Wednesday 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone is having a good evening....

We are not doing anything special to Celebrate it, Sam and boyfriend are already round my nephew Shane's house to see the New Year in with them.

We are sitting here watching Thomas the Tank on DVD, but think in the next hour or so, Steven will have had a shower and be in bed, as he is yawning away...

As for Clive and I, not sure, I've been nipping onto do-crafts to the scrapping section as they are having a virtual New Year Eve party, lol. Clive's on Sam's old laptop (she got a new PINK one for Christmas from her BF) watching some youtubes of people sculpturing faces, to give him ideas for when he gets back to making his train figures.

Thought as I don't know what the rest of the evening will bring, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope it's all want you want it to be...

so all is left for me to say is, see you next year, lol

Monday 29 December 2008

Niece's album

This was a 12 x 12 one, it had a plain cream front, which I added the photo with AG photo corners, cream rose and glitter butterfly, the ribbon was the colour of her bridesmaid's dresses and the slider was in a wedding kit that I bought while in America. I've given them a few blank sleeves for her to either add her own photos or if she wants will add them for her of her evening do here in England, as we were unable to attend it as Steven was poorly that weekend.
Also I gave her some journalling pads for her to add her own comments and again if she wants me to put them in that's fine, or she can do it herself, I did the same for my nephews album.

This wedding took place in Orlando on the 24th September 2007, and Clive and I had decided that as we had already had a couple of holidays on Orlando, that we fancied seeing bit more of the area, so Clive, Steven and I went over and spent a week at Fort Lauderdale (as always wanted to do the Everglades) first then flew onto Orlando where we met up with the wedding party and our daughter who was to be their bridesmaid, but loves Orlando so much that she had been there for 3 weeks, lol

PS my son Steven is on page one, on the top right with the groom at the stag night, and daughter Sam is at the top left, in her bridesmade dress on page two

Sunday 28 December 2008

Been scrapping

Well, I did manage to finish the 2 wedding albums in time for Christmas, (if you remember they are belated 1st Wedding Anniversary presents, but with what has happened this year, didn't complete my nieces one in time), and would not give one without the other).
Both my niece and nephew and partners loved them, below is my nephews album, he's wedding took place at St Mary's Church, here in Portsmouth on 7th July 2007

It was the smaller of the 2 albums, saying that it was more of a photo scrap album as it had no sleeves but cream acid free chipboard pages to stick the photos and papers straight on it was bought from Webb Ivory last year. It had a place for a photo on the front, then I added a AG cream rose and glitter butterfly, I also left a few pages spare for the happy couple to add more photos if they wish (as you cannot add any more pages to this type of album).

Niece's album to follow soon...

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, ours will be slightly different to the usual, with my dad not being too good and Sam wanting to stay round boyfriend house tonight, so will not see her till lunch time tomorrow. Should look on the bright side to that one though, at least I won't have to listen to her getting up at 3am to open her Christmas stocking, then wanting to wake Steven up to help him open his, lol.

Tradition is also changing this year for us too, not only will I not be able to buy next year crackers from Woolworths, but as my dads poorly, he will not be up tonight. He always dresses up as Father Christmas for Steven at bedtime on Christmas Eve, we get Steven bathed and in bed, then Father Christmas always turns up with a few presents for him to open, one being the new Thomas the Tank annual that gets read to him by his dad before lying down to sleep.
Sam had it done when she was younger and in fact the tradition has gone back years, as my auntie always did it for me and my sister, (not that we knew it was our Auntie, always thought it was the real FC, used to hide under the covers frightened to look in case he realised we were awake, lol).

Well as dad cannot do it, we have decided to call it a day with Steven, as with his mentality, we could have carried on for years, but think the time has come to say, enough is enough. He's nearly 18, so are stopping, going to seem funny, in fact this Christmas is going to be definitely a different one. We have decided to put the wrapped annual on Stevens pillow for him to see and open when he goes to bed tonight, saying that Father Christmas is a little too busy to visit, but has left it for him. as it's different to the norm... aiming to have a bath tonight, yes you heard that right 'A BATH'

...some of you might remember a post that I did back in January that my aim for the year was to have a relaxing bath once a month, well think I got to about April, then it all went haywire, lol

Well all there is for me to say is I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas.....

Sunday 7 December 2008

Hi all......

....sorry not been around had loads of meetings for Steven about his future when he leaves school in 18 months time, might sound a long time to you, but not when there is nothing out there local for him, in other words fighting the colleges and Social services to get something set up and then fighting for funding, NOT a lot of time, and great fun, NOT.

Also been trying to do my Christmas cards in the evenings have 23 made and now 77 half finished, OK OK the 23 that are finished are the ones I had left from last year, lol and started my Christmas shopping last Monday to go out on the Wednesday morning and finished it... now the wrapping up.....

Have been emailing friends and also following Susan's blog on the left called 'ramblings of a housewife' as she and her husband have been stuck in Bangkok for over a week waiting to come home after their lovely cruise holiday. I'm pleased to say they are now home safe and sound, and I hope all the others that were trapped are also home or on their way.

Went out for the day yesterday, a clue was we saw a man dressed in red and we traveled on something blue with a face on it, hopefully will post pics in the next day or so.......

....................have you guessed where we went and what we saw yet!!!, lol

Catch up with you all later, and hope you're all keeping well.

Monday 1 December 2008

Vote for Caroline Gatenby

The post below has been past on by Caroline's campaign manager aka Sue-bubbles...

My crafty friend and source of much inspiration Caroline has been chosen as one of the 12 Apprentices for the Creativity Life mag. Each month they receive a box of new goodies and have to create two layouts and two cards using the products from the box, and a selection of these projects are posted on the website and are waiting for our votes.

I am declaring myself Caroline's campaign manager and ask that you go over and vote for CAROLINE GATENBY now!!!

Cast your votes HERE

Caroline is an inspirational and also a very generous crafter. During November her blog was particularly delightful with a new project for every day, with full details and pictures - a mammoth task for the benefit of fellow crafters. Caroline has a great sense of fun with both hilarious and touching poems about life..and crafting of course, and those of us who know her will always picture her with her sandalized shoes and big thickers! To enjoy the mutterings of Caroline, go visit her blog HERE


and I totally agree with everything Sue says about Caroline's work, it's fab, and has been a great inspiration to me, and all being well I hope to achieve some of her advent projects in the near future, thanks Caroline ...


I got an email early this afternoon saying I was one of the winners on the do-craft November draw, got very excited, as not only have I've never won anything crafty before, but was hoping it was the big bite, as not got one of them yet, but found out that was the October draw, mine is forever friends goodies,

but hey I won, YIPPEE.

I've entered the draw every month, since I became a member of do-crafts back in May 2004, so not bad going, lol

Will take a piccy of it when it comes

bye for now

Monday 24 November 2008

new stamps and blog candy giveaway

Below is a link to Foxy's new stamps 'paddy' and 'poppy' and her blog candy giveaway, check them out, they are fab...

Thursday 20 November 2008

Round mini scrapbook

Not sure where I got the book from, think it was a freebie in a craft mag, I've never actually completed a mini scrapbook before, so this is the very first, just hope she likes it.

It is for the little girl of the people we stayed with we went over to Paris last month. We went on a Monday coming back on the Thursday, while Steven was away at Butlins with the school....

The pictures were taken in their back garden where they have a 'G' scale garden railway, OK one of the reasons why we went to France, was that hubby wanted to see the train layout in real life rather than via their blogs, also I wanted to go through the channel tunnel.

We were lucky with the weather, it was a gorgeous day (not like the day before when we spent the day in Paris, it rained nearly all day, lol photos to follow).

Hubby had made Carl some figures for his garden railway, and also took over the ones he has made for our layout to show him, so they had fun placing them down and taking photos of them, well it kept them out of trouble, lol....
also meant I could sit and do some decoupage, and take photos of them taking photos of the figures and trains...

Said I would send the photos over to Josephine, but thought it might be nice in a book form rather than just emailed.

