Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Had a busy week or so, last Monday (13th) saw my daughter turn 20, she was not impressed as she is no longer a teenager and not yet an adult, (21) all day she was saying I'm now in my twenty's, I'm getting old....

She had the day off work, and I got Steven into the play scheme, Clive was working so we had a girly day, we don't get chance to have them now she is working full time and at weekends, got Clive and Steven around and to be honest I don't like shopping at the weekends, it's as bad as the school holidays.

She got up and opened her cards and pressies, then we took Steven to play scheme, then had to pop into college as she had to pick some of her course work up. After that we headed to Whiteley where she did a little shopping, got a few bargains, a lovey pink dress from £50 down to £15, she looked lovely in it, after that went into Fareham again for more shopping, this time I also came away with a few clothes bargains too, we also stopped for a coffee and baguette.

Then it was home to pick up our tortoises, all 4 of them, to take them to the vets to be micro chipped, then home again in time for Steven. But a wicked mum I am, was late as we got caught up in the road works back from the vets, and was not in when he came home. My neighbour came out to tell me I had missed him, (so now the neighbours know what a wicked mum I am too), I left Sam here with the tortoises while I drove around a few roads looking for them, (as I know there is a few more children being dropped off locally) well could not find them, so came back to wait. I knew they would drop of all the others before coming back with him, which they did, I felt so guilty though. Did not want to make a big thing of it in front of Sam, as did not want her to feel guilty too, as it was her day and nobodies fought really, but I did feel bad, he was fine, think he loved being on the mini bus for that bit longer.

In the evening we went out for a meal with Sam and present boyfriend, (who I'm not a lover of, but that's another story) my mum, dad and of course Steven and Clive. We tried a new place to us 'The taste of China' in Cosham, very nice, we got lots of different dishes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then back home for her Birthday cake, which was a pink, glittery cake with 'my little pony' on it, well you're only 20 once. Saying that's it's more that my life's worth if she does not have a Birthday, banners and balloons, LOL.

and now Sam has said, she is twenteen, so she can still be a teenager.

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Susan said...

Oh to be twenty again....
Glad you had a nice girly day together and I am sure no one thinks you are a bad mother for missing the bus.