Wednesday, 13 June 2007

So what have I been up to, well....

......we had half term, did not start off too well weather wise, normally the rain does not worry us, we just go out and change into dry clothes when we get back, but this Half term Steven had only one pair of boots, as on the Thursday before half term, the others were left at the Hospital to be sent away to be re-soled. So the weather was a big factor, cos he could not get his one pair of boots too wet, we went out for drives and had my parents up for Sunday lunch.

On the BH Monday stayed in again due to the weather, but Tuesday was great, so with Clive and Sam back to work thought Steven and I would make the most of the dry weather, and decided to go across the the Isles of Wight for a few hours, thought an extra treat we would get a bus down to the fastcat, phoned my parents up to see if they wanted to come which they did, met them down at the Fastcat.

Had a lovely day, just plodded around Ryde, stopped for a sandwich then caught the fastcat home again. It was lovely but feel it was a little too expensive for just a few hours out, the bus was £2.90 each, and the fastcat £13 each, was lucky to print a voucher off the Internet so that was half price with BOGOF, if not with mum and dad it would have worked out cheaper to take the car than be foot passengers, shame, that's why we don't go over there much. I think it's the most expensive piece of water to cross in Europe.

The rest of the week was not too bad weather wise, so it was trips to the bottle bank, which really helps with frustration, listening to the breaking of the glass, which Steven loves, 2 hospital visits, bowling trip with some school friends, and walks round local places like Portsdown Hill and Baffins pond, all in all a good week.

It was back to school on the Monday, well for 3 days, as his school had the Thursday and Friday off as inset days. We were lucky with the weather and thought we would make the most of it NOT being school holidays, went for a trip up the Spinnaker Tower on the Thursday and visit to the sea life centre on the Friday. (lovely no school children, hence no queues).

This week was lucky to get a phone call to say his boots were ready for collection, (can take up to 6 weeks normally), which is good as his others now need to be re-soled, (they just don't make them strong enough for him).

Cannot believe another week is all most over, where does the time go to? there showing my age now, as I can remember both my nan and mum saying that and thinking ''what are they on about'', LOL.

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Susan said...

And I thought crossing the River Humber was expensive!