Saturday 31 January 2009

Brother-in-Laws 50th

Well my Brother-in-Law was 50th this month, and decided to have an open house party, thought I would show you the card I made him...

and in the inside was (mirror card)...

didn't know what to buy him, (he did say a new motorbike but was a little out of my league), so settled for a bottle of his favourite drink and 50 x 50p stuck on with double side foam tape, lol.

Thursday 29 January 2009

Boxed Layout

I did this layout for one of my son's friends, for his 21st Birthday, I searched through all the photos I had of him taken at various places and chose the photos I liked best. Then using pieces of paper as templates, I juggled them around on a 12 x 12 sheet of paper till I was happy with the layout, then cut the photos down to the size of the templates. When all this was done, I found a 12 x 12 piece of paper out my collection to complement the photos, matted the photos onto plain card and stuck them down.

I decided to leave 3 of the 6 boxes blank at the bottom left, in case the mum wants to give me some photos of him when he was younger, I will be able to add them. (did add some bowling stickers, as it looked a little plain).

I then went through my embellishments to see what I could add, I remembered that the young lad in question loves balloons and bowling, so added them, a 3d 'friends' sticker on the prom photo and because of it being a 21st present, added a little wooded key, which I bought last year from here .

I then placed it in a boxed 12 x 12 frame bought from The Range, adding some confetti at the bottom.

(I've pixellated the name of the young lad, if you wondered why you couldn't read his name).

Saturday 17 January 2009

Crafty start...

Well, what a crafting start to the year I made so far, have done a 50th Birthday card for BIL and a framed 21st L/O for a friend of my son, photos to follow...

I've also made 6 Birthday cards for friends and relatives, and got another 3 for this month still to do.

I've committed myself to do the 52questions (see link on left side of blog, 'on places I like to visit') for journalling skills, OK not actually done the first 2 questions yet, but I intend to, in fact going to cut some tags out tonight for it., using some old stash.

and on do-crafts, Gina (MRS TSV) set a challenge for us to make a Christmas item every 2 weeks for Christmas 2009, so have taken that up too. First thing to be made by next weekend, and I dare not lapse on that challenge, (as that Gina is such a slave driver, lol).

on CC blog, she has sent a challenge to use one of your old kits up, so I'm aiming to use and make one item a month, even if it's just one of my old cards kits.

so with all these ideas and challenges I should be well stocked up for Birthdays, Christmas and my journalling skills in 2009, lol

watch this space...

Monday 12 January 2009

Did you guess right?

At the beginning of December we visited Didcot Railway, where we met up with the Fat Controller

Thomas the Tank

and the man in red, lol

We had a lovely the day, the weather was rather fresh but dry which was the main thing,

Saturday 10 January 2009

Why projects take me so long to do....

Well, I think the reason that is because of the way I work, I tend to get everything out while working, all over the floor, and then it takes me ages to put it all away before going to bed, that I have very little time in between to actually scrap, lol

Here are a couple of photos of the floor while looking for the embellishments for the wedding scrapbooks that I did for my niece and nephew..

...and here is how tidy I keep my ribbons, and that is before I bought some more from craftyribbons, lol...

...think I need some of your sweetie jars Sue-bubbles...