Thursday, 24 May 2007

Too hot

it's well an truly too hot here, been out trying to do a little more to the garden, re-oiling the bench, also putting a few plants in, in fact was out there after Steven went to bed last night as it was too hot through the day.

Popped into B&Q and Homebase,this morning after dropping Steven off at school (he had appointment first thing) as I wanted to get some Thyme, mint and parsley, as I thought I would have a go at keeping them, save me having to keep popping to Asda when I need it, not sure how it will go, if my plants are anything to go by, they will be dead within a week, LOL, here hoping. Also had a nose at their BBQ's as our has had it, trying to find something similar but no luck yet, mind you we have had our a long time.

Managed to get all the dug up earth up the tip, but was much too hot for that though, have gone through gallons of water, my water filter has not worked so much in it's life, poor little thing.

Monday, 21 May 2007

No Luck...

..with 'mind you own business' plant,
went to 3 different garden centres, and came out £7 lighter in the 2nd and £39 in the 3rd, nothing to do with me, all Clive's doing on other plants, saying that in the 3rd one, it also had Craft Central there, so just had to have a little nose, bought a couple of scrapbook papers, they were soooooo.. pretty, luckily as I had Steven with me, could not have a good look around.

Got a busy week, got 3 appointments either with or for littlen this week, then the Tweenies live on stage on Friday, also it being half term next week have to have all paper work and business up to scratch, so it's going to be a little quite on here for the next few weeks, lucky you...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Mind your own business

Again a lovely day today, manged to get most of Stevens washing done and out on the line yesterday and hope to finish it today for when I do the ironing, which I only do once a week, so if it's not washed and dry by tonight, it will have to wait to be ironed next Sunday.

Have been making the most of the weather, finished laying the slabs and cemented them in yesterday evening, looking good if I say so myself, Clive had to help, as now littlen is home, we have to take turns in keeping an eye on him and keeping him amused.

Think we might nip out to the garden centre as Clive is after a 'mind you own business' plant for his railway, (yes we have a 'G' scale round way going all round the side and back garden), well it keeps him out of trouble and Steven loves watching them.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wonderer returns

Just a quickie to say my littlen (all 5ft 5 of him) has survived his first holiday away from mum, (not sure if I did though, LOL) he is none worse for wear, looked and sounded as if he had a great tme.

After picking him up from school yesterday, we got home and yes back to routine, toilet, something special DVD,
apple, crisps, banana, drink and toilet, it was if he had never been away,

...and yes, was awake before 6 this morning, how come he had to be woken up at 7.30 while away, all the boys did.
Anyway that's it for now,

Thursday, 17 May 2007

These boots were made for walking

Still trying to tidy Stevens room, found his first ever pair of Pair of Piedro boots

this morning in one of his memory boxes, it was size 20 the smallest they did then and can remember them looking so big on him, very smart though, did look a bit weired in the summer wearing them, but cute all the same, (especially with his big round glasses and his big grin) he is still wearing them now (not the same pair, LOL), but now he wears a size 46, but has the sides and eyelets strengthened, also specially made sole/heal and insoles, we are also lucky to have the trainers too.

as it was difficult when he only had one pair and they got wet or sent off to be re-healed.

When he got his first pair, he could not even walk, he took his first steps at 3 1/2 when we were caravaning in France, memories what would we do without them, well better get back to it, he'll be home before I've finished, LOL.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Keeping myself busy..

Yesterday, had coffee morning with some mums from Stevens school, was not really in the mood for socializing, but was good to see them, all the same, then nipped over to Asda, then home again good job I bought a sandwich there, as remembered I was suppose to be giving blood in half an hour, so ate it on the way there. I tried to give blood 3 months ago, but because of our holiday last year (Eastern Caribbean cruise) they would not take it, as we had spent a day in Jamaica and in the October they had a malaria outbreak. So had to leave it 6 months from the time we were there. Today they successfully took it, with a bit extra for a malaria test, then it was back home for some housework.

Today nipped to the gym first thing, did an hour, then because of the rain we have had the ground is nice and soft, so dug the foundations for the bench I want to put by our pond. Just hope we don't have too much rain until I finish it otherwise, we will have a shallow swimming pool, LOL.
Popped round my sisters afterwards, for a well earned coffee, also to have a nose at her outfit for her son's wedding in 7 weeks, (the one Sam is being bridesmaid for). The home again to empty Steven cupboard of toys and to start having a clear out.

