Thursday, 6 March 2008

I got plastered

OK, well not me, but my lounge ceiling,

Last Friday I got a phone call, well a 3 way phone call, cos the plaster that I use is deaf, so he has to make calls through his children.

Since the dining room was done, I had decided that when we have the lounge ceiling done, I would do it when Steven was at overnight respite, as now with Clive away, meant it would be left to me to move everything, and so with this in mind, the phone goes Friday tea time, from our plaster to ask if he could come this week on the weds and Thursday, So what on earth processed me to say 'yes' that was OK!!

So Mother's Day what was I doing, well I was in the garage, plaining down some wood, as in our lounge we have some new pipes going up the wall, and they had to be boxed in, (had new central heating fitted a few years ago, when we had a shower room fitted downstairs) yet again it was one of these jobs that 'we will do next week' and then never got done. But with the plaster coming, and Clive going back to Swansea on the Monday, and we were out visiting friends all day Saturday, (too late to get out of it) so Sunday it was. Clive cut the wood, I then plained and rubbed it down, we were lucky as my mum and dad were going for a walk, so they offered to take Steven with them, otherwise would have been doing it well into the evening, if we had to take turns in looking after littlen.

So Clive disappears on Monday to Swansea, and I'm left with moving all the furniture and sorting out Steven, story of my life. Tuesday evening I started taking down the shelves and moving some of the units, including Steven toy box, so on the weds when Steven got up was not impressed seeing thing were NOT how they should be, but managed to get him washed, fed and watered and out the house in record time.

After seeing Steven off on the school bus, came home to finish moving the 3 piece suite, all the shoes/coats etc. out of the hall, well by the time he arrived at 9, I was shattered, but it was done.

I am lucky because all the people that come and work here, usually do it round Steven, and was finished by 3, with coming back today for the odd finishing touches, so all done by 10.30 this morning, then it was the fun bit, the cleaning, the dust got everywhere, even upstairs.

Was hard work, doing it when Steven was home for the night, as he did have a major paddy, but surprisingly I was calm, and at least it is finished.

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