Thursday, 27 December 2007

Belated Christmas wishes

Hi, hope you all had a good Christmas, we were lucky we did and were healthy too, a lot of
friends and relatives were not so lucky.

We had our usual Christmas, of sharing my parents with my sister, it was our turn to have them for lunch, (hers for tea), it was nice but have decided that next year when it's just 3 or 4 of us (if Sam is still around) going to go without Christmas lunch till Boxing Day, and have croissants, danish pastry's for mid morning then buffet tea, Why I hear you ask, well.....

....our Christmas usually goes round Steven, because when he is up, it means that so are we, and from then till he goes to bed one of us has to stay with him, which means that while Clive is cooking lunch (he always has done the roast dinners since we've been married) I look after Steven, then after lunch while I clear away, Clive is with Steven. It's like it every Sunday, always the same, even with my parents here, my mum always falls asleep and my dad moans he cannot use teletext as Steven is watching his Something Special DVDs.

Also Steven has to have breakfast, (the rest of us goes without, as we cannot eat both breakfast and lunch, but as Steven does it means feeding him early) so it's fitting that in, with the present opening and starting getting lunch ready. So I thought wouldn't it be nice to chill out opening presents, then mid morning have a croissants breakfast all together, then a early buffet tea, sounds great to us, also am getting fed up with the same routine.

OR both Clive and I quite fancy the idea of going away for Christmas, with Steven of course.....

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Susan said...

It's funny because a lot of people I have spoken to this year have said they want to go away for Christmas from now on.

I wonder if we are all fed up with the usual LOL.