The cover,

1st photo...Even though she had, had a half day from school, she still had homework to do after lunch.

2nd photo...Here they are placing the figures in their positions for the photo call, lol

3rd photo...Well here are the good looking bunch

4th photo...Josephine and her dad taking photos

5th photo...Oops, not sure what her dad will say when he sees this photo, lol

6th photo...Josephine loves pony's and is always using her scooter as one, lol.

It was lovely break, the first one ever away from home without either of the children....the first one of many, I hope....

Saturday 15 November 2008

so much to do, so little time...

Sorry not been around, just not been had the energy for anything let alone blog, have had an emotional few weeks one way or another, but not really the things you blog about, but hey 'I'm back' and with vengeance, have even started crafting again, and enjoying it.

OK, OK, still not started my Christmas cards yet, but have done a little round tag book (as I call it) for the little girl we visited when we went to Paris last month, thinking about it, have not posted about our holiday to France or even any photos, sorry, so will have to sort that out too,

so much to do, so little time, lol..

Littlen in watching CBeebies, it's his favorite time of day on Saturdays and Sundays, Teletubbies, Balamory and Something Special all after each other, (with a little bit of Tweenies and Birthdays thrown in too), it's always at the same time, in the same order at the weekends, well that's until BBC decides to change it, but I'll worry about that when it happens.

Right off to find the camera to see about photographing the round book, and then fancy fresh homemade coleslaw, granary bread and ham for lunch, so better make sure I have the cabbage, onions etc....

Thursday 13 November 2008

Weight lost recipe: no 7

French-style sausage casserole

454g packet of extra-lean sausages
garlic low-fat spray
1 onion, finely sliced
20g (3/4 oz) gravy granules
1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
1 dessert spoon whole-grain mustard
220ml (8 fl oz) brown ale

Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/190c/375f
Put the sausages on a baking tray and place in the preheated oven. Fry the onions off in a non-stick frying pan with the cooking spray until starting to brown.
Meanwhile make the gravy granules and boiling water, make 300ml (1/2 pt) gravy. To this add the vinegar and mustard and top up with the beer.
Transfer the cooked onions to a casserole dish and top with the part-baked sausages. Add the gravy mixture, reduce the oven to 3/170c/325f.
Cover the casserole and cook for 3/4 hour, remove the cover, spoon the gravy over the sausages and cook for a further 15 minutes.

We have this with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

To be honest even if you don't like mustard, (which I cannot stand) this recipe is lovely, especially with the weather at the moment, it's delicious.

Saturday 8 November 2008

Standing on my own two feet

A few weeks ago I got this card..

from the blood service thanking me for donating 3 times over twelve months, and with it came a letter saying I can claim a slate coaster next time I give blood which was to be Tuesday 5th November.

I always go with my dad in fact he 'always' does the booking up for us, but this time dad would not be coming as he is unable to give blood anymore.
I felt quite emotional when they asked where my dad was as they noticed he had canceled and thought he had gone on holiday again, as he is always nipping off in his caravan, lol. So it was a little upsetting telling them, that he is unable to give anymore, they were really sweet, gave me a slate coaster for him, but it was the thank you card that they went and wrote out that really touched a nerve, thanking him for the 109 pints he has donated, (makes my 35 look a little feeble, lol) and that was not counting the pints he gave when he was in the Army.

He was taken back by the card and coaster when I gave them to him, as he was a little disappointed having to stop, as he always thought he would get to his 70th Birthday (which is the age you have to stop), so he still had 2 years to go, as he's still a spring chicken at 68, lol.
This is my coaster...

So now my daddy's not coming with me anymore, I really got to learn to stand on my own 2 feet, so I had to make my next appointment all by myself while I was there, lol

So can someone please remind me nearer the time, that I'm next giving blood on the 17th March 2009, as I might forget, as dad always reminded me when it was due...

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Weight lost recipe: no 6

Fresh Tomato Pasta

350g (12 oz) pasta
low-fat cooking spray
1 onion, chopped roughly
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 kg (2 lb 4 oz) ripe tomatoes, chopped roughly
1 pack of fresh Basil, chopped

Cook the pasta, drain. Spray a large frying-pan with the cooking spray and out on a medium heat. Stir-fry the garlic and onion until soft, then add the tomatoes. Cook for about 15 minutes or until the tomatoes have broken down.
Toss the pasta into the sauce with the fresh basil, season and serve.

We tend to have it with diced grilled gammon, OH and olives, bread sticks and Parmesan, lol

Saturday 1 November 2008

Ankle biter's First Birthday Card

Well my great nephew was 1 year old a few days ago, it reminded me about the First Christmas card I made him last year, which was the first (and last) time I have used my wizard nestabilities, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with them, they give a great effect, but yet again, it was a 'MUST HAVE ' purchase at the time, (OK I ended up buying 4 sets in one go, well I thought it would work out cheaper in the long run lol), and I loved them, but packed them away cos of Christmas coming up and yep, forgot about them till now lol...

...oh yes, and I also bought another 4 sets this year at The Make-it Show earlier this year, (well again they were on offer) and yep, they're still in mint condition.

Anyway thought I would dig out the pictures I took to show you, have not thought about what I will do him for his second Christmas, saying that still have not thought about any Christmas cards as yet!!!!

I used the wizard oval scallop nestabilitie through my cuttlebug and 'You're Not Boss of Me' for the writing, which I ran through the xyron, stuck on the card, then sprinkled glitter over the top to soak up the left over glue (from the xyron) and to add a lovely Christmas sparkle.
The Father Christmas decoupage was from a book I got from QVC a few years back, I wanted a traditional Father Christmas, so he fitted perfectly.

and this was his first Birthday card I made for him the other day...

...did want to use the sizzix Alphabars 'doodle dots' for Alfie's name, but when I opened the boxes (I bought the whole set of upper and lowercase alphabets and numbers from Ellison sale at the end of August) found I had 2 sets of lowercase alphabets, and no uppercase, even though the box said it was an uppercase. Did phone Ellison to be told they had been reduced to clear, so could not replace them, (but would give me a complete refund), so ended using the cuttlebug 'You're Not Boss of Me' again.
The sizzlit teddy bear w/shirt was put on with 3d foam pads and the balloon/streamers peel offs were from Asda when they were selling them off cheap earlier this year, coloured in with WHSmiths glitter pens. Oh yes round the number 1, I used the fluid chalk cats eyes that were recommened from the ladies on do-crafts, thanks ladies yes they are fab and note I bought and used them in the same month, a FIRST for me I think lol.

Next month

Just had a phone call from my daughter to say she is down town, Christmas shopping, as it's ''CHRISTMAS'' next month.

Nothing like cheering her mum up on a cold rainy day, having just got over the trick and treaters from last night, lol

Children who'll have them!!!!!!!

Monday 27 October 2008

Great news

I am one very PROUD mum, as my daughter has just qualified as a Dental Nurse,

am totally over the moon, she has worked hard for this, studying does not come easy to her, so tends to leave things to the last minute, lol

To train you have had to be working in a dental practice before they will let you join the course, so has been working full time for the last 3 years, but going to college in the evenings, but it has paid off and she's passed.
We celebrated with a Chinese takeaway, (which is always good for your teeth, lol)


we are all very, very proud of you xxx

Saturday 25 October 2008

Weight loss recipe: no. 5

Pork with tomatoes and red wine

35g (12 oz) pork tenderloin or fillet cut into strips
1 large onion chopped
400g (14 oz) can chopped tomatoes with herbs
150ml (1/4 pt) red wine
1 tbsp tomato puree
150ml (1/4 pt) hot vegetable stock
1 tsp dried Italian mixed herbs
225g (8 oz) mushrooms
2 courgettes, sliced thickly
2 tsp cornflour

Dry fry the pork and onions for 5 mins, then stir in the canned tomatoes, red wine, tomato puree, stock, herbs, mushrooms and courgettes. Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer for 15 mins.
Blend the cornflour with a little water to make a paste and stir into the pork mixture, simmer uncovered, for 1-2 mins for sauce to thicken, season and serve.

