Saturday, 21 April 2007

school holidays

Bit silly of me really, starting a blog right on top of school holidays. Did make a change to have some descent weather though, as usually the weather in the school hols and Bank Hols is bad, but as you all know this time it was great, so lots of walks and BBQ's but with having my son home meant having to work late after he had gone to bed and this week have been trying to catch up with the house work, shopping, work etc. since.
I did go to an interesting talk last Wednesday evening by Wendy Lawson,

I really enjoyed it, quite an eye opener, even though my son is not classed as Autistic, listening to her talk about her autism makes me realise he has more of the characteristic of it than I thought, also helped me understand my friends children, who are. Got another one lined up in June by Ros Blackburn.
Also we went to the footy, bit of a nail biter with the penalty against us, especially as we were right behind the goal, so was for the best it went in, otherwise might be writing this with a few teeth missing. Why do they put the disabled there you ask, I don't know, as in my son's case his reflexes are not good, so every time the ball came our way, I had to have my hands ready to cover his face, just in case, Thank Goodness only has to do it a couple of times, did put a dampener on the game, but the main thing we won 2-1, so was worth the worry.


Susan said...

Yay! Another post!, will put a link on my blog so I can find you quickly.

maria t said...

I Know, cannot believe it was nearly a month ago since the last, will try harder miss, sorry.

(it's just I don't lead such a exciting/busy life as you).

Susan said...

Oh yes I have such an exciting life, Tesco, ironing, gardening, cooking tea.
(the rest of it I just invent).