Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What a weekend!!!

Yea......POMPEY WON THE FA CUP (sorry you Cardiff supporters)

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the final, and what can I say, that extra 4 minutes extra time might have been an hour, it felt like it, got the grey hair to prove it..(I'm sure the ref was a Cardiff supporter, he was dressed in the same colours, lol).

It was a great day, left here at 7.45, got a taxi down to Fratton Park to pick up the coach, this time Steven did not think we were going on holiday (as he remembered the routine of the semi-final) all I got all the way was 'nana' but I knew this meant Grandad, as last time we saw him before the match, and yes I knew we would see him again as we always met up as Clive sits with my dad and nephew.
The atmosphere was fab, outside you didn't hear the Cardiff supporters but inside they did have their voices on high. Even after the win it was lovely as we walked back to the car park and the Cardiff coaches were leaving, you had Pompey supporters standing there clapping them, it was great, no trouble either way, it's a shame someone has to lose, but that's the aim of the game. (been reading our local newspaper and on the letter pages, there has been quite a few from Cardiff fans, thanking us for the support and clapping at the end of the game, they said it was a shame to lose but wish us luck in Europe, now why can't all teams respect each other)

We got home around 10.20pm so another long day.

On the Sunday we walked back down to Fratten Park to see the parade of the cup, well we couldn't miss that, could we! again the atmosphere was great, got some pictures will try and see if I can up load them some time. We didn't go down to the common, as with Steven in the wheelchair unless we were in front, Steven got elbows, handbags and cigarettes in his face, also how many peoples ankles would I have got as people did seem to realize they suddenly stopped, and there were over 200 thousand people, so we slowly walked home, but hey what a great end to a fantastic weekend (and in Stevens case a very busy week).


See you in Europe.....

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Susan said...

Well done Pompey, I bet all your town was buzzing for days.