We tend to have it with steamed rice and spring onions.

Saturday 18 October 2008

Little Canada

Talking about Clive and I having our first break away together for a long time, bought back memories of Stevens first time away with the school last year.
That was over the I.O.W to a place called Little Canada, here's the double layout I did of some of the photos.
The post I wrote about Little Canada is here

His 2nd holiday with the school was again over the I.O.W back in May this year. This time it was to the UK sailing Centre, and he loved it. What made it special was that one of his closes friends also went.
I've not made a layout of that one yet, as still waiting for the photo CD from school, again posted about how I felt at the time which is here

Now with this holiday to Butlins, again it's special, in fact I feel it's an extra special one as it will be the one and (probably) the only time he will be away with both of his closest friends.
It also means a lot to 'us' parents of a 'special child' too, as with our older children they often go away or stay with their friends but we NEVER thought we could say that with our younger ones. Steven gets so excited when he sees his friends, we go bowling, to the gym, pub lunches etc. together, but never thought they would have a sleepover or holiday together without their parents.

So when I do a layout for this holiday it will be extra special as it will be the first and probably the last time the three go away together as even though the school are making this annual school trip for the 6th form, Nick leaves school next year and Steven and Chris in 2010.

so that is why 'us' parents are ALL skipping the country

but all in different directions, the others are off to Portugal and Barcelona, lol

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Technology, don't you just love it

It's such a wonderful thing.....

I know, I know, a few weeks ago I was moaning about the Internet, Virgin and Yahoo and I probably will again, but at the weekend it worked wonders for me.

Steven is off on another school trip, to Butlins in Bognor Regis this time, so Clive and I thought we would go away for a bit too, as we've not had more that 2 nights away from home as a couple since Sam was born 21 years ago and that has only been a few times...

so thought it was well overdue...

We had been thinking about seeing one of Clive garden railway buddies layout, so Clive emailed him to see if we were in his area, could we pop in to see him, so told him the dates and he said he would be around some of the time, so that was it, all systems go...

Straight on the Internet booking the channel tunnel, onto ebay for beam converters and a high viability vest, on the phone for the car insurance, breakdown cover and personal Insurance and within a few hours it was sorted...

...we are off over to Paris via the channel tunnel, sorry did I forget to say Clive's friend is English, but living in France with his wife and daughter...

OK I cannot speak a word of French, but who cares, I managed the last couple of times when we took our caravan over the ferry from Portsmouth to St Marlo, just don't asked Sam what I was like, it seems I would say 'Bonjour' when I meant 'au revoir' in fact she won't let me forget it, she still tells people about it and that was 14 years ago...

don't you just love kids

hopefully I will be able to cross another thing off my 'to do' list as I've always wanted to go through the channel tunnel and all being well will be doing it very soon...

Monday 13 October 2008

I'm so lucky...

Remember the Dotee doll that Sue made and sent me, well it's not the first homemade item I have received from friends on the do-crafts forum, both Steven and I have had some lovely cards over the years, (thank you Susan, to view some of her cards, check out her blog on the left 'ramblings of a housewife') and a lovely little book from Gina, she sent me this a few months back, when I needed cheering up, it's absolutely fab, I just love showing it off.

This is it closed

and this is it opened...

It's called a Squash Book

Again like the dotee doll, it's a thing I would love to try, but not sure I'll have the patience. It was a lovely surprise, thank you Gina, it takes pride of place on my dresser in my lounge, along with my dotee doll. Which is right next to the chair that I live in while on my laptop, lol

Saturday 11 October 2008

Rock Challenge

Here is the L/O I did of Steven's 2008 Rock Challenge, his school came away with 2 awards this year..

Most Entertaining Performance


The Spirit of Rock Challenge

For previous posts I've wrote about the Rock Challenge click here and here

Friday 10 October 2008

who's MAKING who's BUYING??

Well have managed to do some scrapping this week, did my October calender page, finished one of Stevens pages, the 2008 Rock Challenge, AND also dug out my Christmas stash for my Christmas cards.

It's funny, was reading a post by jenni on do-crafts saying

"who's MAKING who's BUYING??

meaning who was buying or making their Christmas cards, well she mentioned she was using a kit from QVC the HOT of The Press Cardmakers Personal Shopper, where you get everything to make 88 cards, and I thought what a great idea, the kit sounded good.

It was only later while cooking tea, that I remembered I'd already had this kit had got it from QVC ages ago, and forgotten all about it, lol (don't laugh Susan, just cos you've started using your TSV)

So thanks to Jenni, have dug it out, and hoping to start my Christmas cards in the near future, lol.

so watch this space....

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Guess what I got in the post today...

A dotee doll from Sue (bubbles) who is a member on do-crafts scrapbook forum, and I must say it's even nicer in the flesh, the photo does not do it justed.

The chain stitch and the beads are all hand sown, all the work that has gone in it is unbelievable, it's absolute gorgeous, the tag says...

Dotee dolls are about spreading
love, friendship and joy!

Thank you so much Sue, I felt the sparkly vibes and love from it as soon as I opened the envelope, it was just what I needed today, thank you so much.

Oh yes, if you want to know more about these dotee dolls, check out Sues blog on the left but also where they first originated from...

Sunday 5 October 2008

weight loss recipe: no. 4

Speedy coq au vin

6 Shallots, halved
450g (1lb) boneless chicken breast, cubed
100g (3 1/2oz) lean smoked bacon, diced
200g (7oz) button mushrooms
425ml (3/4 pint) hot chicken stock
150ml (1/4 pint) full bodied dry red wine
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon chopped fresh thyme

Dry-fry the chicken and the bacon in a non-stick saucepan for 3 minutes, stirring frequently.
Add the mushrooms and the shallots to the chicken, together with a couple of tablespoons of stock.
Cook briskly for 2 minutes, then reduce the heat and pour on the remaining stock and wine.
Stir in the Worcestershire sauce, thyme and a little seasoning to taste.
Cover and simmer for 15 minutes, and serve.

We have mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables with it, YUM

Saturday 4 October 2008

from one extreme to another...

WOW what a change in the weather, last weekend was in t/shirt and cropped trousers, where this one am in jeans and a fleece, in fact quite pleased I'm not going to the footy tomorrow. Have given Stevens ticket to one of Stevens friends, as when I first got the season ticket, said we would share it, so 2 boys can get the excitement of the game. We don't care what teams are playing, just as long as the boys enjoy it, that's all that matters, hope Toni and Chris remember top wrap up warm tomorrow.

Yesterday we had Stevens Harvest Festival and Jeans for Genes day at school, which both Clive and I attended, it was not the usual bring some food, as last year Stevens school took to adopt a Special Needs school in Giana, so we donate thing that we would take for granted, like pencils, paper, crayons, etc. It was lovely cos this year the pupils of the school in Giana had sent letters, pictures, photos and even some of their textile work that they make and sell to fund the school, it was lovely display.

Afterwards Clive and I stopped off at B&Q to get some guttering, as we had this idea that when we had our new shed built and fitted last year, we would put guttering up so the rain water can run into a water butt on one side and fix it to a water tube system to feed our trees on the other, so thought we had better get it started, well you cannot rush these things you know, lol

Got all the bits and pieces, and Clive set to work this morning and YEAH got the side with the water butt finished...

(notice the pieces of wood down the side on the floor, well they are there for a reason, it's to stop our tortoises hiding under and behind the shed, lol).

Didn't want to over do things, so we gave the other side a miss today, as it got b****y cold out there, and had also started raining, (at least we know that side works, lol). Also we need the trees to be trimmed before we can fix up the other side.

...and now as I write this, I'm boiling, as this afternoon, we turned the heating on and all the rads on high for half an hour, we were told to do this every couple of months, as it keep the system clear,

boy am I hot, cannot win, lol

off to do tea now, tagliatelle with meatballs and a glass (or two) of black tower rose,

Thursday 2 October 2008

Proud to be old...

