Monday, 14 May 2012

Sam and Matt's wedding invites

Yikes, sorry forgot to show you them after the tease a few weeks back, sorry..

Also on Bank Holiday Monday just gone, Sam and I popped into Southampton and I managed to get my mother of the bride outfit. They didn't have the jacket in my size of the colour I wanted, so that's been ordered and hopefully will be here very soon.

So it's all coming together slowly, as still got the place settings, order of service and thank you cards to do, so no peace for the wicked, lol, but seeing they have till July to reply I've had a bit of a break in doing them.


craftattack said...

These look lovely! Hugs, Valerie

DGgirl said...


These are so beautiful. Sam and matt must be absolutely thrilled with this - as should you!

Be proud of yourself missus!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks val and gill...xx

Carole said...

These are beautiful Maria, Sam and Matt are very lucky to have such a fab crafter in the family ;) I know from personal experience how long this must have taken you, but it looks like it was worth it!

Big hugs

Carole xxx

Susan said...

They are gorgeous, really classy.
I hope Sam and Matt appreciate all your hard work :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks carole and susan...xx

carole, the ones you did for your sister were gorgeous, you should blog them...xx