Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Don't go there...

my daughter has been asked to be a bridesmaid, not once but twice this year, the first time will be a week Saturday (7th July), when my nephew gets married local, and the other is in September, for my niece who is getting married in Orlando, Florida.

While, when she was first asked, she was over the moon, (as never been a bridesmaid before) but now she is having second thoughts and seriously wondering if it's all worth it, to be honest so am I.

To help out both my nephew and niece, I offered to pay for Sam's dresses, they are both being handmade, the one in September has not been started yet, (which is fine, still got plenty of time) and the one for the 7th is still not finished, also I feel that one has not been made that well either, it does not hang right and my daughter is sulking as it does not show off her lovely thin waist.

You thought that would be it, but no, there was worse to come, the shoes, both brides want silver, fine, but they wanted Sam to wear a 3" thin heel, here is a child who at 13 was 5ft 7" so has never worn heels in her life, as she has never needed to, (she is now nearly 5ft 8") not only is she going to tower over everyone (my niece is only 5ft 3"), but that's if she does not break her neck walking in them.

This has caused major headache's in my case, as I can see where Sam is coming from (she is frightened she will trip and ruin their weddings), but also the brides, as it's their day.
Oh what a nightmare, it bought a big migraine last week and have not had one of those in years, it's taken me till now to feel better, it really did knock me for six.

Then the other day I found out that the wedding on the 7th July, the other 3 bridesmaids have got different shoes, so I asked if Sam could wear her silver ballerina pumps, NO has to be heels of at least 1", fine can I get some, nope, no 1" sandals to be had anywhere.

Now me being crafty minded and thinking of my daughter and their wedding (her not breaking her neck in church) came up with the idea I would change a pair of my old gold strappy sandals (got 1" little chunky heels).
So popped down to the material shop and managed to get a pot of dylon silver dye, done 3 coats, but I felt still not quite right, so used my craft planet silver glitter glue over the top of the silver dye, (the ones Becky wants her to wear in September, are all glitter, so they are into the glitter).

WOW what can I say, FANTASTIC, (if I say so myself,) finished them this morning Sam tried them on this evening and yes she can walk in them (just) the bride has no seen them yet, they have a dress fitting Saturday, so fingers crossed, hopefully come Saturday afternoon, I will just have Sam moaning about her (horrible) fitted dress, LOL.

Oh what joys, saying that the September wedding are short dresses, so she wants the two bridesmaids in the same 3" heeled glitter sandals, so Sam is going to have to start learning to walk in them, as cannot change that (as I've not got another pair of old gold strappy sandals), unless..............

.................... the 3" heels ones, might just get lost at the airport, going out to America, LOL.


Susan said...

See all that craft stuff does have it's uses!!

I would definitely break my legs (or neck) if I tried to walk in 3in heels and I am only 5.4 LOL.

maria said...

That's what I told Clive, when I was ordering some more bits from hallmark last week, LOL.

Saying that, he used some of my thin double sided tape for his trains last night, so good job I had some.