gallons of water, my water filter has not worked so much in it's life, poor little thing.

Monday, 21 May 2007

No Luck...

..with 'mind you own business' plant,
went to 3 different garden centres, and came out £7 lighter in the 2nd and £39 in the 3rd, nothing to do with me, all Clive's doing on other plants, saying that in the 3rd one, it also had Craft Central there, so just had to have a little nose, bought a couple of scrapbook papers, they were soooooo.. pretty, luckily as I had Steven with me, could not have a good look around.

Got a busy week, got 3 appointments either with or for littlen this week, then the Tweenies live on stage on Friday, also it being half term next week have to have all paper work and business up to scratch, so it's going to be a little quite on here for the next few weeks, lucky you...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Mind your own business

Again a lovely day today, manged to get most of Stevens washing done and out on the line yesterday and hope to finish it today for when I do the ironing, which I only do once a week, so if it's not washed and dry by tonight, it will have to wait to be ironed next Sunday.

Have been making the most of the weather, finished laying the slabs and cemented them in yesterday evening, looking good if I say so myself, Clive had to help, as now littlen is home, we have to take turns in keeping an eye on him and keeping him amused.

Think we might nip out to the garden centre as Clive is after a 'mind you own business' plant for his railway, (yes we have a 'G' scale round way going all round the side and back garden), well it keeps him out of trouble and Steven loves watching them.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wonderer returns

Just a quickie to say my littlen (all 5ft 5 of him) has survived his first holiday away from mum, (not sure if I did though, LOL) he is none worse for wear, looked and sounded as if he had a great tme.

After picking him up from school yesterday, we got home and yes back to routine, toilet, something special DVD,
apple, crisps, banana, drink and toilet, it was if he had never been away,

...and yes, was awake before 6 this morning, how come he had to be woken up at 7.30 while away, all the boys did.
Anyway that's it for now,

Thursday, 17 May 2007

These boots were made for walking

Still trying to tidy Stevens room, found his first ever pair of Pair of Piedro boots

this morning in one of his memory boxes, it was size 20 the smallest they did then and can remember them looking so big on him, very smart though, did look a bit weired in the summer wearing them, but cute all the same, (especially with his big round glasses and his big grin) he is still wearing them now (not the same pair, LOL), but now he wears a size 46, but has the sides and eyelets strengthened, also specially made sole/heal and insoles, we are also lucky to have the trainers too.

as it was difficult when he only had one pair and they got wet or sent off to be re-healed.

When he got his first pair, he could not even walk, he took his first steps at 3 1/2 when we were caravaning in France, memories what would we do without them, well better get back to it, he'll be home before I've finished, LOL.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Keeping myself busy..

Yesterday, had coffee morning with some mums from Stevens school, was not really in the mood for socializing, but was good to see them, all the same, then nipped over to Asda, then home again good job I bought a sandwich there, as remembered I was suppose to be giving blood in half an hour, so ate it on the way there. I tried to give blood 3 months ago, but because of our holiday last year (Eastern Caribbean cruise) they would not take it, as we had spent a day in Jamaica and in the October they had a malaria outbreak. So had to leave it 6 months from the time we were there. Today they successfully took it, with a bit extra for a malaria test, then it was back home for some housework.

Today nipped to the gym first thing, did an hour, then because of the rain we have had the ground is nice and soft, so dug the foundations for the bench I want to put by our pond. Just hope we don't have too much rain until I finish it otherwise, we will have a shallow swimming pool, LOL.
Popped round my sisters afterwards, for a well earned coffee, also to have a nose at her outfit for her son's wedding in 7 weeks, (the one Sam is being bridesmaid for). The home again to empty Steven cupboard of toys and to start having a clear out.

Noticed I have not said much about Steven, well that's because he is on his first school holiday, over the Island of Wight, now you know why I am keeping myself busy, so I don't worry. He is fine, as I have emails from them every day and photos and that is where I am lucky, Steven cannot lie, and in the photos he looks so happy and relaxed that I know he is, I miss him dreadfully, I have also heard from the Head of his school, as she lives over the Island so is popping in every day after work, to see them.
I have found it hard, but know it's for the best, he has to have a life with his school friends and also I have to learn to let go, Sam went on her first school Holiday in year 11 too, she went skiing in France. I try to treat them the same as much as I can, see both have gone on holiday across water, just Steven's one I can be there within 20 min's by hovercraft, LOL.
(He might be having a great time and doing fine, not sure about me though).

Monday, 14 May 2007

Started the ball rolling.....

...well, have been phoning around to see about Wills, trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney prices, it's surprising how different they are between each Solicitor, (for the EPA prices, are from £150 to £300 at the Solicitors and £39.95 on the Internet, all exclusive of VAT too), I've only phoned ones that have been recommended by others, as we need one that knows about Special Needs, (so that's the Internet out, LOL), now hubby and I have to sit down and decide which one to go with.

Sounds funny, but I'm pleased I have got the ball rolling, been putting it off for years, but as the children are getting older (and us of course) you know you cannot keep putting it off. Then again probably will regret it when we have to sit down and work out what/how/who, etc. and then the size of the bill at the end, as not a straight forward one cos of Steven, but at least it will save Sam having to deal with it if need be.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Must be the weather.....

