Thursday, 2 August 2007

We've gone and done it

Had our appointment at the solicitors today to do our wills etc. my mum and dad looked after Steven so we could go, was not too bad, but my mum had to put her full penny worth in when we got home, asking about Steven future, but it was like talking to a brick wall, she wants to be Steven guardian, but when he is 18, special needs or not he does not need one and Clive and I don't plan on dying before then, then she goes on about Sam being it, but again I don't think she is old enough to make that decision, as she has her whole life ahead of her.

Cruel as it sounds, we know he will have to go into home, but I hope Sam will be there to keep an eye on him, it makes me really feel sick the thought of Stevens future when we are not here, but I have to be realistic and think of Sam as well. I did not have Steven for her to look after, I feel funny at the moment, had a couple of glasses of wine to try and block it out, so this post may get deleted when I feel more with it, just needed to moan somewhere....

Thanks for listening.


Susan said...

Mums always think they know best don't they? Sometimes it is just easier for me not to tell mine things as she would get cross if I didn't take her advice.
It must be so hard for you to think about Steven's future, if it is any consolation my friend Dawn loves living where she does (residential home for disabled) and with you making plans now it will be so much fairer for Sam not to have to guess what your wishes would have been.(I hope you are here for a good many more years BTW).

maria said...

Thanks Susan, have clamed down a bit now, am just keeping off the subject with my parents,

and not worrying about it till it comes through the post, for us to check, LOL.