Thursday, 14 June 2007

Fed up waiting...

... am suppose to be doing the house work, but hubby is due to have a parcel delivered today, so as our bell does not work, which is normally good, as it means we don't get everyone ringing it and when I know somebody is due, I put note on the front door telling them to knock the inner door, sorry back to the moan...

... well, I have to keep stopping and checking no body's there, feel as if I' m not getting nowhere fast, I hate doing the housework at the best of time anyway, without it taking longer cos of all the stopping.

Also waiting for someone to collect a parcel for QVC, I phoned them beginning of last week and still no joy, had to ring them up again last night to remind them. While watching a crafty programme, yes surprise, surprise, saw this storage crate on it,,html
and thought it would be great to store all my 12 x 12 finished scrapbooks in, (OK only done a few pages of one, but might have given me incentive to carry on) anyway arrived quite quickly (for QVC) to find out a standard 12 x 12 does not fit in it. Was disappointed, as the measurements (14 x 20) AND the presenter said they would, when I phoned to query it, they said they would refund me the item, but not the P&P until they measure it to see if I am right, have taken a copy of the item off QVC (in case they remove or change it) as it shows the measurements as wrong, am learning, as still fighting MFI for my kitchen to be sorted.

The weather has changed here again, has been lovely, but today is cooler and we a few spots of rain yesterday evening, at least it saved us watering the garden. I knew it was going to change not because I listen to the weather forecast as I don't, I just take one day at a time, but because I handed Stevens boots in to be re-soled yesterday after school, so yes we are back down to one pair so yep, bring on the rain, LOL. it happens every time.
I have asked them to put 'urgent' on the bag as these are his trainer boots and we have sports day coming up, so it would be nice for him to be in his trainers and not his boots, could not leave getting them done, as he was already through part of the sole and starting to wear the boots down, oh well we'll have to wait and see.

Better get back to the hoovering, otherwise it will be time for another 'fed up' tea break, LOL. also still have a birthday card to do, as it's a friends Birthday tomorrow and I have to pop it round to her some time today.

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Susan said...

That is very naughty of QVC, they should be refunding the whole amount. I ordered a suede blouse a few weeks ago and paid over £5 for p&p, anyway when it arrived it was hideous but I knew it would cost me a fortune to post back as it was so heavy and in a huge box so I phoned QVC and asked them to collect it, they did but they would not refund the original p&p - I know they don't have to and it was my own fault for ordering it but it does put you off buying from them.