Friday, 11 April 2008


We were lucky to requirer tickets for the FA Cup Final at Wembley

On the Saturday we took a trip by coach to Wembley to see Pompey play West Brom, the first half was a bit scrappy but the 2nd was well worth going for, they played well and we came home with a win, so 'Pompey' are in the FA cup final on the 17th May, first time since 1939.

It was a long day, getting up at 4.45 a.m and Steven was a little confused, he thought we were going on Holiday with such an early start. As we were approaching Southampton Airport, he got excited pointing out of the window, thinking we were going on a plane (what made me laugh is we have never caught a plane from there. Clive had years ago, we use to drop and pick him up, when he was working in Scotland, and Steven remembered this).

Well it was the same as we approached London and Steven saw the Heathrow planes, again with the excited and pointy finger, felt quite sorry for him really. He seemed to enjoy the game, there was over 87,000 people there and we managed to bump into Steve and Steven (Kelly from mine Steven's class, dad and brother) Matt (Nick's brother from class) and Andy was directly seating in front of us, he works for Beechside, (the place where Steven goes to respite), so very small world. When Steven saw Andy his face was all of excitement (thinking of Beechside) but they turned to one of 'hang on what are you doing here?'.

That reminded me of a time we were flying out to Gran Canaria for a summer holiday, and Helen, one one Stevens teachers from school was off to Turkey and heard Steven so come over to say hallo. Well Steven gave her such a horrible look, and then completely turned his back to her, as if to say, hang on here, you are not coming with me to make me do some school work, lol.

With Steven everybody has a place and if they fall out of it, it takes a while for him to except it. Whenever I drop him off at school or Beechside I am not allowed to stay and tell the helpers anything, I just have to go, he pushes me out the door, but when I pick him up I am not allowed to ask questions, as again it's time to go home and he drags me out to the car.

I think if we are lucky enough to get tickets for the final, Steven will enjoy it more, as he will know what to expect. Whenever we go anywhere new, it takes Steven time to get his bearings, then when we go back, he feels as if it's his comfort zone and enjoys himself.

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''PLAY UP POMPEY''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

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Susan said...

I am glad you had a nice time, LOL at thinking you were going on holiday.
I don't like change much and if I see someone out of their normal place it usually takes me a while to click who they are so I guess Steven and me have something in common :)