Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Stamp storage

Thought I would share with you, my stamp storage that I've just finished sorting. They fit nicely in my Ikea 'expedit' unit.

OK the folders that are from staples on the left, could do with a make over, so when I feel in the mood, might just do that...

The A5 folders hold my clear stamps, different themes in each folder, they fit nicely in front of 5 A4 clear boxes that hold projects still to be done.

I bought some A5 pockets off ebay and have slid in packet of stamps that are A5 size.

But some of my stamps were loose, via ebal buyers, so I have stamped their image on 2 pieces of card, one piece was put in the A5 clear pocket and the other piece of card was laminated, where I could stick the stamps to it, so I know if any are missing, like below where I have left off the truck...

The wooden stamps are again put into themes, but in 12x12 clear boxes, you can fit 10boxes easily in one of the 'expedit' cubes.

And if I end up needing storage for more wooden stamps, I can always take the lids off, turn them upside down and use them as another tray, saves me buying more.


mrs tsv said...

oh wow maria you have been working hard. its fabulous!!!!
what a good idea.
i wonder how many stamps you own, perhaps we should all take a guess.

il say 200 easy. i might come back after another look.
mine only fits a small drawer. lol
hugs gina xxxxx

mrs tsv said...

iv changed my mind. lol
300 stamps.
hugs gina xxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lol gina...xx

craftattack said...

Well done on keeping it all so tidy!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks val...xx

tea_bag said...

Wow maria what really fab idear and such good stamp storage I love both of them and will certainly be following your lead with the wooden stamps as the space I store mine it lends itself to these boxes and so much easier to view the stamps and keeps them in tip top condtion I think 875 stamps

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks alma, actually I pinched the idea from my auntie, she stores her wooden stamps in shoe boxes lids, on top on each other...xx

Susan said...

I love your 12 x 12 boxes, where did you get them Maria?
I have similar bu they are only A4 size and I could get more stamps in the 12 x 12's.

SueB said...

Maria, these are absolutely wonderful!!! Well done you! OMG! it must have taken you ages to sort them all out, but soooo worth it, they look amazing!!! and I bet soooo much easier to find now.

I've seen those A5 folders, but could never find the inserts for them? Must have a peek on e-bay, it would be nice to get nice sturdy ones, so they don't flap about, lol!

It's wonderful to see you crafting Maira, and great you have your own little crafty space, you so deserve it :)

Suzie xxxx :)

DGgirl said...


Thanks for the stamp storage inspiration - the simple ideas are, as always, the best!! Am off to order A5 pockets and folders - that'll keep me busy this weekend!

Hugs and sparkles to you and yours as always.


Carole said...

Hang on a minute!!! What do you mean IF you end up needing more storage space for your stamps?!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd have said WHEN ...... !!!!!!

Looks fab! Just wish I had a whole attic instead of just a little corner, although it is better than nothing and I do love my little corner!

Hugs - Carole xxx

Svjetlana said...

Hi Maria, thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. Your blog is awesome and love this stamp storage idea.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thank you susan, suzie, gill, carole and svjetlana....xx

the boxes were from hobbycraft susan...xx

jeanie g said...

Love your stamp storage solution, can I invite you over to mine to do my tidying too. I did manage to tidy my stamps but then did a workshop on Tues and they're all over the place now!! Just got the buttons, embellies, papers......... etc to do. Keep up the stamp storting, you have some lovely ones by the look of it. xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lol jeanie, hope you manage to tidy yours soon...xx