Thursday, 12 April 2012

Shopping in Florida Part 2

OK, in no particular order, the last of my holiday stash...

How could I not buy these 12 x 12 albums at just 10 dollars for 2 (working out at £7.50 for the 2, and they have white paper in all the inserts). They're were loads to choose from, but I loved the colours of these, really pretty.

Both these stacks worked out at around £8 each

These embellishments were brought so I could get round to scrapping other holidays/days out we've been on, working out at under a couple pounds.

Christmas ones, so I might get round to scrapping our Christmas photos, lol. I fell in love with the little gingerbread men. OK they weren't in the sale and I've no idea what I'm going to use them for, but thought they were so cute, so just had to have them ;-)

LOL these next two photos of single sheets were marked up in the sale at 29 cents, but when I looked at the receipt they were actually only 14 cents per sheets...

Wish I had realised that earlier as could have gone back at less than 10p each and were double sided, lol...

More embellishments for when I get round to scrapping the baby albums and Sam and Matt's wedding album (less than 6 months away).

The next 3 photos of ribbon.

All around 50 cents and 1 dollar

and all having between 3 and 7 metres on the reels.

Plastic bags, glue with very fine nossle, small bottle tops and wedding die cuts.

Some clear stamps at £4 each and sizzix dies (£8.50 & 10)

And finally a couple more 12 x 12 pads. These were the ones I nipped back for, on the last day of our holiday (as didn't fly out till 9pm), as I realised I had some spare room and weight in my flight bag, lol... Hubby and Steven were on a helicopter flight while I said my last goodbye to Michaels :-(

...and I still came home with lots of spare dollars, as I've been saving for this trip for a while, (but no more space in the cases, lol). Oh well, maybe if I save hard enough we might be able to go back again sometime, just don't tell hubby, hehehe.


SueB said...

Lovely stash Maria, I hope you find time to have lots of fun with it! Suzie xxx :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks suzie, hopefully I will, lol..xx

craftattack said...

Great stash, America is always a good place for craft things! Valerie

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks val, yes it was...xx