Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Where is the time going to...

Cannot believe it's the 1st of August already, where is the year going to, Steven is at a special needs play scheme today, normally you are only allowed 8 days over the 4 weeks that it's run, but they've had some cancellations so managed to get him in an extra few days. He loves it as most of his school friends are there, and it gives me time to get the boring stuff done and the things I have trouble doing with him around like the housework, and yesterday even managed to do a big shop.

Only normally do small ones through the holiday, as I hate it when the kids are off, too busy, I like to leave the trolley at the end of an aisle rather than fight my way through it, but if I've got Steven with me cannot do that, our trolley has to stay with us. I did once say to him, lets leave the trolley here and walk down to get some bits, but he ended up grabbing it at the last minute causing a total traffic jam and nearly hitting a lady with it, hence only small shops with him, LOL. He does love going though, he has really gone into 'help' mode when we are out.

Today cos of the extra freedom, and the lovely dry weather I have emptied the garden shed out and having a good clear out, anyone want a pogo stick or 2 wheeled scooter? can see a trip to the charity shop coming on in the next day or so, LOL.

Well better get back to it, also want to pop up to the respite place that Steven goes to, as he has out grown his special trike (all £600 of it) so rather than it sit and go rusty in the shed, going to see if they can get some use out of it, but have to go before collecting littlen from play scheme as it will confuse him and think he is staying there.
Saying that, he has a 2 night stay this weekend, I'm sort of looking froward to it, as he is going through a 'getting out of bed' stage, 3-4 times a night at the moment, so am looking forward to whole night of staying in bed, still going to miss him though, especially as he had only done a few 2 nights stay, normally it's a one night at a time.


Susan said...

I know what you mean about doing the shopping when the kids are off, I don't know who is worse - the kids or their parents screaming at them LOL. Our local Tesco is having alterations done at the moment as well so it is even more of a nightmare, Graham won't come with me as it stresses him out too much!

maria said...

I know what you mean Clive does not know what the word 'shopping' is, I think he thinks all the food gets into the cupboards by them self, LOL.