Thursday, 28 February 2008

Don't think Sam is mine

I have a very strong feeling that my daughter was swapped at birth.

A few weeks ago, she had a day off work, and I dropped her off at Fareham to do some shopping, while I went off to a review about Steven then popped back, met up and had some lunch with her. It was then that she told me about the bits she had bought, (she is now enjoying life, spending her well earned money on herself and not her ex).

Well she had bought a couple of tops, pair of boots and pair of shoes, it was then that I realized she was not mine.

She said while in the shoe shop, they had one shoe of each size on the shelf with a sticking saying buy one get one free on it, so what did my 'so called' daughter think and do, yep, she actually asked the sales assistant if it meant you got the other shoe free, in other words you buy the ONE shoe from the shelf and the other ONE was free.

I could not believe it, I asked her if she was serious did she know know shoes/boots come in PAIRS.

The conclusion I have come to is, either she was swapped at birth or I have been buying her clothes and PAIRS of shoes far to long.

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Susan said...

How funny is that!!! I literally laughed out loud reading it, bless her :)