Friday, 16 May 2008

The wonderer returns

Got my little boy back today, and yes he is a lovely colour as he was lucky with the weather, I think he has had a good time, didn't seem in a hurry to come home with me, should be pleased, he kept holding Nicks hand (one of Stevens closest friends, who also went), Nick looked as if he was about to fall asleep standing up, but Steven was Steven still flapping like he does when he is happy. It's funny in his bag, he was given a letter about a Butlins trip they are doing for the sixth form in October, my goodness had not even got him home and they were offering him another trip (and needed a £100 deposit, lol).
It is nice that he has the chance of these breaks and I know how independent he was after he's first one last year, will be interesting to see how he has changed from this one, he has already cleared the table after tea, and I say cleared I mean it, usually he takes out his own plate, but he took all ours too. Am thinking of sending Sam on one, think she is the one that needs to learn.

Well the week started quite eventful, as on the Friday before Steven had come home with some else's glasses on, tried phoning the school but no answer, so just left a message, while I was doing this Steven had taken off his spare pair of glasses and put them somewhere, asked where they were, he answered 'gone, gone, gone'. Well normally I find this sweet but was more concerned he now had no glasses to wear!!! after half hour of frantic searching found them back in their case on the dining room table, I gather he had got used to the ones he had been wearing all day, rather than his own, all weekend he was watched to make sure they were not lost again.

Phone the school Monday to be told they knew nothing and have I tried transport, so while putting Steven on the school bus, was asking the escort if she knew anything about the glasses, but no joy there either, ran all the way home to phone the school again to let them know, they said they would look into it and get back to me. So I started getting things ready for the decorating, and got the phone call they had found them at 10am, one of the assistants had taken Steven's home in his shirt pocket on the Friday and forgot to tell the school, he were told he was to bring them back to school, before Steven leaves for his trip at lunch time, (as the assistant was not working that day).

I was so relieved, I actually found I relaxed a bit, knowing that he would be going away with 2 pairs of glasses, the only trouble is there is a child going round the school with no glasses on, as they don't know whose the others belong to, lol.

Oh yes Steven managed to do windsurfing, keelboating and powerboating while away, cannot wait for the open evening when we get invited to the school to see the video of what they have done over the week.

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Susan said...

It sounds like he had a fabulous time but I bet you missed him loads, well done to him for clearing up the plates :)