Sunday, 25 May 2008

Well where does the time go to?

After all the excitement (not) of the missing glasses on the Monday, got to start the decorating, carried on till 5pm, as was going out to for a meal with another mum whose boy went away with Steven, (her hubby and son were out playing footy, Clive away and Sam was going out with new boyfriend, so we decided to treat ourselves), the fun bit was... Sam to drive us both to the restaurant, well, it made a change for her to be the taxi driver and not me, lol. We had a lovely meal, it was a very relaxing evening, the couple of bottles of wine might have help too, then her hubby picked us up.

On the Tuesday, I got up as usual, saw Sam off to work (doing her packed lunch etc.) was at the gym by 8.15, then back home to the decorating, but carried on in the evening as Sam was out for tea with new boyfriend, on the Wednesday the same, but no Sam in the evening at all, she stayed over at a friends as her partner was away, so I was in the house on my little loansome, so carried working till gone 10, showered and fell into bed, same with Thursday, but as hubby came home that evening stopped at 6. On the Friday I did some tidying up, as had a meeting at the school, and Steven was due home about 1.30, (and I wanted to pick him up as soon as he got back to school), also helped Clive take off the radiators, curtain rails and move the (chiming) clock, ready for me starting again on the Monday. (see previous post about the weekend)

Well last Monday (19th) till the Thursday saw Steven onto the school bus every morning, back home and straight into the decorating till 2pm (missed out the gym, as no time), tidy up, showered, picked Steven up, then after putting him to bed, managed to do a few more hours decorating in the evening, WELL I DID IT, finished the wallpapering at 2 minutes past midnight Friday morning.

As hubby was home on the Friday, after putting the radiators back on and checking it worked, went out and chose a carpet, now have to wait a couple of weeks till that comes in, Steven and I are going to order the new units this week, but again like the table, will have them delivered after the carpet is laid, (whenever that is, LOL). Left Clive to put the curtain rails back up, as I had the hairdressers, well a girl has to get her priority's right, and get her (grey) roots done.

Well cannot believe it, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, THEN...

... it will be sorting out through all the boxes of stuff I took out the old units to put into the new SMALLER ones, lol.

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