Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sorry, been awol again...

Reason's being, not really done any crafting the last few weeks, I seem to have lost my mojo, not sure if it's because since hubby has been working away, I feel tired most evening... OK I did manage to knock up a quick one for Matt, (my daughters fiancé).

But on the PLUS SIDE I've actually achieved something, I went away for 2 nights to Bath to visit hubby...

You are asking WHY is that such an achievement, well it was the first time I've actually left Portsmouth while Steven was in respite for the 2 nights. As when he's usually there, I don't go anywhere in case I'm needed, but felt I had to try and with hubby being away the thought of staying in the house on my own, I knew I would have sat here worrying about Steven...

When looking into it, I worked it out that going by car it was going to cost me nearly £40 and going by train would be £35 for a return, so still was not sure, but checking online later for trains, I found out if I booked it as 2 singles, it worked out at just £19.50, so that helped me make my mind up.

It was a good job I bought the tickets upfront (the only way you get it at that price is buying them early) as on the Monday as I waved Steven off to his day centre I felt very tearful and would have quite happily stayed at home, Steven was actually happier than usual, waving me goodbye and yawning. (Which is his sign that he was sleeping at Russets, he makes me smile as if he sees any member of staff out, he yawns at them, as to him they mean sleeping at Russets, lol).

Anyway I kept myself busy with doing the last few chores round the house, drove Stevens bag and paperwork to Russets, came home, put the car back in the garage. Then grabbing my handbag with the tickets, phone, MP3, craft mag and kindle headed to the station, (hubby had taken my few bits of clothing and wash bag in the car with him).

It was lovely sitting on the train just chilling, reading and watching the world go by. I had a lovely time in Bath, the weather was fab too, (hopefully photos will follow)... I also visited Bristol to see my great nephew Finley, (as hubby had to work as usual through the day), they loved the hanger I made for his bedroom. In fact it was in his room that night and a photo placed on Facebook, (my daughter told me as I didn't do any emails while away, just a couple of texts to my daughter and mum to say I had arrived safely, OK AND a text to gina, as she told me I had to when I was on the train as she didn't think I would go through with it, lol)..

So in all, a lovely few days away, but when I got back to the station waiting for the train home, I was soon 'bought back down to earth' as I got a phone call from Russets. It seems they had lost Steven's toe spacer and coat, the coat has since been found, but the toe spacer is gone for ever. Slight problem with that is, it's especially made for Steven, luckily when Russets misplace it last time (but found it) I had made an appointment with the podiatrist to have it replaced, so kept the appointment. Which meant I had a spare, but it did make me think was it worth going away, but like Russets said, even if I had been at home, they still lost the items! OK, that would have been true, just wish they didn't.

But I've been very brave this evening and taken the bull by the horns and booked the train up for later this year. Again when Steven is at respite, as this time it's worked out at just £12 return, and at that price I felt I cannot got wrong. OK I wonder what Russets will lose this time, I did say to them 'I suppose I'm lucky you don't loose my son' and yes I did actually say that to the manager. He did say, that's why they like me as I speak my mind, I'm quick enough to moan but also quick enough to show my praise when earned, lol..

Anyway not bad, it's only taken me just 20 years to leave the house, but hopefully this is just the start.


SusieJ said...

Fabulous Maria - well done you! Sounds like Bath is a really nice place and how wonderful for you and hubby to have some "us" time. Great deals on the train tickets too. :)
Good that Steven was fine while you were away - and "things" can be replaced (I know, I've done a lot of "replacing"of things for the boy).
Hugs xx

craftattack said...

Well don you! Time you got out. It is really important to do something for yourself now and again. Big hugs, Valerie

Susan said...

Well done on being so brave, I know it would have been a huge deal for you.
Hopefully next time they won't lose anything!

(I'm going to email you tomorrow, just really busy right now with sorting out the stuff for Golden wedding)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks ladies, I know I've done the right thing, even though I know I won't feel like it when the time comes, lol..xx

the trouble with replacing things sue, is waiting for the hospital appointments, then waiting for them to me made etc. can take months...xx

OK susan, hope you're OK and catch up with you soon..xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Maria

Gold star for you for being so brave. I could totally understand your worries, concerns and everything else. It's such a scary thing to do. I was having full-blown panic attacks before leaving for NY earlier in the year. Well done also for booking tickets for another trip - you know it'll be just that little bit easier second time round.

Glad you had such a lovely time and look forward to seeing the pics.

Love to all.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks gill, I'm aiming for New York in a few years time, for my 50th, but will see how things go, lol...xx