Saturday 1 September 2007

So excited...

I have just started my Christmas shopping, every now and again, I nip on the BBC and Makaton web sites to see if they have anything new for Steven, then a couple of weeks ago noticed the have bought out 2 new Something Special DVDs, (he had the other 4 last Christmas) and Stevens loves them, but they have always been out of stock, but a minute ago managed to get one of them, (will still have to keep checking for the other one).
This is his favourite DVD, which he got last Christmas.,3,,somethingspecial

I am really excited that he will have something to open at Christmas that I know he will really love.

"so mums the word, no telling Steven", LOL.

Oh yes, on a 'fed up' note, still no news from MFI, have made 8 phone calls and 2 visits since the 40 boxes were delivered last Saturday.