Wednesday 19 June 2013

Exciting News


Sorry, but thought I would share it with you all as am just a bit excited, it's due on the 17th December so going to be an interesting Christmas, lol, but who cares as long as my daughter and the baby are OK, that is all that matters... I've know since she was just 4 weeks, but kept quiet till her scan which was a couple of weeks ago.

But couldn't come on here to say as with decorating round Sam and Matt's, but also had a wedding to attend in Cyprus lol. I know it's a hard life isn't it, we had a lovely time and Steven was excellent, which was good news, especially now he's going to be an uncle ;-).

Hopefully will catch up soon, but hope you are all well and crafting away nicely...

Tuesday 28 May 2013

March Project Life Layout

OK, maybe not the real project life as a little too expensive and seeing I already had a 'D' folder, I just needed some folders which I found through Carole, then I made my own cards using Colorbok Flavia peaches & pomegranates 12x12 pad and a corner rounder.

I really did love doing it this way, especially at the moment with not having much time with decorating round Sam's.

Through the month I jot down main points that I might want to include in the page and if I come across a photo I might want to use too, I placed them into a folder on my lappy ready for printing off. I did this via Tesco photo shop, as treated myself to a voucher which gave me 250 prints for just £12.50, instead of 15p each which I had been doing before. So I can buy them as and when I want, using the voucher.

I cannot believe I was celebrating my 50th this year, as it only seemed like yesterday we were celebrating my mums 50th, but she was actually celebrating her 70th a few days after mine and Steven's birthdays.

One of Steven opening his pressies...

Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Paper Gator

Oh look what I got in the post, Sue Bubbles found them at Colemans, (her fab craft shop) for under a tenner, so grabbed a couple (one each for me and Gina, as she already owned one)...

and it's PINK too, so pretty, lol..


Oh and Sue upset the other ladies at the craft club, as Sue grabbed the last two and to rubbed it in, she told them how FAB they were in cutting corners and that it was like putting a hot knife through butter, hehehe, what a tease...

OK, she is right, it is so easy to use and will be great for my project life folders :-) also for Steven's books as I usually take the corners off all the ones I make him.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Saying of the week...

Thin is in, but fat is comfortable.

Thursday 16 May 2013

April Makes

To be honest I've not done much crafting in April as had been round my daughters house sealing, priming, undercoating, painting, glossing, waxing etc. etc. etc. :-(

So only got a couple of things to show you, the first one was from a challenge that Sue bubbles sent me and Gina in a shape of a plain pencil pot,

Which I'm sorry to say I forgot to photograph, so pitched a picture from paperchase (where she brought it from)

Anyway this is how mine tuned out, I covers it with washi tape

and then on the top, I did a little scribble and coloured each little space in with each of the coloured pencils and then Mod Podge the whole pot.

The cardi is now knitted, so it's just the sewing together and knitting the button bands, (so hopefully still in with a change it will still fit her, lol)

Oh nearly forgot I started my 'smash' book, by smashing my mother of the bride outfit and story to how I brought it

Here is what I looked like.

Shame auntie (who took the photo) didn't get my shoes in. As I was in a 3.5" heel, yet I usually only ware a 1.5" heel or flatties. But these were so comfy that I stayed in them till the end, which was gone midnight, it felt as if you were walking on air, fab

My March layout will be shown in a later post as forgot to take photo, sorry...

Saturday 11 May 2013

Saying of the week...

Another day is done,
all targets met,
all systems fully operational,
all staff keen and well motivated,
all pigs fed and ready to fly!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Saying of the week...

Better keep your mouth shut and thought a fool;

than to open it and remove the doubt!

Saturday 27 April 2013

Saying of the week...

Don't think bout the cost of doing something -

think about the cost of doing nothing.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Birthday pressies

Here's a few of my 50th Birthday pressies, as a few people have asked me what I got, so easier to show, lol...

The first plaque was from Sam, Matt and Steven...

and this one was from just my Sam...

This set was from my daughter and son-in-law (sounds funny saying that, lol) they actually brought it while on their honeymoon (a Mediterranean cruise)last year.

The next few were from friends...

These were from a special crafty friend, thank you Susan x

Lots of goodies like perfume, door hanger (from my daughter) and chocolates (thanks Susan again, lol)...

Scrapbook from auntie to scrap my 50th...

And lots of smellies... (not sure if people are trying to tell me something ;-)

and finally this from Sue bubbles via cutting edge crafts, thanks Sue...

and lots of lovely flowers...

and balloons...

and cake which was made by my sister...

Hopefully mine and Steven's home made cards will follow soon...

Saturday 20 April 2013

Saying of the week...

Try to act like a duck;

Remain calm and unruffled on the surface
and paddle like mad underneath.

Saturday 13 April 2013

Saying of the week...

Psychologists say people with hobbies, don't go crazy.

But this doesn't apply to the people they live with.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

February scrap page

As you can see very simple layout, in fact February wasn't a very exciting month...

I was either form filling or filling a kettle for making cups of tea and coffee for my daughters builders :-(

I use arrows from a cuttlebug die to help follow the progress of the building site :-)

OK saying it wasn't exciting month, it has been fun watching the work progress round my daughter's house and I plan on including an up to date photo in my March page. That will be a slightly different type of layout, (even more simple, lol) so I should be able to post that soon.

Sunday 7 April 2013

March Makes

A birthday card for a friend's son...

A 'jolly' get well card for hubbies nephew who has been diagnosed with Whipples Disease...

A couple of Easter cards, (sorry forgot to take a photo of the others before sending them)...

I have started a new cardi for Bethany, lets hope I finish this one before she outgrows it (have gone for the largest size from the pattern, lol)

And finally, as it's been so cold I knocked up a quick warm hat to match the new bright blue 3 in 1 coat I brought...

Oh have also finished my February scrap page, but as it's already been put in the album I keep forgetting to take a photo of it, but hopefully will follow soon ;-)

Saturday 6 April 2013

Saying of the week...

A woman is like a teabag -

only in hot water, do you realise how strong she is.
(Nancy Reagan)

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Crafts show buys

Had a lovely day at Make-it craft show at Farnborough again this year with my mum and auntie but also my cousin came along too for the first time... Her face was a picture when she walked through the doors, she was like a child in a sweet shop and was so excited with all the rubber stamps that were there.

I was good and didn't go too mad, with just buying a few things that I needed.

As I actually left early, I KNOW shock and horror leaving before it was closing (that was a first for me, lol).... But hubby picked me up around 3pm as was taking me away for the weekend as a early birthday present, due to Steven being in respite and I was about to turn 'Half a Century' the following the week. It was to be our first proper break since our 25th Wedding Anniversary which was nearly 3 years ago, wow doesn't time fly, lol...