As Pompey, (Portsmouth Football Club for those you are not into Football teams), are playing in the UEFA Cup tonight over in Portugal, thought I would share a double page layout, I did last year of Steven when he was chosen to be one of their mascots back in 2003.

I remember being quite pleasantly surprised when they rang, saying that the database has chosen him to be one of their mascots for the Leicester City game, then the panic set in, they didn't know about his special needs. So I told them that he cannot be left on his own, (even though he was 12 years old). I needn't have worried they were great, said I could have the kit before hand (usually all the mascots get changes in the changing room before the game, then the parents disappear till the end of the game) and I could stay with him the whole time, even walking out onto the pitch if need be.

They really put themselves out for us, making us fit in and so did all the other mascots, this is what is wrote on the page..

Saturday 29th November 2003
Steven was chosen to be a
Pompey Mascot
It was a rainy day so no pre-match kick around,
But in all a VERY emotional day,
with both Leicester City and Portsmouth supporters
giving him a standing ovation, as
we trailed behind the other mascots.
He held hands with no. 4 Boris Zivkovic
and shook hands with both
Teddy Sherringham and Muzzy Izzet
the captains.

We lost 2-0 but it was still a day to


It turned out that Steven was Pompey's first special needs Mascot

and I was their OLDEST, lol (and proud of it, lol)

Wednesday 1 October 2008

chilling out...

Well looked after Alfie yesterday, and yes went OK, we both survived, he did grizzle most of the time, but managed to get him to eat some finger foods and also have a nap, (OK that was while still holding his piece of toast and sitting in his highchair, lol).
Oh yes didn't get to watch any QVC through the day, think Clive was secretly happy though, in fact never saw any of craft day till late in the evening, saying that, it didn't stop me ordering the TSV and some rotating stamps, lol (but don't tell Clive, he he he, saying that he will be here when they get delivered, oh well that's life).

Had a few chilled out hours earlier this evening, as Steven went out with his sessional worker Claire for tea, (he goes out with her for 3 hours a week for social skills), we have been lucky we get this help. I use to use the time to take Sam to orthodontic appointments, help her with homework, do tea etc. so it didn't really feel that we had a break, but thank goodness those days are over now... basically now there is no need to take Sam anywhere as she can drive herself, and as for tea we eat what we enjoy and what I know Steven would not like, like HOT chilli tacos, OK Sam does not like it either, but at 21 feel she can sort herself out now and again, lol

So we can make the most of having a few free hours of not watching/entertaining Steven, Clive and I have it off to a 'T', he makes the chilli, while I do the yogurt herb dip and dice the cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions up for side dishes, you might think I get the easy job, but the dip is freshly made from the herbs from our garden, so they have to be picked washed and chopped, honest, OK I do buy the natural yogurt, (as gave my yogurt maker away a few years ago, lol) so I think Clive gets the easy part, lol.

By working together, we get time to sit down, relax, have some 'us' time and eat something we both enjoy, oh yes and enjoy a glass of wine (or two).

...and Steven gets to go out without his mum, which seeing by the way he runs out the house waving goodbye, think he enjoys a lot, lol

Monday 29 September 2008

Little ankle biter...

On Saturday I looked after my great nephew for a bit, it was a run in for looking after him next tomorrow, (OH MY GOODNESS just realized it's craft day tomorrow, wonder if they have cable, if so who will will QVC or CBeebies, lol). My mum and dad usually look after him on Tuesdays, while his mum has a driving lesson and goes onto work, but are unable to tomorrow, so I was asked to step in, which I didn't mind. Have always said I'm here if they need me, but them knowing I've got Steven have not asked me much, he is nearly 11 months old, felt funny having someone so small round my ankles, lol.

Well all was fine until 11'o'clock, found out that Alfie does not like the chiming clock we have, oh dear so was crying when he's parents came back for him. Steven was great didn't have a paddy when Alfie touched his toys, OK did grab them away every time Alfie let go of one, lol. But when I told him to give them back he (reluctantly) did. Managed to get a few photos of them together, so will laminate some for Stevens box, also might start a little album for Alfie (maybe use another of my 6 x 6 albums, you never know lol).

This evening have been having a go at making a tag book of Alfie's Christening, (not sure how it will turn out and in fact when it will even get finished, lol). While Clive was chilling out making and painting more figures, have asked him to put the new ones on his blog so you can see, they are really FAB (much better than he's first one Dave), in fact a few of them have made there way to live in France (on a couple of train layouts there), and people have actually asked if he was in business, lol, well he is but not for making figures though.... you can keep up with them by clicking on the link S&CGR build blog on the left...

Sunday 28 September 2008

another good result

WOW, would you believe this weather, you would never believe it's nearly October, with the sunshine and warmth we are having at the moment, hopefully 2 of my friends that are on their holidays in England, have the sun shinning where they are too.

Well Steven and I went to our 2nd footy game today and our 2nd win, we beat Spurs 2-0, sorry Sue, he he he

What a lovely day, it takes us about 40 mins to walk down to Fratton Park, this time Clive pushed Steven going there and I pushed him coming back, as Clive did the whole lot last time, but found he's back hurt for a few days afterwards, so he actually listened to me to split it this time, lol.

Think next time we go, will take the camera as so close to the players might be able to get a couple of good shots for a nice L/O, in fact must take some photos of the double L/O I did of Steven when he was their mascot back in November 2003, to put on my blog for you all to see, as another one of my proudest moments of Steven.

Well it's Sunday evening and I know what that means, ironing. I've done it on a Sunday evening for years, hubby baths and puts Steven to bed, while I watch a DVD and do the ironing, in fact I only do the ironing once a week, so if it's not washed and dried by Sunday, then it has to wait till the following Sunday, lol. Sometimes it takes me an hour or two another time I can be at it for 4 hours plus, depends on the week we've had..... think of me tonight, with an iron in one hand and a glass of rose in the other, lol...

Saturday 27 September 2008

Weight loss recipe: no. 3

Minced beef, beans and pasta bake

1 x onion chopped
350g (12 oz) extra lean minced beef
150ml (1/4 pt) beef stock
227g can chopped tomatoes
425g (15oz) baked beans
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp dried mixed herbs
100g (3 1/2 oz) dried pasta
1 bag dwarf green beans
180g frozen sweetcorn

Dry fry the onions and minced beef for 4-5 mins until the meat becomes crumbly and browned.
Stir in the remaining ingredients (except sweetcorn), bring to the boil, then cover and simmer for 15 mins, until pasta is cooked.
Stir in the sweetcorn simmer for a further 5 mins, season and serve.

Friday 26 September 2008

The Retirement Scrapbook is here....

This slide show refers to three posts below...
only another 17 to use....

Thursday 25 September 2008

It's 13 weeks till Christmas

as my darling daughter keeps telling me...

She starts her countdown straight after her Birthday in August,

then after Christmas she starts a countdown for her Birthday, lol.

I really think she needs to get a hobby, lol

and I think I'd better start thinking about making some Christmas cards....


Free blog candy...

Vikki has some lovely free blog candy, you can get it from here...

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Only another 17 to use......

Back in January this year I orderd these scrapbooks, as I thought they were cute and useful, well they've been sitting in my cupboard all that time till July this year, when I actually parted with one.

One of the assistants in Stevens school was retiring, so thought it would be nice to give her a one of the little books with some photos of past and present pupils in it. I found is very hard, as never done a scrapbook for anyone before and was not sure how she would take it, as some of the pupils are no longer with us.

The lady in question has been a part of our lives since Steven started school back in 1995, as she was one of the assistants in his first class and luck would have it, she was working with him when she retired in July (Steven now being in the 6th form).

Was a little worried how she would take it, so left it at reception to pass onto her, as we had already said our goodbyes at the prom the week before.

Well I had nothing to worry about, as she loved it, I had a lovely notelet from her thanking me for it saying...

what can I say about my album, it touched my heart, as I know how much 'you put into it'. I cried when I look at the 'old pictures', especially of 'K' & 'E' [2 pupils that are sadly no longer with us] as I didn't have any of these. I have shown it to some of the old girls who left before me & we shared 'a few sentimental moments'. I saw the pictures of Steven and me at the prom, it was a bit of a shock to see how he has grown up so much as I have known him and you all so long, his a very special young man and I so wish him well for the future. Thank you once again Maria, I will always treasure your gift.

