Thursday, 26 July 2007

Peace and quiet

Steven is still lounging in bed, watching a teletubbies DVD, saying that he was up 3 times last night, the last being at 4a.m, so wish it was me still in bed.

I've made the most of the peace and quiet, after sorting out Clive's and Sam's breakfasts and lunches and sending them on their way.
Thought I would quickly catch up on the bills etc. to notice I took the spending money for the holiday from the wrong account, (got 3 accounts in the same bank, joint, mine and a joint one with Steven) so will have to sort that out later, sounds as the DVD's finished, did notice though that I have NOW have my refund for the P&P from QVC, which was ready to be sent back on the 5th June, good to see they are on the ball with quickness, LOL No really just pleased I got it back.

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