My daughter and I were discussing death this morning, (I know what a happy bunch we are) no it's because I was saying we really must get a Will sorted, as her brother will never be able to look after himself, so we really have to think of his and Sam's future, so my Sam pipes up......

Oh my God, no way are you going to die yet (and there was me thinking, ah, she loves me after all) she then carry's on with 'who will do my washing, cooking etc. and if you think I'm going to sort out all your craft bits, you can think again, you have to use it all before you die'.

So that got me thinking, if I have to use my crafty bits up before die, I had better buy more, that way I've got to live longer, so good job I went for the Scrapbook TSV from QVC last Monday (so much in it, not sure if I will ever use it all up, LOL) but because I was enjoying using my cuttlebug (die cutting machine) last night when making some cards, I ended up going on an American web site and ordering more dies and embossing folders, I do need them honest, also look on the bright side, it will lengthen my life.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Great News

Had double helping of news today.....

..the first was, we got results of Sam's lump and it's benign, which the Doctor thought it was, but was worth checking, (did you not hear my BIG sigh of relief), also the cut is so small and clean that Sam is over the moon, she was dreading it, as in 7 weeks time she is being a bridesmaid for the first time and was worried how it would look in the photo's (saying that no dress has been made, in fact we don't even know what style it's going to be).
and the second was, about the lady I spoke about with regards to the Rock Challenge, has got another job as a Deputy Head, I feel really chuffed for her, it was such an upset when she had to leave our school.

So all in all, been a very good day.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Me again...

Hi sorry not been around, unlike someone I know has been swanning around Centre Parks, I've been running around my daughter, she had to go in and has a lump removed from her shoulder, nothing bad just a Intracuavicular Fossa, she had one taken from her side 2 years ago. We were lucky it was via Bupa (saying that, not so lucky with the cost) so it was in one day, out the next and he did a fantastic job, making the cut so it would go under her bra strap, the last one he did, he put in the crease of her side and she feels able to wear bikinis no problem. So maybe the cost is worth it.

You ask why we went via Bupa, well the first lump we were under the NHS and they were great, we were told that it would be best to have it removed as it would get bigger,
but there was a 6 month waiting as we lived outside the Hospital area, (even though it was where we were sent by our Doctor) anyway that was fine with us, but then I'm told as she would be 16 by then, she would have to go on the adult waiting list of 2 years, but until she was 16 they could not put her name down, I think this was called a 'no win' situation, by now the lump was the size of an egg, very noticeable.

Well hubby had been working for the past 11 years and Bupa was part of his payment, great we thought, but hubby had decided to quit his job to start up his own company, which meant we were only covered for another 2 weeks. Both our Doctor and Bupa were great we manged to get the op in 2 days before he left his job, she had the op on the Wednesday, came out on the Thursday and hubby finished work on the Friday. so the op was covered but not the follow up treatment which meant we had to join Axa PPP our selves, so good bye to £800, we then look it up the following year to be on the safe side and then had no choice to do it again as our year ran out 2 days before her op, by now the policy is up to nearly £1,500 this year.

Susan at the moment I think you have the better deal, spending money on Holidays with you friends, as not only are we paying for Bupa, Sam has some how conned me into buying her a new 'girly' wardrobe, yet more expense, who ever said kids are expensive, were not kidding.

Now can I afford the scrap book TSV tonight?

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Mixed emotions

On Wednesday night, my son was in the Rock Challenge,

it is always a very emotional time for me anyway, as to see your child up on stage when you didn't know if they were even going to survive at birth , but then with him being 'special' makes you realise how difficult life is for them to be excepted, you start to see things through a different light. Not many specials school preform in the Rock Challenge and I think ours was the first here in this area about 6/7 years ago.

This year it was different though, as it was the first time with his new school, (his last school where he had been for nearly 12 years, closed Feb just gone, where them and another special school combined to make one new one with new head etc. Long story, 6 years of fighting in fact), anyway like I said it was the first for them, still felt a great pride in seeing him and his friends up there on the Guildhall Stage, (yes, tears in the old eyes, LOL) but something was missing, think it was the staff you had done it the last 6/7 years, a lot of them had stayed on with the new school, but some did not and one in particular had no choice in the matter, with a new Head meant a change in the top jobs, the new Head decided instead of a Deputy Head she would have 3 Assistant Heads, which meant no job for the lady in question, as she was the Deputy Head of our old school. She had been there even before my son started the school at the age of 4, she had been his teacher and worked her way up to the Deputy Heads job, we never always saw eye to eye, but she always listened., she was always there and Wednesday night was no exception, she just could not, not be there to support us, so she came along and saw it from our side, the audience.

It must have been very hard for her, seeing what she had started, as she was the rock to us doing the Rock challenge, without her determination/hard work, we would not had done even one, let alone 7. It shows what true dedications she has to special children, the children eyes lit up on seeing her, even tears as they were hoping she was going to dance with them (but of course she could not as she is now nothing to do with the new school, worse luck).

