Monday 3 February 2014

Few more makes

But not card or scrapping, sorry :(

As you know I became a nannie last year and thought it was about time I dug out my knitting needles and knit a couple of cardi's. As we didn't know what 'pudding' would be, (named as it was due at Christmas), I knitted a blue and pick one, so that 'pudding' would have something in the right colour to come home in, (I also brought a pink and blue pack of hats ready as knew it would be cold in December).

I actually started soon after I found out my daughter was pregnant in the April and finished them at the beginning of November, in fact, I was lucky as I only just finished them before William was born. I had a few friends taking the mickey out of me, well, I didn't say I was a fast knitter, in fact I spent more time unpicking, than actual knitting, lol.

OK with William being 5 weeks early and having to stay in hospital for 5 days (luckily in a private room with my daughter) we had time to buy blue items, but Sam and Matt surprised me by bringing him home in the one I made :) and one of the hats I brought.

Then at Christmas I thought I would start another cardi, this time in a bigger size, as not knowing how long it would take me, but surprise, surprise, I actually got in done and dusted in a few weeks lol.

And here is the 'porker' in it (weighed in at 10lb 8oz the other week), OK it's a little too big, but the way he is going, he will be into it very soon, lol.


Valerie-Jael said...

Your cardis are gorgeous, and so is that little porker, what a sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

Svjetlana said...

He is gorgeous and your cardigans are adorable.

Susan said...

He looks so tiny in that first pic, the cardis are lovely Maria, really like the collar, you must have been so proud that he came home wearing it :)

Hi it's Maria said...

Thanks ladies,

I was chuffed with myself knitting them and seeing William wearing them

Especially as most youngster want their babies in fashionable clothing not handmade nowadays. But Sam and Matt were chuffed I had a go at knitting for their son.

Jacqui said...

Ah Maria, that is too cute! He is adorable! Bet you're loving all those cuddles. Well done with the knitting - I have total respect to anyone that can do anything creative with needles of any description! Well done - those cardis are great!

Hi it's Maria said...

Thanks Jak and yes and still enjoying lots of cuddles :) xx