The nice thing is now that she is not connected to the school we can meet up, in fact we met up for lunch last Friday with a other few mums from school.

I think since having Steven, it has made me see things differently, you appreciate life for one and I have met and made some wonderful friends.

The funny thing was I was talking to another member of the school staff the other day, and I was telling her how I've had lunch with a few ex- school staff, and she asked if she could join 'us mums' when she is longer attached to the school lol... she misses the contact of parents since the school changed in 2006.

Slide show to follow hopefully...

Sunday 21 September 2008

Weight lost recipe: no 2

Tagliatelle with Meatballs

Low fat cooking spray
240g (8 1/2 oz) tagliatelle
1/2 pack of fresh basil, chopped

for the meatballs

4 thick slices white bread, crusts removed and torn up
4 tablespoons skimmed milk
400g (14 z) extra-lean minced beef
2 garlic cloves, crushed
75g (2 3/4 oz) mozzarella light, chopped into small dice
1 egg, beaten
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1/2 pack of fresh basil, chopped

for the sauce

400g can chpped tomaotes with herbs
200ml (7fl oz) beef stock
1 teaspoon sugar

Place the bread in a large bowl, add the milk and allow to soak for 5 minutes.
Add all the other meatball ingredients and mix together, roll small amounts in your hands to make about 20 meatballs.
Heat a large frying-pan and spray with low-fat cooking spray. Fry the meatballs in batches for 5 minutes to brown on all sides. Remove and drain on kitchen paper.
To make the sauce, drain any oil from the frying-pan and add the sauce ingredients. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
Meanwhile cook the taglitelle in boiling water, drain and keep warm.
Add the meatballs to the sauce and simmer for a further 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Check for seasoning, sprinkle with basil before serving with pasta.

1st prize

Got a surprise when I picked Steven up from Beechside, as when I checked his school bag, it seems he had won 1st Prize for his Jack Sparrow costume, he has a certificate to prove it, lol...

....well I think it's his... they didn't spell his name right, (spelt it with a 'ph' instead of a'v'). Good job I know they have no other Stevens at the school, lol

Oh well, they've only know him 13 years, so I suppose it's early days.....

Saturday 20 September 2008

Jack Sparrow

Steven had a sponsored walk at school yesterday, but was also fancy dress, we knew this at the beginning on term, but couldn't get my head round what to dress him up in that was from the TV but was also practical for school and having a stay at Beechside afterwards.

Clive and I were down town last Monday, so went into a novelty joke shop, that also sold fancy dress costumes to give us some ideas. (Would not buy a costume, as they are not usually washable and not very pratical for Steven, with lots of bits and pieces on them). We came away with an idea of doing him as a pirate, like Jack Sparrow (pirates of the Caribbean), but didn't buy anything as wanted to think about what I would need. Came home thinking, had lunch then I nipped back down town, and came home with a hat/wig and a gun from 'U need Us' (the joke shop), and 1 mt lace and brown cord from fabric land, pinched one of hubbies old long sleeve white shirts and set to work, pinning lace round the shirt.

Picked Steven up off the school bus at 3.30, to read in his book that the 6th form was dressing up as superheros, I could have cried, they've know about this sponsored walk for nearly 2 weeks yet 4 days before the day they decide they what us to do superheros, well then I had a dilema!! I carry on with my costume but then would worry that Steven looked different from all he's other class mates, or on Tuesday go back down town seeing what I could do. Spoke to Clive and a couple of other mums who said carry on with what I had started, so wrote back in the school book the next day, saying had started my costume already and sorry it was not a superhero, they were fine, (just a shame they had left it to the last minute to tell us about being superheros), saying that the people I spoke to said that Jack Sparrow was a superhero, lol.

So the rest of the week in the evenings was cutting and sewing, did end up back down fabric land getting some suede type material for a waist coat. So yesterday morning dressed him up, Clive did the markings on his face (tash and beard) with one of Sam's eye pencils, took a few photos, then put his hat and gun in his school bag with a clean t/shirt and some face wipes, asking school to clean him up and change his top before sending him to Beechside. We did get some funny looks walking to the bus stop, but saying that we sometimes do from people that don't know us, lol.

I went down the school as 10, as they were having a coffee morning, and had a 'friends of Mary Rose' AGM (I'm on the fund raising committee). Saw Steven and was pleased with the way he looked, there were a few Jack Sparrows, but all different which was good. (so he didn't look out of sorts, thank goodness).

After the meetings went to the local pub with another couple of mums, as I had arranged for us to meet up with an old school assistant that left in July and a few other mums who's children have also left the school for lunch. But that's another story......

Wednesday 17 September 2008

Sam's 21st Pub Crawl

Thought you might like to see a piccy of us before Sam went on her pub crawl back in August, (remember the theme was silly hats or wigs), lol...

You have 'me' in the rasta hat,
Matt in the sailor outfit,
Sam in her glamour wig and outfit,
Clive in the Afro wig and wearing the wooden tie that I bought him for his Birthday, (well what else can you give a hubby that has everything!!!),
Shane, (my nephew) in the star wars outfit and trying out the local booze, lol
and in the front you have Steven is the Scottish wig/hat....

Sunday 14 September 2008

Weight lost recipe: no 1

I feel Clive has done brilliantly with he's weight lost, so thought I would share some of the dishes I made, so here is the first...

...Chicken and Potato Masala

2 onions, sliced thinly
450g (1lb) skinless chicken breast, cubed
4 tablespoons medium Masala curry paste
400G (14oz) canned tomatoes
200g (7oz) mushrooms, halved
550g (1lb 3oz) canned new potatoes, drained and halved, (I always used fresh steamed potatoes)
200ml (7fl oz) boiling water
2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander

Dry-fry the onions and chicken in a non-stick pan for 5 minutes.
Stir in the curry paste and the tomatoes, mix well, and add the mushrooms, potatoes and boiling water.
Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
Stir in the chopped coriander, and check the seasoning to taste.

We also had puppodums (cooked in the microwave), lime pickle and mango chutney served with it.

Saturday 13 September 2008

Forgot to say...

... Clive phoned Virgin after we lost the Internet yet again this morning, and they are going to send us out a new modem box, so hopefully will be back to normal by the end of next week. (we've lost it 4 times this evening too, arhhhh)

Oh gotta go, am watching Match of the Day, going to see if I can see 'US' on TV, lol

five years and 4 months...

....that's how long Steven was on the waiting list for a season ticket for Portsmouth Football Club...

Today we went to our first home game being season ticket holders, (we missed the first game of the season which was against Man U, as Steven was at respite, and as he only gets 28 days a year there, thought it would be wrong to cancel, as he loves going there too).

Our seats are just to the side of the goal down the Fratton end, and we were lucky there were 3 goals in the game and all down our end, the only trouble with that is, not only are you watching the ball wishing it either to go in the net or miss (depending which teams scoring) but also watching the ball does not come past the net straight at Steven, as he is not quick enough to protect himself.

Also think we have been spoilt after going to Wembley to see the FA Cup, as the disabled places are actually up about 20 rows, so you are looking down on the pitch, which means you can see all the game and there is no chance of getting hit by the football, oh well we can always dream of getting our new pitch, lol

OH YES it was our first home win, 2-1 against Middlesbrough (sorry Middlesbrough fans)

Friday 12 September 2008


Well so much for keeping up with the new look, we've had nothing but trouble with our Internet, it keeps disappearing, lol

So not a good start, we are with Virgin, but the last 6 weeks or so has made us think about changing, others cannot have the trouble we are having. I know my blogging is for fun, but Clive needs the computer for his work, I also do the money on it, (I always like to check my bank accounts every week without fail, to make sure that theres been no transactions I don't know about), I also organize bowling and gym clubs for a group of special needs children and their mums, so need to email them of when and where I have booked it, so I have been finding it a real pain, when I go to do the paperwork/emails, or Clive is waiting for an important email, that the connection goes, arrrrrrrrrrrrh

I have managed to do a few crafty orders over the Internet when connected though, and it all has arrived safe and sound, even the scallop die from America. Oh yes and my last auto delivery of the DCWV Winter kit form QVC came today, and it's scrummy, lol pleased I went for the auto delivery, the only trouble is not touched anything of the other 2 as yet, whoops.

