Thursday, 24 May 2007

Too hot

it's well an truly too hot here, been out trying to do a little more to the garden, re-oiling the bench, also putting a few plants in, in fact was out there after Steven went to bed last night as it was too hot through the day.

Popped into B&Q and Homebase,this morning after dropping Steven off at school (he had appointment first thing) as I wanted to get some Thyme, mint and parsley, as I thought I would have a go at keeping them, save me having to keep popping to Asda when I need it, not sure how it will go, if my plants are anything to go by, they will be dead within a week, LOL, here hoping. Also had a nose at their BBQ's as our has had it, trying to find something similar but no luck yet, mind you we have had our a long time.

Managed to get all the dug up earth up the tip, but was much too hot for that though, have gone through gallons of water, my water filter has not worked so much in it's life, poor little thing.

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