Sunday, 11 May 2008

Going to feel lost....

...tomorrow, as had hubby home the last 2 weeks and tomorrow he starts on another 9 week contract in Swansea, but to make matters worse, Steven is off over the I.O.W with the school tomorrow, till Friday, how on earth am I going to cope.

I know I have to keep myself busy, as I know I'm going to worry about him as well as miss him, (notice I didn't say that about hubby, lol)

The thing to keep me busy is the decorating, as I've not done any last month, what with half term and Clive being home, (and to be honest was thinking I might have another week off). That was until Clive and I went out last Wednesday and ending up finding the wall paper and buying a dining room table and 6 chairs, we also want the units, but needed to come home to see what would fit where, which we have since done.

The shop are being good and saying they will hold it, until we want it delivered, but as we have paid for it, I want it as soon as poss, (in case they go bust or anything and we lose it). So really have to get my finger out, looking on the bright side, as least I can work till I get fed up, knowing 'no Steven' means don't have to pack anything away for the whole week.
Will also have to phone the plumber who did our central heating, as want to take off the radiators, but not sure how it will effect the filling up of the boiler after putting them back on, we are used to a gravity feed sytem.

So think of me in this lovely weather, putting up warmaliner, lining paper and painting, and if I get the time (and the shop has 15 rolls of the paper we want, in), wallpapering...

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Susan said...

Hi Maria, hope you are not too tired after all your decorating!
Have you coped okay without your boy?