Friday 24 January 2014

Christmas makes

Have been doing odd bits of crafting throughout the year, but not done much scrapping and am way behind with my monthly projects but am hoping to catch up with that.

So what else have I been up to while not posting.

I started doing my family tree, which is mind blowing in trying to take it all in. The parent/carer drop group I help run for carers/parents of special needs young adults, is coming along nicely and with hubbies help set up a web page. Which you can find here but again, it's having the time to keep up with that. Oh and I've started doing Zumba once a week and even dug out my old bike so I can cycle there. OK had to put some new tires on it, not because they were worn, but because they had perished with lack of use lol. To be honest I really love it, it does blow away the cobwebs and have been lucky weather wise, as there has not been many Wednesdays that I've not been able to ride to Zumba.

Anyway will stop boring you and leave you with a few of my Christmas makes, still need to find the photos I took of my Christmas cards.

Firstly I managed to finish my latch hook rug, I started a few years back.

Also tried to make some snowmen cakes, hopefully I will make a better job of them this year.

I was asked by Sue and Gina if I would supple them a gingerbread man and tag for the 'sleeps till Christmas' blackboards, as they loved mine.

And lastly I cannot remember the last time I made a Christmas cake, but last year I made 2. In which one of them was cut into 3 before I marzipan and iced it. These were for my mum, auntie and sister, as they all love Christmas cake, but no one in their family does, so don't bother to buy them for themselves. OK I should have made them one each, but it was the spare of the moment idea and but didn't have enough ingredients for 3 small cakes. (This last 1/3 is mums as she was poorly over Christmas).

Do you love my sleigh decoration from Lakelands, I brought that the year before and it was because of that I just HAD to make a cake for it to go on, lol

Monday 20 January 2014

Christening invites

I would like to introduce you to my grandson, isn't he adorable, this photo was taken just a few hours after he was born.

and look how well he has come on, this one was taken at 2 months old, especially with him not feeding very well after being born early.

Next month he is going to get christened, so I've been busy with making 32 invites,

Then another 10 were needed.

and not sure if you remember hubby making Sam and Matt's wedding cake topper, well he is at it again, with the christening topper.

Can you guess what it is going to be? lol

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Long time, no post :(

Sorry not been around for months :(

So am sending everyone belated New Year Greetings and will try and catch up with a few blogs, but of course cannot catch up on all the months I have missed as expect you've all been very busy, lol

A quick update on my life since I last blogged.

I have been crafting on and off (mainly off, cos of decorating round Sam's)

Donated my 50th pint of blood back in August

Became a nanny in November, yes November, I know it should have been December, but my grandson William didn't want to wait till then and came 5 weeks early, which was a bit of a shock as my daughter was at work when her waters broke.

So William was born on the 14th November and weighed in at 6lb 1oz so had a good weight behind home and was home within 5 days. She had a few problems with him feeding but is now thriving and weighed in at 8lbs 13.5oz at 7 weeks old. He was named after my late father-in-law which my husband is chuffed about, and as you can imagine we all dote on him.

I am hoping to have a Tuesday as a 'me' day, saying that, I was doing Steven's accounts today, (the downside to him having direct payments), but I did go out with a friend for mooch round the shops and a spot of lunch yesterday, so that made up for it.

Tomorrow I have to be the bad guy twice, as going with Sam to take William for his first injection and Stevens has hossie appointment in the afternoon, so will have to bring him back from his day centre early.

Steven is doing OK and seems to have taken to William. OK on Boxing Day when we asked him if he wanted to hold William, he went to push him away (I was holding William at a safe distance, am used to doing that with drinks lol) but by the tone of his voice, it was a no, we think he was William'd out lol.

But he seems to be happy for him to visit and happy for him to go, lol. The other day when he was here, I was holding William and Steven wanted a DVD on, so my mum and Sam both offered to do it for him, but no he wanted his mum, lol. Which I did, while holding William, (am used to that, as Sam was as bad when Steven was born wanting me to do do things for her and not her dad). Steven was fine after that and was quite happy to give symbols to one of the others after that. I think he just wanted to check I was there when he needed me and of course I will be.

I will hopefully blog some of the cards I made during last year and hopefully new things when I do them on my 'me' day