Thursday, 18 October 2007

Where did.......

I did start a blog a few weeks ago, saying, where did September go, but the way things have gone since, it should now read ''where did September/October go''

Right, am going to start with 'where has October gone', and hopefully will catch up with September another day. Well we we did not get back from our hols till 29h Sept, so on Monday the 1st, Steven went back to school, Clive back to work, (Sam was still away till the following Saturday), and me, well was not only trying to catch up with the holiday washing, paper work and business paper work, but also had to sort out the old shed as the new one was being delivered on the Friday, which meant the old one had to be emptied, taken down and got rid of and the ground levelled before Friday 9am.
So in all it was a tiring week, what with trying to catch up with things, do the shed, also had 4 appointments for Steven, but I did it, and after they finished putting up the shed, started to stain it green, and over the weekend managed to do 3 coats with Clive's help, well had to make the most of the dry weather. Also on the Saturday had to pick Sam up from the airport, she was due to land around 8.50 a.m, but was half an hour late, not too bad, but then had her washing to look forward to, great fun, don't you just love going away.

On the Monday Steven went off to school, so thought I would nip to the gym as not been there for about 6/7 weeks, thought I would be sensible and just do 1/2 hour on the treadmill, which I'm glad I did as, as soon as I got home got a phone call from Stevens school, he had a bug and could I collect him, so then it was the, not eating in front of him for the next 24 hours, and lived on cup of soups until he was in bed. He was back to school on the weds, so managed to catch up on the shopping and little house work and yes his extra washing, even managed to get to the gym for 50 min's that day, must make a note to myself 'not to over do things' though.

On the Thursday started doing the housework to get another phone call Steven was bad again, so that put paid to the rest of the week. The worst thing about Steven being bad is he does not realize he is bad, so the poor devil was giving me symbols for apple, crisps etc and all he got was a cup of water, poor little might.
On the Friday I took him bowing, as he was getting a little fed up with being stuck in, but it was where to take him that he does not expect food, like when we go to the bottle bank, we always come back via the cake shop for a marshmallow cornet, or pop into the newsagents for a paper, come out with a 20p mix. So settled on bowling, which he loved and being a school day very empty.

The weekend went well, had some visitors from Derby that were on holiday down here, we have never met them before, but hubby talks to them on the 'G' scale forum, so they came along to look at our trains.
Sunday Steven went out with my mum and dad for a few hours, and there was me thinking ''cool'', a few hours to myself, but no, forgot it had been Sam's friends Birthday on the 9th but she did not see her because her taxi driver (me) did no want to risk passing the bug onto them. So we popped up there, but I did manage to get 1/2 hour sit down before Steven got back. Did think though, at least all this, was this week, and not last, when I had the shed etc. to do, can you imagine it, I would have been pulling my hair out.

Monday Steven was back to school, but had Sam off with bug, then had Clive to the Doctors on the Tuesday for a leg infection, and it being half term next week puts paid to the rest of the month.

Fingers crossed November will see us a little more healthier in this house and me not so busy, LOL.


Susan said...

Sorry to hear about the bug, poor Steven not knowing why you were 'depriving' him, hope he is fully recovered now.

maria said...

Thanks Susan, Steven is fine now, well and truly back to normal and has caught up with the food he missed, LOL.