Now it's finding the time to use some of it....

Saturday 6 September 2008

Heath Pond

The weather has not been good here in good old England, did see some of the news last night, showing the people in Wales, some getting hit real hard, I did feel for them, we've been lucky down here in the South.

Today feels and looks more like an December day instead of early September, but we braved the elements and went for a walk round Petersfield Heath Pond,

we started off in the dry, but then the heavens thought they would open for us, lol. Saying that, it didn't stop Steven and myself giving the round-about a quick go...

Oh well, whats a bit of rain between friends, we then stopped off at Petersfield at a Costa Coffee, and had a lovely hot cup of coffee and sandwich, it was a nice end to the walk, if I say so myself,

then came home, stopping off at Staples as needed some ink for the computer, as still got my 'scrap the day' photos to print off.

Friday 5 September 2008

Poor little mite...

Well, Steven settled straight back into the school routine, saying that it's only been 2 days so far, and this morning he did pass me his cereal to feed him!!!

Well the 'poor wee mite' is not used to getting up, having breakfast, getting washed and dressed and straight down to meet the mini bus, (all within 45 mins, lol) as the last six weeks he has been getting up, having breakfast about an hour or so later, watching a DVD before getting washed and dressed, in fact some days he was not washed and dressed till nearly 12, lol

So I think next week is going to be fun, how will he survive a whole five days running......

So what have I been up to while the 'poor wee mite' been working himself so hard at school, well Clive and I started on the paperwork for the business, and was still working on it this morning too, before starting on the ordinary household paperwork.

Well was pleased that is all sorted now, it's surprising how it mounts up over the school Holidays.

Thursday 4 September 2008

New look

Well what do you think of it?????

While I might not have been blogging over the few months, I've still checked out others, especially when I lost yahoo and couldn't get on to 'do crafts' the last few weeks and realized how boring mine was, SO..... going to try and jazz it up, (see have started, with a new name and look, lol), also hopefully show a bit of my crafting that I've done either recently or in the past, not sure how long all this will take, as will need hubbies help until I get the hand of it... I wouldn't hold your breath, lol.


Well not in any particular order, whats been happening...

We got our Holiday in Wales, we were very lucky with the weather, visited lots of places, saw lots of steam trains, bridges, pub lunches and teas and some of the views were out of this world...

....and surprisingly we had a house to come back to, Sam never burnt it down, lol.

Have finished decorating the lounge/dining room, saying that still got the pictures to go up, but cannot decide on the right frames yet.

Sam reach 21, she did not want a party, on her Birthday which was mid week, went out for a Chinese with her boyfriend, my mum and dad, Seven, Clive and myself, which was nice.
On the weekend after her Birthday, she and loads of her friends from school, college and work met up and went on a pub crawl, dressed in hats and wigs. We popped along to the first pub to celebrate with her, but then came home, seeing Steven is under age, lol.

We celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, (you get less for murder, lol) Clive and I went out for a Mexican, which was lovely, the last time it was just the two of us for a meal on our Anniversary, was in 2001, so thought it was over due.

We got through the summer Holidays, with the help of Play scheme, bus rides, walks, drives in the car and of course pub lunches.

Cannot remember if I told you Clive had lost the grand total of 4 stone, which is fantastic news, he has gone down 2 sizes on his top half, but a grand 4 sizes on his bottoms, we have not really watched what we've eat for about 3 months, just still eating healthy, and has lost another 2 pounds, (he weighs himself once a week, to keep an eye on it).

We went to my great Nephews Christening which was lovely, we were lucky it was a lovely sunny Sunday, the service was lovely and the food was great, even Steven was quiet in the church, (thank goodness).

Haven't really done much scrapping or card making, but have my head busy with ideas for Christmas, that I hope to start very soon, also going to get Clive to show me how to down loads things on here, so it might be a bit more enjoyable reading, lol.

Back in June I did start 'scrap the date' so on the 20th of the month, I take photos and journal of what I get up to, on that particular day, so might start with taking photos of the layouts I've done so far to show you.

I still visit 'do crafts' web site, well only really the scrapping side, it's quite a nice friendly side, I still talk to a lady from when I first joined back on the 8th May 2004 and have made a lot of new ones since.

Well cannot think of anything else for now....

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Long time no blog

Sorry not been around, to put it mildly I feel if I've been to hell and back, but hopefully on the return journey now.

I won't go into detail, but a big THANK YOU to the few people that have kept me going over the last few months, with emails etc. you know who you are, Thank you so much, not sure how I would have got through it without you.

Did seriously think about not coming back to my blog, but something stopped me deleting it all, felt like I was getting rid of an old friend, LOL.

Hopefully over the next few days will do a quick update on any major events that have occurred over the last few months, so am off for now...

Sunday 25 May 2008

Well where does the time go to?

After all the excitement (not) of the missing glasses on the Monday, got to start the decorating, carried on till 5pm, as was going out to for a meal with another mum whose boy went away with Steven, (her hubby and son were out playing footy, Clive away and Sam was going out with new boyfriend, so we decided to treat ourselves), the fun bit was... Sam to drive us both to the restaurant, well, it made a change for her to be the taxi driver and not me, lol. We had a lovely meal, it was a very relaxing evening, the couple of bottles of wine might have help too, then her hubby picked us up.

On the Tuesday, I got up as usual, saw Sam off to work (doing her packed lunch etc.) was at the gym by 8.15, then back home to the decorating, but carried on in the evening as Sam was out for tea with new boyfriend, on the Wednesday the same, but no Sam in the evening at all, she stayed over at a friends as her partner was away, so I was in the house on my little loansome, so carried working till gone 10, showered and fell into bed, same with Thursday, but as hubby came home that evening stopped at 6. On the Friday I did some tidying up, as had a meeting at the school, and Steven was due home about 1.30, (and I wanted to pick him up as soon as he got back to school), also helped Clive take off the radiators, curtain rails and move the (chiming) clock, ready for me starting again on the Monday. (see previous post about the weekend)

Well last Monday (19th) till the Thursday saw Steven onto the school bus every morning, back home and straight into the decorating till 2pm (missed out the gym, as no time), tidy up, showered, picked Steven up, then after putting him to bed, managed to do a few more hours decorating in the evening, WELL I DID IT, finished the wallpapering at 2 minutes past midnight Friday morning.

As hubby was home on the Friday, after putting the radiators back on and checking it worked, went out and chose a carpet, now have to wait a couple of weeks till that comes in, Steven and I are going to order the new units this week, but again like the table, will have them delivered after the carpet is laid, (whenever that is, LOL). Left Clive to put the curtain rails back up, as I had the hairdressers, well a girl has to get her priority's right, and get her (grey) roots done.

Well cannot believe it, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, THEN...

... it will be sorting out through all the boxes of stuff I took out the old units to put into the new SMALLER ones, lol.

Tuesday 20 May 2008

What a weekend!!!

Yea......POMPEY WON THE FA CUP (sorry you Cardiff supporters)

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the final, and what can I say, that extra 4 minutes extra time might have been an hour, it felt like it, got the grey hair to prove it..(I'm sure the ref was a Cardiff supporter, he was dressed in the same colours, lol).