I feel as a parent with special child that I owe her a lot, because she bought a 'norm' into our children's life, proving that we were as good as the other schools, and to be honest the 'other' schools took a pride in seeing and working along side our special children,

So a very big THANK YOU JULIE, for giving our son and us, a side to life in which we would never have normally been able to see, I feel it a privilege to have known you and that you were apart of our lives, Thanks.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Rubbing salt into the wound

Why can't life be easy, I feel really drained today, had to go to MFI to try and sort my kitchen out, so what is wrong with it I hear you ask, well....

..In January I was wiping the unit (yes I do, do housework) and noticed the moulding on one of the doors was going funny, thought I sure I would have noticed it when we had it fitted (3 years ago) thought nothing more of it, apart from making a mental note to point it out to hubby (which I forgot to).

In Feb, the same door had not closed, as a saucepan was in the way and saw that the front was coming away from the rest of the door, so when I got chance, went round to MFI, they told me to have the oven checked out (as the door was next to it) did what I was told, nothing wrong with the oven, so got back in touch with MFI was told not to worry as I had furniture insurance, but the style had been discontinued, but they would replace all door/drawer front to the nearest match.

Did not hear anything for 4 weeks, then got phone call from the insurers to be told I could have £97 compensation, so I could go out and purchase new doors in place of the faulty ones (which will not match as they have been discontinued) , when ask about replacing all doors etc. as I wanted a kitchen that match was told NO, could just have the £97, which (surprisingly) I turned down. (kitchen cost over £4,500) Have not heard nothing since.

But I have been round to the store and had promises made and broken, got in touch with consumer direct, wrote the letters I was told to, but still no joy. Then on Saturday to 'rub salt into the wound' I got a bill for having the oven checked, the insurers are refusing to pay because nothing was wrong with the oven, so we have been left with a £75 bill.

So trip round MFI again yesterday to be told manager was out, so made appointment for today, just seen him and yes more promises, he is coming round with someone on Monday to look at the doors etc. and yes MFI would foot the Borch bill (seeing they told me to get the oven checked in the first place). So watch this space...

In all I wonder if it's worth trying to better your self, It took us 3 years to save up for my dream kitchen, which only lasted 3 years, I did ask the manager this morning, that should I have started saving up for another kitchen straight away after paying for the other one, as they only have a life expectancy of 3 years.

So I suppose the moral is to 'not to think you can better your self' 'and 'not to save, so you can pay cash for things' but to buy on credit, then when things do go wrong refuse to pay, or better still be a traveller when you are ABOVE the law. (but then again that's another story)

Saturday, 21 April 2007

school holidays

Bit silly of me really, starting a blog right on top of school holidays. Did make a change to have some descent weather though, as usually the weather in the school hols and Bank Hols is bad, but as you all know this time it was great, so lots of walks and BBQ's but with having my son home meant having to work late after he had gone to bed and this week have been trying to catch up with the house work, shopping, work etc. since.
I did go to an interesting talk last Wednesday evening by Wendy Lawson,

I really enjoyed it, quite an eye opener, even though my son is not classed as Autistic, listening to her talk about her autism makes me realise he has more of the characteristic of it than I thought, also helped me understand my friends children, who are. Got another one lined up in June by Ros Blackburn.
Also we went to the footy, bit of a nail biter with the penalty against us, especially as we were right behind the goal, so was for the best it went in, otherwise might be writing this with a few teeth missing. Why do they put the disabled there you ask, I don't know, as in my son's case his reflexes are not good, so every time the ball came our way, I had to have my hands ready to cover his face, just in case, Thank Goodness only has to do it a couple of times, did put a dampener on the game, but the main thing we won 2-1, so was worth the worry.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Do you ever get one of those days when you wonder why you've bothered getting up.
My day started with us all over sleeping, so one mad rush to get lunch boxes and breakfast sorted for everyone, meant was late on the school run, so got hit by all the traffic.
While at school realized left my mobile at home, so instead of going straight down town to pay bills etc, had to go home and collect it, (cannot do without mob in case my son's school needs to get hold of me). Got down town to then realize I had left my cards at home, so could not get money out to pay bills, put the cheques in etc. etc. so off home again to find JUST missed the postman to which he left a card to say I had to wait for 48 hours before collecting my parcel.
So off down town AGAIN, paid bills etc. then off to Asda for food shopping, because I was late in getting there, got hit by queues which I usually miss.
So instead of having everything done by 1pm like it is every week it's now nearly 3, still got some shopping to put away and have had no lunch, but got to go straight out to pick littlen up.

How I wish I could turn back the time.

Monday, 26 March 2007


Thought I'd better write something to start the ball rolling, was introduced to 'blog' by another 'blog' person, have been reading her since last year, kept meaning to start but never seemed to get the time.
I work part time from home, also got a disabled son, so will not be 'blogging' all the time, especially during school holidays, it's bad enough trying to keep the running of the house together, then in the evening when he is in bed, have to catch up on the 'work' side as cannot do it when my son is around.
In fact, am suppose to be working now, (half term next week, so trying to get ahead of myself) but thought I would give myself a well earned coffee break so I could type my first blog.

Well coffee break over and I should really get back to work, bye for now.