Friday, 18 April 2008

It's Official.....

.....Clive has lost 3 stone in weight...

I am so proud of him, especially as he has been working away for 4 days a week the last 8 weeks, and still managed to lose over half a stone in that time.

He has been so disciplined, he even brings home the little bags of biscuits they leave in your room, (for Steven's packed lunches). But like Clive said tonight, if he had not started when he did, getting over the initial start before he went away he does not think he would have done as well as he has.

It was because of his life style, he put on the weight in the first place, staying on Hotels, eating full English breakfasts every morning, driving to work, sitting at a computer desk till 10 - 11 at night, driving back to the hotel, eating the biscuits while waiting for room service, having a couple of beers with his supper, then the same the next day, in fact the same everyday.

But things have changed now that now he is a contractor, HE decides when to finish working for the day which is usually not later than 6, (so not eating so late in the day), also where HE is staying, also where HE wants to work.

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Susan said...

He has done fantastically well, I know how hard it is to try and lose a few pounds so three stone is amazing. Well done Clive! I bet he feels better for it too.