It was a great day, left here at 7.45, got a taxi down to Fratton Park to pick up the coach, this time Steven did not think we were going on holiday (as he remembered the routine of the semi-final) all I got all the way was 'nana' but I knew this meant Grandad, as last time we saw him before the match, and yes I knew we would see him again as we always met up as Clive sits with my dad and nephew.
The atmosphere was fab, outside you didn't hear the Cardiff supporters but inside they did have their voices on high. Even after the win it was lovely as we walked back to the car park and the Cardiff coaches were leaving, you had Pompey supporters standing there clapping them, it was great, no trouble either way, it's a shame someone has to lose, but that's the aim of the game. (been reading our local newspaper and on the letter pages, there has been quite a few from Cardiff fans, thanking us for the support and clapping at the end of the game, they said it was a shame to lose but wish us luck in Europe, now why can't all teams respect each other)

We got home around 10.20pm so another long day.

On the Sunday we walked back down to Fratten Park to see the parade of the cup, well we couldn't miss that, could we! again the atmosphere was great, got some pictures will try and see if I can up load them some time. We didn't go down to the common, as with Steven in the wheelchair unless we were in front, Steven got elbows, handbags and cigarettes in his face, also how many peoples ankles would I have got as people did seem to realize they suddenly stopped, and there were over 200 thousand people, so we slowly walked home, but hey what a great end to a fantastic weekend (and in Stevens case a very busy week).


See you in Europe.....

Friday 16 May 2008

The wonderer returns

Got my little boy back today, and yes he is a lovely colour as he was lucky with the weather, I think he has had a good time, didn't seem in a hurry to come home with me, should be pleased, he kept holding Nicks hand (one of Stevens closest friends, who also went), Nick looked as if he was about to fall asleep standing up, but Steven was Steven still flapping like he does when he is happy. It's funny in his bag, he was given a letter about a Butlins trip they are doing for the sixth form in October, my goodness had not even got him home and they were offering him another trip (and needed a £100 deposit, lol).
It is nice that he has the chance of these breaks and I know how independent he was after he's first one last year, will be interesting to see how he has changed from this one, he has already cleared the table after tea, and I say cleared I mean it, usually he takes out his own plate, but he took all ours too. Am thinking of sending Sam on one, think she is the one that needs to learn.

Well the week started quite eventful, as on the Friday before Steven had come home with some else's glasses on, tried phoning the school but no answer, so just left a message, while I was doing this Steven had taken off his spare pair of glasses and put them somewhere, asked where they were, he answered 'gone, gone, gone'. Well normally I find this sweet but was more concerned he now had no glasses to wear!!! after half hour of frantic searching found them back in their case on the dining room table, I gather he had got used to the ones he had been wearing all day, rather than his own, all weekend he was watched to make sure they were not lost again.

Phone the school Monday to be told they knew nothing and have I tried transport, so while putting Steven on the school bus, was asking the escort if she knew anything about the glasses, but no joy there either, ran all the way home to phone the school again to let them know, they said they would look into it and get back to me. So I started getting things ready for the decorating, and got the phone call they had found them at 10am, one of the assistants had taken Steven's home in his shirt pocket on the Friday and forgot to tell the school, he were told he was to bring them back to school, before Steven leaves for his trip at lunch time, (as the assistant was not working that day).

I was so relieved, I actually found I relaxed a bit, knowing that he would be going away with 2 pairs of glasses, the only trouble is there is a child going round the school with no glasses on, as they don't know whose the others belong to, lol.

Oh yes Steven managed to do windsurfing, keelboating and powerboating while away, cannot wait for the open evening when we get invited to the school to see the video of what they have done over the week.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Going to feel lost....

...tomorrow, as had hubby home the last 2 weeks and tomorrow he starts on another 9 week contract in Swansea, but to make matters worse, Steven is off over the I.O.W with the school tomorrow, till Friday, how on earth am I going to cope.

I know I have to keep myself busy, as I know I'm going to worry about him as well as miss him, (notice I didn't say that about hubby, lol)

The thing to keep me busy is the decorating, as I've not done any last month, what with half term and Clive being home, (and to be honest was thinking I might have another week off). That was until Clive and I went out last Wednesday and ending up finding the wall paper and buying a dining room table and 6 chairs, we also want the units, but needed to come home to see what would fit where, which we have since done.

The shop are being good and saying they will hold it, until we want it delivered, but as we have paid for it, I want it as soon as poss, (in case they go bust or anything and we lose it). So really have to get my finger out, looking on the bright side, as least I can work till I get fed up, knowing 'no Steven' means don't have to pack anything away for the whole week.
Will also have to phone the plumber who did our central heating, as want to take off the radiators, but not sure how it will effect the filling up of the boiler after putting them back on, we are used to a gravity feed sytem.

So think of me in this lovely weather, putting up warmaliner, lining paper and painting, and if I get the time (and the shop has 15 rolls of the paper we want, in), wallpapering...

Tuesday 29 April 2008

Brought tears to my eyes (again)

It was that time of the year again, last week Stevens school was in the Rock Challenge, they did a sports theme. with the Olympics and football being part of it. Steven was in a 'Pompey' strip, which was quite fitting, seeing we (hopefully) have tickets for the FA Cup final at Wemberly next month.

It was lovely also seeing another one of Stevens friends also in the 'Pompey' strip (the one who had the brain tumor removed) come bouncing on the stage, as he loves Match of the Day music, that made it extra special for his parents and friends as we didn't think he would be fit enough to play a part, but to come on so happy, (normally he just walks on, like a typical teenager looking bored, lol).

We had the wheelchairs, speeding round the stage as if they were in the slalom, (their faces were a picture, you could see that they were loving every minute of it, they just loved the speed of zooming round) and another lot of students dressed up in rugby gear and doing the 'hacker' dance and chanting. It was fantastic, and at the end we had five students whirling ribbons round like the Olympic rings, the concentration on their faces as they did it, said it all. I cried all the way through, and even remembering it now, brings tears to my eyes.

We came away with 2 awards this year, which was yet another fantastic achievement, well done to all the staff and students who took part, and a big...

...Thank you for making it a fantastic evening.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Managed it

To find somewhere to stay that is,

check out

roll on next month, cannot come quick enough...

(the only trouble is, Sam is staying home for the first time, what will my house look like when we get back).

Saturday 19 April 2008

Totally CHEESED off

The other night when Clive phoned he said about his contract was ending soon, but they want to re-new it for a further 8 weeks, which he agreed to, but was taking 2 weeks of at the end of the old and the start of the new.
I was fine with this, then Clive actually said why don't we go away for a few days, I was in shock at this, as Clive is NOT one for wanting to go away, and I am always jealous of people who's husbands like to go away.

Well this was great, thought as Steven has a couple of inset days off school soon, we would take the rest of that week off, but NO the head would not give us permission as Steven was due to go on a school trip the following week, she said he needed preparation for that. While I sort of understand about going from one holiday to another would not be good for Steven, but it shows she does not know my son, as Steven does not need preparation, he has no concept of time, so whenever we are going or doing anything you don't tell him to the day otherwise he totally gets confused.

Anyway Clive and I thought we would take him out the 2 days before his extra days off, and she said she could not see a problem, so right now where will we go.

First of all, thought of Ireland, as it's a place Clive has work in, and I've always fancied, and now Sam won't be coming on holidays with us, (she would have found it boring), we could do it. But after looking into that Clive, decided he wanted to take the car and have a good look round, so we would need more time, (note this was after a week of me getting Ireland/flight information, lol).
So we settled on Wales, as they have some trains there and some lovely views and walks, (it was not a place from my "I want to do" list, but saying that, have fancied going on the train up Snowdonia, so not to bad, well that is where the real problems started.

If we change Steven for a dog, we will be fine...

We have just wasted 2 days on the computer and phone, trying to find somewhere to stay, mid wales, where we can have a bed in our room for Steven, NO JOY, we did find a couple but they allow dogs (I'm allergic to them), in fact every Hotel, Bed and Breakfast we looked at, and we have looked at 100's, believe me, we have, all but ONE yes ONE, allow dogs.

SO WHY... it, that a few weeks ago, I was over the moon, at Clive wanting to go away for a few days, what with the school having a moan, and now not finding anywhere to stay, I want to cry, it should not be too difficult to take our son away in this country, we never have this problem aboard, so why do we here.

and NO still have no where to stay, how I feel at the moment, I don't know why we should bother, maybe it was not meant to be, maybe we should just stay at home and vegetate, (and in my case, have a little cry).

