Sunday 26 August 2007

MFI update

Well, had not heard anything after getting my £75 back to having the oven checked (if you remember MFI told me to get the oven checked as they said that was the reason the doors were melting, but the oven was fine, so as nothing was wrong with it I was left a £75 bill so I asked MFI to foot the bill as it was them who asked me to have it checked) anyway I got my money back. The manager told me to leave it with him, as my claim was with the arbitration board.

Well that was on the 31st May still had not heard anything by the 31st July so another trip round to MFI to be told the manager had left a few weeks earlier and the new one knew nothing about me or my kitchen and the gentleman who sold me the kitchen was not working that day.
The new manager said he would have a word and get someone to phone me the next day, well he did and said he did not know how things were and would get back to me the next day. Surprisingly he did that too, to say the insurance company was not budging with compensation of £97 this being on a £4,500. kitchen, said I still was not happy he said he would look into it and get back to me.

Well a few days later the store has agreed to replace ALL the doors/drawers of a similar style (same colour) if we wanted, so Clive and I popped round to see it, very much like the one we got, so agreed to it, delivery for the 25th August.
Well I kept looking at the list and felt something was not quite right, good job I did, they had missed out 3 doors completely. So back round there again and luckily can still all be delivered on the 25th, being a Saturday meant Clive would be home so one of us could watch Steven, we had to checked the doors/drawers over, then phone them for a fitting date, also we would end up with all the base and wall units that we did not want, but the would collect them from us, fine.

Well yesterday came and YES they arrived and YES they were all OK, well apart from the fan door is smaller than the one we've got but that can be sorted, so I phoned MFI up and spoke to the manager, told him I had checked them and when could they be fitted, well he said he had NOT authorized fitting or collection of the bases etc. that I did not order. Said he would look into it and get back to us.

Well today no phone call so I ended up phoning them, and managed to speak to the man you said they would fit them, and he said he would speak to a fitter Tuesday as it's BH Monday tomorrow and get back to me with a time and date.

I would say watch this space.... but I have no space, as I have 40 boxes round the house, LOL.

Friday 24 August 2007

Productive day

Good news is, that Steven is fine, yesterday we had hospital at nine, got there at 8.50 and as we walked into reception, saw Laura (the lady we were going to see) she said she already had Stevens notes, and he had been booked in, as they heard him coming from the car park, yep he is his normal happy self again, in fact I think even louder, LOL.

Had a good visit, it was his boots/trainer 3 monthly check up, I asked if his feet has stopped growing as I was hoping to buy him an extra pair of boots and trainers, as when his ones have to be re-healed, which seems to be every couple of months, it leaves him with only one pair and if they get wet, we've had it.

Was told as he is only 16, probably not, (even though he is in a size 12 already, Clive is only a 10). But she did say as he had not had any new ones lately she would order him another pair, so I chose the boots, as they have to be specially made for him. Also left his old boots as they needed re-healing, lets hope we don't have any rain for the next couple of weeks as he only has his trainers now.

Today Steven went to respite for the day, which you would have thought I would have done the housework and shopping that I did not do last week, oh no, I made the most of the dry weather and using a heat gun scraped the paint off the garage door frame, then managed to white spirit, prime and undercoat it before picking Steven up, in fact not only that, in between the paint drying, did 2 coats of green stain on our picnic bench, well the top and all the bits I could get to, will do the rest tomorrow in between finishing the garage door frame. Am shattered, got aching arms, but in all a very productive day, really feel good, it was nice to get some fresh air, sort something out that needed doing and to do it in peace.

Most people sit and relax when the have a break from their children, but not me, no, I just cannot sit down, always thinking of what needs doing that I cannot do when littlen is around, saying that, it usually makes me feel better.

Maybe one day when the house is up to scratch, then I will sit down and do all the crafty bits I also want to do, but cannot leave lying around when Steven is here..... ah maybe one day

Wednesday 22 August 2007

up's and down's

Hiya, have had a up and down few weeks, one of the downs is that Steven hurt himself getting off the play scheme mini bus last Wednesday, they forgot to pull out the step and with Stevens muscles he cannot step down very far, normal stairs are about it. So had him doubled up all night Wednesday which worried me to bits, not much better Thursday so had him down the Doctors first thing, he could not find any groin injury thank goodness but on the other hand because Steven cannot tell us where it hurt, did not know what damage he had done.

Put him on tablets and I took him out and about in his wheelchair, felt funny as we don't use it very often now. It hurt me to see him like that for no fought of his own, he started picking up on Sunday and when we went out let him do a little bit of walking to get him back use to it, also have been cutting down on the medication and today hopefully take the last tablet, but will keep the wheelchair in the car for the next week or so, in case it's needed, will see how he gets on, last night was the first night since it happened he slept all night, so hopefully we are there

Because of this happening did not get my housework done, or the big shop I had planned to do on Thursday and Friday of last week, while he was at the last 2 days of play scheme, but that's life, the main thing he looks as if he is getting better, still feel a bit bad he missed his last 2 days with his friends, will have to make it up to him next week.

Wednesday 15 August 2007


Had a busy week or so, last Monday (13th) saw my daughter turn 20, she was not impressed as she is no longer a teenager and not yet an adult, (21) all day she was saying I'm now in my twenty's, I'm getting old....

She had the day off work, and I got Steven into the play scheme, Clive was working so we had a girly day, we don't get chance to have them now she is working full time and at weekends, got Clive and Steven around and to be honest I don't like shopping at the weekends, it's as bad as the school holidays.

