Wednesday, 22 August 2007

up's and down's

Hiya, have had a up and down few weeks, one of the downs is that Steven hurt himself getting off the play scheme mini bus last Wednesday, they forgot to pull out the step and with Stevens muscles he cannot step down very far, normal stairs are about it. So had him doubled up all night Wednesday which worried me to bits, not much better Thursday so had him down the Doctors first thing, he could not find any groin injury thank goodness but on the other hand because Steven cannot tell us where it hurt, did not know what damage he had done.

Put him on tablets and I took him out and about in his wheelchair, felt funny as we don't use it very often now. It hurt me to see him like that for no fought of his own, he started picking up on Sunday and when we went out let him do a little bit of walking to get him back use to it, also have been cutting down on the medication and today hopefully take the last tablet, but will keep the wheelchair in the car for the next week or so, in case it's needed, will see how he gets on, last night was the first night since it happened he slept all night, so hopefully we are there

Because of this happening did not get my housework done, or the big shop I had planned to do on Thursday and Friday of last week, while he was at the last 2 days of play scheme, but that's life, the main thing he looks as if he is getting better, still feel a bit bad he missed his last 2 days with his friends, will have to make it up to him next week.

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Susan said...

Poor Steven :( give him a kiss from me, hope he is better now.