Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Out and about...

Over the last few weeks, I've also managed to make a trip to Southampton with my daughter for our annual Christmas shopping trip, even though we didn't really need anything as we were already sorted with presents, but still had a lovely time mooching around and having lunch out.

Also mum and I caught a train to London and had a fun day there too, OK we got lost and were intrigued by a wall and gate that had barbed wire on, (to look at the map to find out it was the grounds to Buckingham Palace), just wished I had taken a photo of the Queen's back door, lol. Oh well, maybe next time as think we might do it again and now we have our bearings will aim for somewhere in particular.

Also while Steven was in respite I managed to get another trip to Bath in, as hubby is still working there.

When I got there at 1, I had a walk round the shops and then walked back to Victoria Park, as Sam was asking me if it was the same as she remembers, so went and took some photo's for her.

What I loved about this park and still do, is the disabled swings, as they are few and far between. I suppose if you've never had a special needs child in your family, you don't really think about it, but I was so nice that both my children could have some fun in the same park.

It was lovely and Christmassy, I made sure I had a mooch round Bath Market especially when it was getting dark, as was really pretty. It consisted of more that 130 wooden chalets nestled in the picturesque streets and squares. Yes was very pretty, all lit up and so pleased I was up there when it was on, as only was on for just over 2 weeks.

On the Tuesday I caught a train to Bristol to reminisce as I moved there just before I was married, as that is where hubby comes from. I downloaded a map before I left home and headed straight for Queen Charlotte Street as I worked for BT as head chef in their restaurant there for their offices, it is now student accommodation.

Then headed for Christmas Steps as another place I remember hubby taking me to, after we first met.

Then headed into town, WOW what a lot of shops and different centres, it had changed quite a bit since I moved there nearly 27 years ago. I met up with my sister-in-law Anne and had a lovely lunch and mooch round the shops, (good job she was with me and put me in the right direction fr the train station back to Bath, lol).

In the evening hubby and I had our company Christmas dinner, just the 2 of us, lol at The Boathouse restaurant in Bath. Had a lovely 3 course meal and was so full, that we couldn't even fit in a coffee.

On the Wednesday had another mooch round Bath, before getting the train home at 11.30, in all a lovely break and this time I was actually relaxed and felt as if I had a break, lol...


craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good time - glad you got some time out! Hugs, Valerie

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks val..xx

DGgirl said...


It sounds as thought you had a lovely, lovely time - and well deserved too missus!!

I've always wanted to visit bath - it looks gorgeous. Been to Bristol a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

Hugs to you and yours.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks gill...xx

crafting to stay sane said...

Sounds like you have been having a busy yet wonderful time Maria! So lovely to be able to remember the past at this time of year! Thanks for sharing your special moments. Hope this finds you all well, sounds like you are more prepared for christmas than I am!
Have a wonderful time!
hugs Alyson x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks alyson, hope you are a little bit better sorted now, hugs...xx