Saturday, 4 October 2008

from one extreme to another...

WOW what a change in the weather, last weekend was in t/shirt and cropped trousers, where this one am in jeans and a fleece, in fact quite pleased I'm not going to the footy tomorrow. Have given Stevens ticket to one of Stevens friends, as when I first got the season ticket, said we would share it, so 2 boys can get the excitement of the game. We don't care what teams are playing, just as long as the boys enjoy it, that's all that matters, hope Toni and Chris remember top wrap up warm tomorrow.

Yesterday we had Stevens Harvest Festival and Jeans for Genes day at school, which both Clive and I attended, it was not the usual bring some food, as last year Stevens school took to adopt a Special Needs school in Giana, so we donate thing that we would take for granted, like pencils, paper, crayons, etc. It was lovely cos this year the pupils of the school in Giana had sent letters, pictures, photos and even some of their textile work that they make and sell to fund the school, it was lovely display.

Afterwards Clive and I stopped off at B&Q to get some guttering, as we had this idea that when we had our new shed built and fitted last year, we would put guttering up so the rain water can run into a water butt on one side and fix it to a water tube system to feed our trees on the other, so thought we had better get it started, well you cannot rush these things you know, lol

Got all the bits and pieces, and Clive set to work this morning and YEAH got the side with the water butt finished...

(notice the pieces of wood down the side on the floor, well they are there for a reason, it's to stop our tortoises hiding under and behind the shed, lol).

Didn't want to over do things, so we gave the other side a miss today, as it got b****y cold out there, and had also started raining, (at least we know that side works, lol). Also we need the trees to be trimmed before we can fix up the other side.

...and now as I write this, I'm boiling, as this afternoon, we turned the heating on and all the rads on high for half an hour, we were told to do this every couple of months, as it keep the system clear,

boy am I hot, cannot win, lol

off to do tea now, tagliatelle with meatballs and a glass (or two) of black tower rose,


Susan said...

oh that's one of those things we keep meaning to do (and of course never get round to!) we are on a water meter so it would save us a few pennies watering the plants next year.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh Susan the thought about being on a water meter...

it would kill us. especially with the way Sam uses it.

sue-bubbles said...

Nice drain pipes Clive! Welldone you!

I know what you mean, cold-hot - it drives you bonkers doesnt it!

Have a happy week!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue, with all the rain today, the butt is already 3/4 full, lol