Saturday, 19 April 2008

Totally CHEESED off

The other night when Clive phoned he said about his contract was ending soon, but they want to re-new it for a further 8 weeks, which he agreed to, but was taking 2 weeks of at the end of the old and the start of the new.
I was fine with this, then Clive actually said why don't we go away for a few days, I was in shock at this, as Clive is NOT one for wanting to go away, and I am always jealous of people who's husbands like to go away.

Well this was great, thought as Steven has a couple of inset days off school soon, we would take the rest of that week off, but NO the head would not give us permission as Steven was due to go on a school trip the following week, she said he needed preparation for that. While I sort of understand about going from one holiday to another would not be good for Steven, but it shows she does not know my son, as Steven does not need preparation, he has no concept of time, so whenever we are going or doing anything you don't tell him to the day otherwise he totally gets confused.

Anyway Clive and I thought we would take him out the 2 days before his extra days off, and she said she could not see a problem, so right now where will we go.

First of all, thought of Ireland, as it's a place Clive has work in, and I've always fancied, and now Sam won't be coming on holidays with us, (she would have found it boring), we could do it. But after looking into that Clive, decided he wanted to take the car and have a good look round, so we would need more time, (note this was after a week of me getting Ireland/flight information, lol).
So we settled on Wales, as they have some trains there and some lovely views and walks, (it was not a place from my "I want to do" list, but saying that, have fancied going on the train up Snowdonia, so not to bad, well that is where the real problems started.

If we change Steven for a dog, we will be fine...

We have just wasted 2 days on the computer and phone, trying to find somewhere to stay, mid wales, where we can have a bed in our room for Steven, NO JOY, we did find a couple but they allow dogs (I'm allergic to them), in fact every Hotel, Bed and Breakfast we looked at, and we have looked at 100's, believe me, we have, all but ONE yes ONE, allow dogs.

SO WHY... it, that a few weeks ago, I was over the moon, at Clive wanting to go away for a few days, what with the school having a moan, and now not finding anywhere to stay, I want to cry, it should not be too difficult to take our son away in this country, we never have this problem aboard, so why do we here.

and NO still have no where to stay, how I feel at the moment, I don't know why we should bother, maybe it was not meant to be, maybe we should just stay at home and vegetate, (and in my case, have a little cry).

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Susan said...

That sounds really unfair and to be honest it is not something the everyday person thinks about, until you have someone in your life with special needs or disabilities you have no idea how difficult "normal" things are. No wonder you felt fed up.