Thursday, 24 January 2008

Still stripping

Am doing well though, only got one wall left to do, oh yes and the bit behind the big, heavy unit, trouble is, it's where to put the items, while doing the decorating, our house is already bursting at the seems.

On the one left to do, it has shelves filled with DVDs, CDs and videos, and the heavy unit, is filled with glasses, drink, ornaments and books. thinking about, I'm sure to be able to down a couple of bottles, LOL.

We (hopefully) got someone coming Monday and Tuesday to skim the ceiling, take down old coving and replace it, and change the light fitting, (still got a fluorescent one is the dining area and want a pendent fitted to match the other end. Will have the other end to do still, but am hoping to set a date when he can do that after he has finished the first half.

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Susan said...

LOL at you downing the bottles!