Thursday, 16 May 2013

April Makes

To be honest I've not done much crafting in April as had been round my daughters house sealing, priming, undercoating, painting, glossing, waxing etc. etc. etc. :-(

So only got a couple of things to show you, the first one was from a challenge that Sue bubbles sent me and Gina in a shape of a plain pencil pot,

Which I'm sorry to say I forgot to photograph, so pitched a picture from paperchase (where she brought it from)

Anyway this is how mine tuned out, I covers it with washi tape

and then on the top, I did a little scribble and coloured each little space in with each of the coloured pencils and then Mod Podge the whole pot.

The cardi is now knitted, so it's just the sewing together and knitting the button bands, (so hopefully still in with a change it will still fit her, lol)

Oh nearly forgot I started my 'smash' book, by smashing my mother of the bride outfit and story to how I brought it

Here is what I looked like.

Shame auntie (who took the photo) didn't get my shoes in. As I was in a 3.5" heel, yet I usually only ware a 1.5" heel or flatties. But these were so comfy that I stayed in them till the end, which was gone midnight, it felt as if you were walking on air, fab

My March layout will be shown in a later post as forgot to take photo, sorry...


Svjetlana said...

Love your pencil tube, great idea for using up your washi tape, I also love your doodles on the top.

Susan said...

Lovely pic of you Maria.
The pencil pot looks great, good idea to use washi tape.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks ladies...xx

as you properly guessed I don't know what to do with washi tape, lol xx