Noticed I have not said much about Steven, well that's because he is on his first school holiday, over the Island of Wight, now you know why I am keeping myself busy, so I don't worry. He is fine, as I have emails from them every day and photos and that is where I am lucky, Steven cannot lie, and in the photos he looks so happy and relaxed that I know he is, I miss him dreadfully, I have also heard from the Head of his school, as she lives over the Island so is popping in every day after work, to see them.
I have found it hard, but know it's for the best, he has to have a life with his school friends and also I have to learn to let go, Sam went on her first school Holiday in year 11 too, she went skiing in France. I try to treat them the same as much as I can, see both have gone on holiday across water, just Steven's one I can be there within 20 min's by hovercraft, LOL.
(He might be having a great time and doing fine, not sure about me though).

Monday, 14 May 2007

Started the ball rolling.....

...well, have been phoning around to see about Wills, trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney prices, it's surprising how different they are between each Solicitor, (for the EPA prices, are from £150 to £300 at the Solicitors and £39.95 on the Internet, all exclusive of VAT too), I've only phoned ones that have been recommended by others, as we need one that knows about Special Needs, (so that's the Internet out, LOL), now hubby and I have to sit down and decide which one to go with.

Sounds funny, but I'm pleased I have got the ball rolling, been putting it off for years, but as the children are getting older (and us of course) you know you cannot keep putting it off. Then again probably will regret it when we have to sit down and work out what/how/who, etc. and then the size of the bill at the end, as not a straight forward one cos of Steven, but at least it will save Sam having to deal with it if need be.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Must be the weather.....

My daughter and I were discussing death this morning, (I know what a happy bunch we are) no it's because I was saying we really must get a Will sorted, as her brother will never be able to look after himself, so we really have to think of his and Sam's future, so my Sam pipes up......

Oh my God, no way are you going to die yet (and there was me thinking, ah, she loves me after all) she then carry's on with 'who will do my washing, cooking etc. and if you think I'm going to sort out all your craft bits, you can think again, you have to use it all before you die'.

So that got me thinking, if I have to use my crafty bits up before die, I had better buy more, that way I've got to live longer, so good job I went for the Scrapbook TSV from QVC last Monday (so much in it, not sure if I will ever use it all up, LOL) but because I was enjoying using my cuttlebug (die cutting machine) last night when making some cards, I ended up going on an American web site and ordering more dies and embossing folders, I do need them honest, also look on the bright side, it will lengthen my life.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Great News

Had double helping of news today.....

..the first was, we got results of Sam's lump and it's benign, which the Doctor thought it was, but was worth checking, (did you not hear my BIG sigh of relief), also the cut is so small and clean that Sam is over the moon, she was dreading it, as in 7 weeks time she is being a bridesmaid for the first time and was worried how it would look in the photo's (saying that no dress has been made, in fact we don't even know what style it's going to be).
and the second was, about the lady I spoke about with regards to the Rock Challenge, has got another job as a Deputy Head, I feel really chuffed for her, it was such an upset when she had to leave our school.

So all in all, been a very good day.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Me again...

Hi sorry not been around, unlike someone I know has been swanning around Centre Parks, I've been running around my daughter, she had to go in and has a lump removed from her shoulder, nothing bad just a Intracuavicular Fossa, she had one taken from her side 2 years ago. We were lucky it was via Bupa (saying that, not so lucky with the cost) so it was in one day, out the next and he did a fantastic job, making the cut so it would go under her bra strap, the last one he did, he put in the crease of her side and she feels able to wear bikinis no problem. So maybe the cost is worth it.

You ask why we went via Bupa, well the first lump we were under the NHS and they were great, we were told that it would be best to have it removed as it would get bigger,
but there was a 6 month waiting as we lived outside the Hospital area, (even though it was where we were sent by our Doctor) anyway that was fine with us, but then I'm told as she would be 16 by then, she would have to go on the adult waiting list of 2 years, but until she was 16 they could not put her name down, I think this was called a 'no win' situation, by now the lump was the size of an egg, very noticeable.

Well hubby had been working for the past 11 years and Bupa was part of his payment, great we thought, but hubby had decided to quit his job to start up his own company, which meant we were only covered for another 2 weeks. Both our Doctor and Bupa were great we manged to get the op in 2 days before he left his job, she had the op on the Wednesday, came out on the Thursday and hubby finished work on the Friday. so the op was covered but not the follow up treatment which meant we had to join Axa PPP our selves, so good bye to £800, we then look it up the following year to be on the safe side and then had no choice to do it again as our year ran out 2 days before her op, by now the policy is up to nearly £1,500 this year.

Susan at the moment I think you have the better deal, spending money on Holidays with you friends, as not only are we paying for Bupa, Sam has some how conned me into buying her a new 'girly' wardrobe, yet more expense, who ever said kids are expensive, were not kidding.

Now can I afford the scrap book TSV tonight?