Friday, 4 April 2008

No win situation

Well have finished both the ceilings, the dining room the other month and the now the lounge one. I managed to rub it down, sugarsoap and seal it last week, then this week primed, undercoated and glossed the coving and 5 coats of silk emulsion on the ceiling, so that's it, now a rest for 2 weeks.

The reason I have 2 weeks off of decorating, is because it's school holidays down here, managed to finish glossing on the coving this morning after putting Steven on the bus, being at his school at 10 for a meeting and him breaking up at 1 p.m.

It's funny, last night was looking up at the ceiling, thinking, oh my goodness I've still got the coving to finish, and was actually getting fed up with decorating, now I'm sitting looking up at the finished ceiling, thinking, 'Oh No' I cannot do anything for 2 weeks now,

and am quite disappointed,

you can't win, when you've GOT to do something, you don't feel like it and when you have NO SPARE time you wish you had some, as you are in the mood for doing it.

Oh well will have to think of what I need to buy for the next step, whatever that is, lol.

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