Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The day dawned..

..of the wedding, my nephew got married last Saturday, and we were very lucky with the weather it was lovely, it was at St Mary's, a local church and as I said previously Sam was one of the 4 bridesmaids, the shoes worked out well, no mishaps in the church, but during the photos she came over to me and showed me her shoes and where her feet where the glue was starting to go soft, but no real problem with them and both she and the shoes survived the day.

It was tearful seeing the groom getting married, as I remember him 22 years next month as my little page boy, where does the time go, the bride was stunning, the dress she wore was beautiful, she just glowed with happiness.

Steven was excellent both in the church and with the speeches at the reception afterwards. Both Clive and I held our breaths when the vicar come to the bit 'anyone know why these two persons should not be married' was ready to gag him but no he was great, very proud of him. After the main meal they asked everyone to vacate the room while they cleared it for the evening do, where everyone else descended to the bar or outside for a ciggy, we ended up going home, as to Steven when we were asked to leave the room that was it, finished, time out, time to go home. I as a little bit disappointed as I missed their first dance as a married couple, but hey Steven was fantastic all day and what more could I have asked for, and that's the fun of having a 'special' child, they to a certain extent, rule your life.

Sam stayed behind as her boyfriend was coming to the evening do, was a little pleased as he arrived as we were going, as Sam has consumed a bottle and half of wine (I had the other half, we had 3 bottles on our table and it was only Sam and I that drank, Clive would normally but he was driving, I was lucky to stop her there). Was a little worried as Sam does not drink much, she prefers water with her meal when she goes out with friends and does not like clubbing or pubbing, so I am very lucky with her, but she was fine started on the water when we left.

Me I'm not use to drinking much either, I can remember getting home, getting changed and having a quick wash so Clive could change, then the next thing I knows, it's 10.20, Steven is in bed and hubby on the computer, that's why I don't drink much it puts me to sleep, LOL.

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Susan said...

Glad you had a nice day (and that the shoes were okay LOL)