Sunday, 26 August 2007

MFI update

Well, had not heard anything after getting my £75 back to having the oven checked (if you remember MFI told me to get the oven checked as they said that was the reason the doors were melting, but the oven was fine, so as nothing was wrong with it I was left a £75 bill so I asked MFI to foot the bill as it was them who asked me to have it checked) anyway I got my money back. The manager told me to leave it with him, as my claim was with the arbitration board.

Well that was on the 31st May still had not heard anything by the 31st July so another trip round to MFI to be told the manager had left a few weeks earlier and the new one knew nothing about me or my kitchen and the gentleman who sold me the kitchen was not working that day.
The new manager said he would have a word and get someone to phone me the next day, well he did and said he did not know how things were and would get back to me the next day. Surprisingly he did that too, to say the insurance company was not budging with compensation of £97 this being on a £4,500. kitchen, said I still was not happy he said he would look into it and get back to me.

Well a few days later the store has agreed to replace ALL the doors/drawers of a similar style (same colour) if we wanted, so Clive and I popped round to see it, very much like the one we got, so agreed to it, delivery for the 25th August.
Well I kept looking at the list and felt something was not quite right, good job I did, they had missed out 3 doors completely. So back round there again and luckily can still all be delivered on the 25th, being a Saturday meant Clive would be home so one of us could watch Steven, we had to checked the doors/drawers over, then phone them for a fitting date, also we would end up with all the base and wall units that we did not want, but the would collect them from us, fine.

Well yesterday came and YES they arrived and YES they were all OK, well apart from the fan door is smaller than the one we've got but that can be sorted, so I phoned MFI up and spoke to the manager, told him I had checked them and when could they be fitted, well he said he had NOT authorized fitting or collection of the bases etc. that I did not order. Said he would look into it and get back to us.

Well today no phone call so I ended up phoning them, and managed to speak to the man you said they would fit them, and he said he would speak to a fitter Tuesday as it's BH Monday tomorrow and get back to me with a time and date.

I would say watch this space.... but I have no space, as I have 40 boxes round the house, LOL.


Susan said...

Hope you get it all sorted. Why is nothing ever straightforward? It gets really annoying having to explain yourself to new sales people all the time doesn't it?

maria said...

Thanks Susan, am gettng a little cheesed off, this has been going on since 10th Feb, arhhhhhhh