Thursday, 7 June 2007

Am still here, honest...

Sorry, been really busy trying to catch up with the chores of the house and the business, as it was half term here last week, but to top it all, have Steven home again today.

Even though he went back to school on Monday, they have today and tomorrow off as inset days, very confusing for him, and hard work for me, as tried to do 2 weeks chores etc. in 3 days, and yes didn't quite happen, LOL, so more to catch up on next week, oh well that's life.


Susan said...

Don't children these days seem to get more time off school? I can't remember having inset days etc, before you know it it will be the long summer hols.

maria said...

Oh God Susan, don't say that, I have loads to do before he breaks up for the summer,

and yes it does feel as if he's never at school. Especially as he had the extra week off when his old school closed, LOL.