Thursday, 21 June 2007

QVC collections

Still waiting for them to collect the storage crate, the annoying thing is they will not refund anything until they get it back. I phoned them again last week and was told the courier had until 6pm Tuesday to collect but if not, to phone back, so waited and nobody came, so I phoned back and was told they would submit another collection form and yes it will be collected in the next 7 working days.

In fact, this has bought back few memories, as a few years ago when I first starting card making I bought one of their craft TSV (Today Special Value, an item at a reduced price for 24 hours only), was all excited when it arrived, (sad I know), but when I opened it, it was a' Molton Brown' bath set. How this happened I don't know, as it is a different number completely, cannot understand how the person posting it out, made that mistake, anyway by this time the one I wanted was out of stock, so had to go without

Was told then, that someone would be round to collect the 'Molton Brown' stuff, but this time they gave me a refund up front before them getting it back, as I said it was a Birthday present and needed my cash back to get the person another present, and it was their mistake, (it was the truth, as half of it was a present, as I was giving half to my niece for her Birthday, OK that was months away, but hey they didn't need to know that).

To this day, it's still has not been collected, phoned them on and off for a couple of months, (only because it is a free phone number), but nobody ever came, so the Molton Brown gift set went to my son's school raffle last year. I look at at it as a donation for all the hassle I went through with no craft TSV, the phone calls and the waiting in.

So thinking about it, I'm no going to hold my breath, but saying that they have not given me my money back yet, so looks like I will be badgering them till they do.


Susan said...

That's not very good is it? I find with QVC that you can talk to someone who seems to be on the ball and know what they are doing and then another time you get a right muppet who will fob you off just to get rid of you.

maria said...

I know the feeling, just hope I get a nice person when they measure the box and realize they've got the measurements wrong so I can have my P&P back too :-(