Monday, 3 March 2008

Road are not as safe as they used to be...

....COS......Sam passed her driving test today,

so am one VERY PROUD mum (maybe she is mine after all, lol).

She is now nagging me to get her insured now, (she will have to share Clive's car, as Stevens is Stevens). This is a girl that I had to bribe and push into taking driving lessons, she chose the first instructor, yes I said first as he turned out to be a complete b******.

As I said, I had to encourage her to drive, she does lack a lot of confident, and it got to a stage he would bring her home early as she got upset when he shouted at her, and I mean shout, he even said she was wasting his f******* time and what a waste of space she was, WOW, I was lived, he was lucky that Sam was so upset and did not want me to take it further, cos I wanted to report him, that would have been AFTER I throttled him, (even thinking about him now, makes me so angry).

Well you can imagine, I had another job trying to get her back to learning, but a friend gave a name of someone else, I was a little worried as her daughter is totally opposite to Sam, got lots of confidence, but in the end persuaded Sam to give it ago, by taking one lesson at a time, he was great, really took his time.
Sam still did not like driving and moaned every time a lesson was due, but we got there, and yes she did it today.

So now having to sort out some insurance in the next few days, otherwise think my ear drums will burst if she does not shut up, lol.

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Susan said...

Well done Sam! Happy motoring :)

I had one lesson with a man who shouted at me and I got out of the car shaking like a leaf, took me ages to pluck up the courage to try again.