Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sports Day

Today my son's school, had their first ever sports day, and what a lovely day it was too, the sun was shinning, no wind, a beautiful day. It was in the grounds at St James Hospital (which is within walking distance of the school) never been in the grounds before, they were lovely, been to the Hospital a few times though, the last time was the Roz Blackburn talk last month.

Well how did he do, well Steven came third in 2 games, rolling a tennis ball down a pipe and knocking over skittles and rolling a big gym ball at some skittles. Not sure how his 'yellow' team did overall as I left before they added up the points, as I was meeting Sam for lunch. But, when I left him, he was wearing two yellow 3rd place ribbons, and when I picked him up an hour later, he had one 3rd place ribbon and one chewed which I think was a 3rd place ribbon. Not sure as it was chewed so much, it had no writing left on it, in fact it was a good job I knew what it had been as Clive and Sam and no idea when I showed it too them, I gather the packed lunch was not enough for him, LOL.

Also when I left, one of his Autistic friends had 4 x 1st place red ribbons all in a neat row on his t-shirt and his mum was not sure what he would do, if he came 2nd or 3rd (green or yellow), and another of his friends, well I know he won 2 ribbons, as he had the holes in his t-shirt to prove it, where he had pulled them off. Kids don't you just love them, LOL

On a sad note, just found out one of the mums I know (she has 2 special children, 1 still as Stevens school) died today, after a short illness (she was only in her late 40's and it was the dreaded 'C' word) not sure how much the boys know yet, my heart goes out to all of them.


Susan said...

Yay! Well done Steven!

maria said...

Thanks Susan