Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is having a good evening....

We are not doing anything special to Celebrate it, Sam and boyfriend are already round my nephew Shane's house to see the New Year in with them.

We are sitting here watching Thomas the Tank on DVD, but think in the next hour or so, Steven will have had a shower and be in bed, as he is yawning away...

As for Clive and I, not sure, I've been nipping onto do-crafts to the scrapping section as they are having a virtual New Year Eve party, lol. Clive's on Sam's old laptop (she got a new PINK one for Christmas from her BF) watching some youtubes of people sculpturing faces, to give him ideas for when he gets back to making his train figures.

Thought as I don't know what the rest of the evening will bring, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope it's all want you want it to be...

so all is left for me to say is, see you next year, lol

Monday, 29 December 2008

Niece's album

This was a 12 x 12 one, it had a plain cream front, which I added the photo with AG photo corners, cream rose and glitter butterfly, the ribbon was the colour of her bridesmaid's dresses and the slider was in a wedding kit that I bought while in America. I've given them a few blank sleeves for her to either add her own photos or if she wants will add them for her of her evening do here in England, as we were unable to attend it as Steven was poorly that weekend.
Also I gave her some journalling pads for her to add her own comments and again if she wants me to put them in that's fine, or she can do it herself, I did the same for my nephews album.

This wedding took place in Orlando on the 24th September 2007, and Clive and I had decided that as we had already had a couple of holidays on Orlando, that we fancied seeing bit more of the area, so Clive, Steven and I went over and spent a week at Fort Lauderdale (as always wanted to do the Everglades) first then flew onto Orlando where we met up with the wedding party and our daughter who was to be their bridesmaid, but loves Orlando so much that she had been there for 3 weeks, lol

PS my son Steven is on page one, on the top right with the groom at the stag night, and daughter Sam is at the top left, in her bridesmade dress on page two

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Been scrapping

Well, I did manage to finish the 2 wedding albums in time for Christmas, (if you remember they are belated 1st Wedding Anniversary presents, but with what has happened this year, didn't complete my nieces one in time), and would not give one without the other).
Both my niece and nephew and partners loved them, below is my nephews album, he's wedding took place at St Mary's Church, here in Portsmouth on 7th July 2007

It was the smaller of the 2 albums, saying that it was more of a photo scrap album as it had no sleeves but cream acid free chipboard pages to stick the photos and papers straight on it was bought from Webb Ivory last year. It had a place for a photo on the front, then I added a AG cream rose and glitter butterfly, I also left a few pages spare for the happy couple to add more photos if they wish (as you cannot add any more pages to this type of album).

Niece's album to follow soon...

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, ours will be slightly different to the usual, with my dad not being too good and Sam wanting to stay round boyfriend house tonight, so will not see her till lunch time tomorrow. Should look on the bright side to that one though, at least I won't have to listen to her getting up at 3am to open her Christmas stocking, then wanting to wake Steven up to help him open his, lol.

Tradition is also changing this year for us too, not only will I not be able to buy next year crackers from Woolworths, but as my dads poorly, he will not be up tonight. He always dresses up as Father Christmas for Steven at bedtime on Christmas Eve, we get Steven bathed and in bed, then Father Christmas always turns up with a few presents for him to open, one being the new Thomas the Tank annual that gets read to him by his dad before lying down to sleep.
Sam had it done when she was younger and in fact the tradition has gone back years, as my auntie always did it for me and my sister, (not that we knew it was our Auntie, always thought it was the real FC, used to hide under the covers frightened to look in case he realised we were awake, lol).

Well as dad cannot do it, we have decided to call it a day with Steven, as with his mentality, we could have carried on for years, but think the time has come to say, enough is enough. He's nearly 18, so are stopping, going to seem funny, in fact this Christmas is going to be definitely a different one. We have decided to put the wrapped annual on Stevens pillow for him to see and open when he goes to bed tonight, saying that Father Christmas is a little too busy to visit, but has left it for him. as it's different to the norm... aiming to have a bath tonight, yes you heard that right 'A BATH'

...some of you might remember a post that I did back in January that my aim for the year was to have a relaxing bath once a month, well think I got to about April, then it all went haywire, lol

Well all there is for me to say is I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas.....

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Hi all......

....sorry not been around had loads of meetings for Steven about his future when he leaves school in 18 months time, might sound a long time to you, but not when there is nothing out there local for him, in other words fighting the colleges and Social services to get something set up and then fighting for funding, NOT a lot of time, and great fun, NOT.

Also been trying to do my Christmas cards in the evenings have 23 made and now 77 half finished, OK OK the 23 that are finished are the ones I had left from last year, lol and started my Christmas shopping last Monday to go out on the Wednesday morning and finished it... now the wrapping up.....

Have been emailing friends and also following Susan's blog on the left called 'ramblings of a housewife' as she and her husband have been stuck in Bangkok for over a week waiting to come home after their lovely cruise holiday. I'm pleased to say they are now home safe and sound, and I hope all the others that were trapped are also home or on their way.

Went out for the day yesterday, a clue was we saw a man dressed in red and we traveled on something blue with a face on it, hopefully will post pics in the next day or so.......

....................have you guessed where we went and what we saw yet!!!, lol

Catch up with you all later, and hope you're all keeping well.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Vote for Caroline Gatenby

The post below has been past on by Caroline's campaign manager aka Sue-bubbles...

My crafty friend and source of much inspiration Caroline has been chosen as one of the 12 Apprentices for the Creativity Life mag. Each month they receive a box of new goodies and have to create two layouts and two cards using the products from the box, and a selection of these projects are posted on the website and are waiting for our votes.

I am declaring myself Caroline's campaign manager and ask that you go over and vote for CAROLINE GATENBY now!!!

Cast your votes HERE

Caroline is an inspirational and also a very generous crafter. During November her blog was particularly delightful with a new project for every day, with full details and pictures - a mammoth task for the benefit of fellow crafters. Caroline has a great sense of fun with both hilarious and touching poems about life..and crafting of course, and those of us who know her will always picture her with her sandalized shoes and big thickers! To enjoy the mutterings of Caroline, go visit her blog HERE


and I totally agree with everything Sue says about Caroline's work, it's fab, and has been a great inspiration to me, and all being well I hope to achieve some of her advent projects in the near future, thanks Caroline ...


I got an email early this afternoon saying I was one of the winners on the do-craft November draw, got very excited, as not only have I've never won anything crafty before, but was hoping it was the big bite, as not got one of them yet, but found out that was the October draw, mine is forever friends goodies,

but hey I won, YIPPEE.

I've entered the draw every month, since I became a member of do-crafts back in May 2004, so not bad going, lol

Will take a piccy of it when it comes

bye for now