Thursday, 25 October 2007

lovely day

Well, it's a bit cold and damp here, but in all a lovely day, first of all Steven slept most of the night, which meant I did too, then my 'Once Upon a Time' kit came form QVC,

not sure how I will use it, but it looked beautiful and just had to have it.

I decided to take Steven for a walk along the sea front today, so drove down parked the car and had a lovely walk, went along the front to Old Portsmouth, which bought back happy memories for me of the walks I used to do with my grandad. We got a portion of chips and sat watching the hovercraft going to the Isle of Wight, had a candy floss before heading home, it all a lovey time.

Have just taken littlen to Beechside (his respite) till tomorrow 4pm, came home to hubby making us a chilli. Sam's out on a driving lesson and then out with work mates.

So going to go down stairs open a bottle of wine, and while waiting for tea to be dished up, going to open and have a good look at my papers from QVC. Sad I know, but if it makes me happy, I don't care.


Susan said...

Have you used the papers yet then?
I bought a small pad of them from The Range and I love them but haven't got a clue what to do with them LOL.

maria said...

No, not yet Susan, not doing any scrapping at the moment, just buying, as I really have to finish my christmas cards, only another 75 to do, LOL.