Friday 18 April 2008

It's Official.....

.....Clive has lost 3 stone in weight...

I am so proud of him, especially as he has been working away for 4 days a week the last 8 weeks, and still managed to lose over half a stone in that time.

He has been so disciplined, he even brings home the little bags of biscuits they leave in your room, (for Steven's packed lunches). But like Clive said tonight, if he had not started when he did, getting over the initial start before he went away he does not think he would have done as well as he has.

It was because of his life style, he put on the weight in the first place, staying on Hotels, eating full English breakfasts every morning, driving to work, sitting at a computer desk till 10 - 11 at night, driving back to the hotel, eating the biscuits while waiting for room service, having a couple of beers with his supper, then the same the next day, in fact the same everyday.

But things have changed now that now he is a contractor, HE decides when to finish working for the day which is usually not later than 6, (so not eating so late in the day), also where HE is staying, also where HE wants to work.

Friday 11 April 2008


We were lucky to requirer tickets for the FA Cup Final at Wembley

On the Saturday we took a trip by coach to Wembley to see Pompey play West Brom, the first half was a bit scrappy but the 2nd was well worth going for, they played well and we came home with a win, so 'Pompey' are in the FA cup final on the 17th May, first time since 1939.

It was a long day, getting up at 4.45 a.m and Steven was a little confused, he thought we were going on Holiday with such an early start. As we were approaching Southampton Airport, he got excited pointing out of the window, thinking we were going on a plane (what made me laugh is we have never caught a plane from there. Clive had years ago, we use to drop and pick him up, when he was working in Scotland, and Steven remembered this).

Well it was the same as we approached London and Steven saw the Heathrow planes, again with the excited and pointy finger, felt quite sorry for him really. He seemed to enjoy the game, there was over 87,000 people there and we managed to bump into Steve and Steven (Kelly from mine Steven's class, dad and brother) Matt (Nick's brother from class) and Andy was directly seating in front of us, he works for Beechside, (the place where Steven goes to respite), so very small world. When Steven saw Andy his face was all of excitement (thinking of Beechside) but they turned to one of 'hang on what are you doing here?'.

That reminded me of a time we were flying out to Gran Canaria for a summer holiday, and Helen, one one Stevens teachers from school was off to Turkey and heard Steven so come over to say hallo. Well Steven gave her such a horrible look, and then completely turned his back to her, as if to say, hang on here, you are not coming with me to make me do some school work, lol.

With Steven everybody has a place and if they fall out of it, it takes a while for him to except it. Whenever I drop him off at school or Beechside I am not allowed to stay and tell the helpers anything, I just have to go, he pushes me out the door, but when I pick him up I am not allowed to ask questions, as again it's time to go home and he drags me out to the car.

I think if we are lucky enough to get tickets for the final, Steven will enjoy it more, as he will know what to expect. Whenever we go anywhere new, it takes Steven time to get his bearings, then when we go back, he feels as if it's his comfort zone and enjoys himself.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''PLAY UP POMPEY''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Friday 4 April 2008

No win situation

Well have finished both the ceilings, the dining room the other month and the now the lounge one. I managed to rub it down, sugarsoap and seal it last week, then this week primed, undercoated and glossed the coving and 5 coats of silk emulsion on the ceiling, so that's it, now a rest for 2 weeks.

The reason I have 2 weeks off of decorating, is because it's school holidays down here, managed to finish glossing on the coving this morning after putting Steven on the bus, being at his school at 10 for a meeting and him breaking up at 1 p.m.

It's funny, last night was looking up at the ceiling, thinking, oh my goodness I've still got the coving to finish, and was actually getting fed up with decorating, now I'm sitting looking up at the finished ceiling, thinking, 'Oh No' I cannot do anything for 2 weeks now,

and am quite disappointed,

you can't win, when you've GOT to do something, you don't feel like it and when you have NO SPARE time you wish you had some, as you are in the mood for doing it.

Oh well will have to think of what I need to buy for the next step, whatever that is, lol.

Sunday 23 March 2008

No stopping her..

Well around 6 this evening, Sam drove to a local pub, by HERSELF to meet up work friends for a meal (and yes and NO drinking) ...

She phoned to say she got there OK,

Just hope she remembers where the lights are when it's time to come home, otherwise I will be getting another phone call, lol.

Saturday 22 March 2008

Sam's loose on the road

Yep, got her Insured today, took me a few weeks as again with Clive being away, (don't like to change things without checking with him first), our insurers wanted an extra £450 to insure Sam but managed to get it for just over £481 and that was for all 3 of us with the same bits that my original insurer did, so does pay to shop around.

Well, then it was not worth starting it till now, as Sam works just down the road so does not need it for work and lately making the most of life and been out most weekends so she would not be able to drive. But as she has a long weekend with the bank holidays this weekend went for it today.

She decided to go out at lunch time with an old college mate, whose been driving for 3 1/2 years, I drove to our local gym and left them there in the car park, hopefully to give Sam time to get used to the car, before starting out onto the road. She said she would keep in touch, and I walked home, quite a nice day, dry, sunny but very blowy.

I had my first phone call to say she was down my parents and felt sick, then another phone call to say she was now down the seafront, and was shaking as well as still feeling sick, (had stored loads of times, and have had people shaking their heads at her, and cutting her up).

Then a few hours later another call, she is at Fareham, followed by another at Waterlooville and then Emsworth, visiting friends. They ended up staying there for tea, then she phoned to say she was on her way home, by the time she came home it was 10'o'clock and the car that I had filled up with petrol the other day, was down to 1/4 tank. As it was dark I asked if she knew where the lights were she said no, but luckily her friend did, lol.

Looks like not only does she need to know where the lights are BUT ALSO the petrol tank!!!.

It was nice seeing how relaxed she was when she came home though, she even said she MIGHT drive round to see her cousin tomorrow, ON HER OWN...

....and that is when I start worrying even more.

Thursday 6 March 2008

I got plastered

OK, well not me, but my lounge ceiling,

Last Friday I got a phone call, well a 3 way phone call, cos the plaster that I use is deaf, so he has to make calls through his children.

Since the dining room was done, I had decided that when we have the lounge ceiling done, I would do it when Steven was at overnight respite, as now with Clive away, meant it would be left to me to move everything, and so with this in mind, the phone goes Friday tea time, from our plaster to ask if he could come this week on the weds and Thursday, So what on earth processed me to say 'yes' that was OK!!

So Mother's Day what was I doing, well I was in the garage, plaining down some wood, as in our lounge we have some new pipes going up the wall, and they had to be boxed in, (had new central heating fitted a few years ago, when we had a shower room fitted downstairs) yet again it was one of these jobs that 'we will do next week' and then never got done. But with the plaster coming, and Clive going back to Swansea on the Monday, and we were out visiting friends all day Saturday, (too late to get out of it) so Sunday it was. Clive cut the wood, I then plained and rubbed it down, we were lucky as my mum and dad were going for a walk, so they offered to take Steven with them, otherwise would have been doing it well into the evening, if we had to take turns in looking after littlen.

So Clive disappears on Monday to Swansea, and I'm left with moving all the furniture and sorting out Steven, story of my life. Tuesday evening I started taking down the shelves and moving some of the units, including Steven toy box, so on the weds when Steven got up was not impressed seeing thing were NOT how they should be, but managed to get him washed, fed and watered and out the house in record time.

After seeing Steven off on the school bus, came home to finish moving the 3 piece suite, all the shoes/coats etc. out of the hall, well by the time he arrived at 9, I was shattered, but it was done.

I am lucky because all the people that come and work here, usually do it round Steven, and was finished by 3, with coming back today for the odd finishing touches, so all done by 10.30 this morning, then it was the fun bit, the cleaning, the dust got everywhere, even upstairs.

Was hard work, doing it when Steven was home for the night, as he did have a major paddy, but surprisingly I was calm, and at least it is finished.