Friday, 1 February 2008

Up date of my ten things to do

1 The decorating is going well, the stripping has all been finished, (apart from the bit behind the BIG heavy unit), also the dining room ceiling/coving has been done,

2 Clive and I sort of spent time together, if you count him at the dining room table (modeling, more about that another time, LOL) and me spread all over the floor scrapping.

3 Not had time to start learning more about the business.

4 Spending more time with friends, yes most definitely, been texting, phoning and visiting the mum of the boy who had the brain op, (he is doing OK, had the staples removed last Wednesday, and results due on 5th Feb).

5 Reading, no joy, not even had the time to read the TV mag.

6 Scrapping, have 3 pages started, still got the journaling to sort out, then the sticking.

7 Bath, yes managed to get 'one' in last month.

8 Tummy, well no joy there, still eating the sweets we had for Christmas, I have to eat Clive's share, as he is being good with the diet.

9 Have made some Birthday cards, with old stash, but also did buy a few bits when I went the craft show in Farnborough.

10 Did start to do a charity bag, but got stopped by the police turning up, will explain about that another time.

So in all, not a too bad start to the New Year....

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