Monday, 23 July 2007

School Hols

Well it's time of year again, the start of the school holidays, this is when the weather usually changes for the worse, which I sincerely hope it does not for all those poor people who are flooded.
We are lucky here, they only thing I have to look forward to, is the global warming and the rise of the sea, as it is predicted we will be under water within the next 100 years, OK don't think I will be around by then, LOL, but some somebody related to me might.

Have not blogged much later, hopefully will catch up, also still trying to read the New Harry Potter book, (Sam's already finished it, she told her boyfriend she was not seeing him all weekend, or until she has finished the book, she said she was a little disappointed with it, bit of an anti-climax) but in my case, did think of saying to Clive and the kids, I would not do anything in the house until it was finished, then again, thought Clive would probably look up and say 'whats new'.
I only usually get the evenings to read after Steven is in bed, but for once in a blue moon, was out Saturday for a girly night, ironing Sunday (OK, that is not once in a blue moon, I do the ironing every Sunday evening :-( ) and tonight Steven is at Pitt Street (a gym, with a walk on trampoline and foam pits, it's used for gymnastic training, don't think you'll ever see Steven in any future Olympics though, as he has trouble standing up on the trampoline, LOL).
So not getting very far with it, saying that when Steven has been watching a DVD which he usually likes me to sit down with him, to do 'this little Piggy' on his toes, or 'round around the garden' have been picking up the book, so been having a little read, in between the piggies and gardens of course, LOL.


Susan said...

Oh Pitt Street sounds like fun, I love trampolines!

I have only read the first two Harry Potters, I might get round to reading the rest one day LOL.

maria said...

What have you been doing with your life, only read the first 2, I'm disapponted in you, LOL