She got up and opened her cards and pressies, then we took Steven to play scheme, then had to pop into college as she had to pick some of her course work up. After that we headed to Whiteley where she did a little shopping, got a few bargains, a lovey pink dress from £50 down to £15, she looked lovely in it, after that went into Fareham again for more shopping, this time I also came away with a few clothes bargains too, we also stopped for a coffee and baguette.

Then it was home to pick up our tortoises, all 4 of them, to take them to the vets to be micro chipped, then home again in time for Steven. But a wicked mum I am, was late as we got caught up in the road works back from the vets, and was not in when he came home. My neighbour came out to tell me I had missed him, (so now the neighbours know what a wicked mum I am too), I left Sam here with the tortoises while I drove around a few roads looking for them, (as I know there is a few more children being dropped off locally) well could not find them, so came back to wait. I knew they would drop of all the others before coming back with him, which they did, I felt so guilty though. Did not want to make a big thing of it in front of Sam, as did not want her to feel guilty too, as it was her day and nobodies fought really, but I did feel bad, he was fine, think he loved being on the mini bus for that bit longer.

In the evening we went out for a meal with Sam and present boyfriend, (who I'm not a lover of, but that's another story) my mum, dad and of course Steven and Clive. We tried a new place to us 'The taste of China' in Cosham, very nice, we got lots of different dishes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then back home for her Birthday cake, which was a pink, glittery cake with 'my little pony' on it, well you're only 20 once. Saying that's it's more that my life's worth if she does not have a Birthday, banners and balloons, LOL.

and now Sam has said, she is twenteen, so she can still be a teenager.

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Made the most of it...

Hiya all, have been making the most of the weather and no Steven at the weekend, and really went to town with the garden shed's, yes I said shed'S as we have 3, all different shapes and sizes. As we are an end house we have garden going round one side and the back, so at the front had privet trees planted and put a 5 x 7 shed up, stained it green to blend in with the trees, but then the kids got more toys so in went a plastic one next to it and finally a tall 3ft one behind.

Well I'm getting a little fed up with lifting the lawn mower over the large and plastic ones and it looks so messy that I decided to see about getting one big shed but our garden curves, so looked into buying the biggest one that would fit, but still felt it was too small, so decided to see if we could have one made to fit the area.

We had a couple of people round to size and price up, not much in it, so went for the more local one, as it's being made cannot have it till middle of September but in fact have asked them to keep it till beginning of October as Steven is on another weekend break and it means both Clive and I can sort out where we want to put things back. (Also means it will keep my mind busy with not worrying too much about littlen, LOL)

The size is 9ft wide with 8.5 ft depth one end and 12 ft the other, with the back joining both ends, also have double doors and a pitched roof, thank goodness they are putting it together as god knows what and when it would have been done if Clive and I had to do it.

Now the problem is the waiting, I actually am wishing my life away, as I want it NOW.

Managed to get rid of 15 carrier bags to play scheme, Beechside (Steven respite place), his large trike, 2 x pogo sticks to a couple of friends, 3 black sacs to the tip, one to a charity shop, and a very large box of toys to the local Toy Library, so quite pleased with my self, not bad for a couple of weeks work, I think not.

PS still have a swing seat, hammock seat, trapeze and rings????? and a double swing with a life time guarantee for them to go on.....

Thursday 2 August 2007

We've gone and done it

Had our appointment at the solicitors today to do our wills etc. my mum and dad looked after Steven so we could go, was not too bad, but my mum had to put her full penny worth in when we got home, asking about Steven future, but it was like talking to a brick wall, she wants to be Steven guardian, but when he is 18, special needs or not he does not need one and Clive and I don't plan on dying before then, then she goes on about Sam being it, but again I don't think she is old enough to make that decision, as she has her whole life ahead of her.

Cruel as it sounds, we know he will have to go into home, but I hope Sam will be there to keep an eye on him, it makes me really feel sick the thought of Stevens future when we are not here, but I have to be realistic and think of Sam as well. I did not have Steven for her to look after, I feel funny at the moment, had a couple of glasses of wine to try and block it out, so this post may get deleted when I feel more with it, just needed to moan somewhere....

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday 1 August 2007

Where is the time going to...

Cannot believe it's the 1st of August already, where is the year going to, Steven is at a special needs play scheme today, normally you are only allowed 8 days over the 4 weeks that it's run, but they've had some cancellations so managed to get him in an extra few days. He loves it as most of his school friends are there, and it gives me time to get the boring stuff done and the things I have trouble doing with him around like the housework, and yesterday even managed to do a big shop.

Only normally do small ones through the holiday, as I hate it when the kids are off, too busy, I like to leave the trolley at the end of an aisle rather than fight my way through it, but if I've got Steven with me cannot do that, our trolley has to stay with us. I did once say to him, lets leave the trolley here and walk down to get some bits, but he ended up grabbing it at the last minute causing a total traffic jam and nearly hitting a lady with it, hence only small shops with him, LOL. He does love going though, he has really gone into 'help' mode when we are out.

Today cos of the extra freedom, and the lovely dry weather I have emptied the garden shed out and having a good clear out, anyone want a pogo stick or 2 wheeled scooter? can see a trip to the charity shop coming on in the next day or so, LOL.

Well better get back to it, also want to pop up to the respite place that Steven goes to, as he has out grown his special trike (all £600 of it) so rather than it sit and go rusty in the shed, going to see if they can get some use out of it, but have to go before collecting littlen from play scheme as it will confuse him and think he is staying there.
Saying that, he has a 2 night stay this weekend, I'm sort of looking froward to it, as he is going through a 'getting out of bed' stage, 3-4 times a night at the moment, so am looking forward to whole night of staying in bed, still going to miss him though, especially as he had only done a few 2 nights stay, normally it's a one night at a time.